Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Women Were as Big of Sluts During my Father's Day as Now

I've read some truly ignorant - and hysterical things - on the Internet. Like "how it as during the '50s." Most women were virgins, they went after "alphas," things like that. That's a bunch of bullshit.

My father, who died a few years ago at 81, told me women were sluts when he was young, in the '40s and '50s. Other men his age have told me the same thing. I believed my father, because they were sluts when I was a teenager. And it had nothing to do with that "alpha" nonsense. There's no telling what women like in a man. That "Game" nonsense is for men who have no clue whatsoever how to deal with women, like that nerd/wimp/liar Roosh.

My father told me he had a Little Black Book with dozens of women's names in it (and he was 5'6"). Until he told me that I thought it was a myth. Obviously not.


Glen Filthie said...

Maybe where you lived, Bob.

From what I hear, a woman couldn't even go into the bar around here without getting on the community shit list for having 'lose morals'. I have pictures of my mom and grandmother from the period and - sheesh - they wore GLOVES half the time, were always made up without a hair out of place and by Godfrey, they expected everyone else to fly straight too!

When I was a kid in the early 70's the entire TOWN was scandalized when the parents of one of my friends broke up and divorced. Everyone called it a 'broken home' and the family was looked down upon with pity.

Sure, I saw everything from that period through the eyes of a child...but the 'batshit crazy woman' of today did not seem nearly as prevalent back then. Could it be that your recollection is biased by where you grew up too Bob?

Mindstorm said...

I recall your father to be rather good-looking. Perhaps that influenced his views on the matter. You know, the whole "she would gladly be a slut for him, but not for you" phenomenon.

Unknown said...

5'6" is not alpha. 5'6" is "make fun of you."

I come from the wrong side of the tracks, Glenn.

AAB said...

Too true. In John Tolands 'Adolf Hitler' he commented that in rural Austria illegitamacy rates ran as high as 40%. 40%! So basically every other baby was born out of wedlock. And when you think of how low sex-conception ratios are for humans it means that there must have meant that there were more sexual affairs than babies.

There's a tendency among the neo-reactionaries to 'rally round the flag' (monarchy, Christianity, capitalism, the 1950s, etc) when it's attacked by someone from the Left. Which is fine on some occasions, but sometimes I get the feeling the reactionaries are:
a) looking at these things with rose tinted glasses,
b) not thinking about what they're defending.
It would be like me rallying around Catholic church because I read about a Lefty who painted a picture of the Virgin Mary using faeces. Yes the Lefty who painted it is a moron, and yes they are attacking Western cultural icon, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go leap to the defence of the Church like a neo-reactionary and then head of to Church and buy a set of rosaries. It would be disengenous and purely a knee-jerk reaction. Nor does it meant that I'm going join the ranks of Lefties, like Femen, and chop down crucifixes using a chainsaw, topless! Neo-reactionaries could do with ditching the 'reaction' part of their ideology, and value whats valuable rather than just value what's being attacked.

Anonymous said...

From what I've read, the sexual revolution was actually a two-step process. The second part- the loud, public part everyone remembers- was kicked off by the invention of the Pill. Long prior to that, though, sexual behavior was radically loosened by the advent of Penicillin, which dramatically reduced one's risk of dying horribly from Syphilis.

Part of the reason we don't think of the '50s as a swingin' time is that there was still strong social pressure in favor of the old-fashioned shotgun wedding. (Odds are good that if you compared '50s wedding dates with the dates of first children's birth, you'd observe an awful lot of "premature" babies). Expansion of the welfare state probably was the biggest culprit in the demise of the shotgun wedding, followed closely by Roe vs. Wade, and the end of the era of very high blue-collar wages.

Anonymous said...

"Long prior to that, though, sexual behavior was radically loosened by the advent of Penicillin, which dramatically reduced one's risk of dying horribly from Syphilis."

That may be changing. What will happen when antibiotics stop working for common infections and STD's?

We’re already starting to see the beginnings of an age without antibiotics. So what does a world without these drugs look like?:

There is already an almost-untreatable, antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea strain:

fatmanjudo said...

Everyone remembers the good old days, even those people who weren't alive to live them the first time around. But people's base nature does not change, which is why ancient myths (which you are fond of) are still discussed today. What does seem to be circular is the sphere of public morality. Public permissible middle class behavior appears to go in cycles. Example, divorce in one era the exception, while in another era, the rule. The rich and the poor both seem to be permitted to have looser public morals in all eras. Probably, because the poor can't be held accountable for much of their stupidity and the rich can buy their way out of problems. Also, if society decides to subsidize bad outcomes, you can expect more of the same.
My take on it is that we are late stage empire degeneracy. When vomitoriums start to be installed in homes, you know we are at the end. The phoenix will rise again. I'm just not looking forward to the immolation which inevitably precedes regeneration. There is a poem on just this subject "God of the Copybook Headings". google it.

Unknown said...

On the '50s: I was born six and one-half months after my parents got married. And it was my mother's second marriage, the first one being at 14.

There are reasons I take so little of the Manosphere seriously.

RJ said...

Nah. The women weren't any sluttier back then. There were just more men who were "Alphas", so the women couldn't help it if their clothes fell off in their presence.


Anonymous said...

I think back in the day, in olden times, women were better at keeping things under wraps - quiet, and not so in everybody's face, but I'm sure there were exceptions. There was probably also more of stigma to being a single mother, and STD's were easier to catch and harder to treat before drugs and antibiotics. Birth control drugs may not have been that reliable, if available at all. Women these days are actually encouraged to be promiscuous when young it seems. Being a single mother today seems to be a role model. Religion may have also had a greater influence on womens' attitudes.

Also, women didn't have a lot of career options, so catching a good man for marriage was more important and critical to living a decent life. No decent man would want to marry the town jezebel.

But what do I know, I was born in the 1970's.