Saturday, January 23, 2016

Complaining About the MSM Does Work

I used to know a left-wing buffoon whom I will call John. John worshiped Howard Stern and wanted to be a radio personality just like him.

John was confident and ambitious and had absolutely no talent, of which he was clueless. Occasionally he'd con someone into giving him a radio show, and each time the complaints were so horrendous he was kicked off the air. I once read a article about him in a small local newspaper and a columnist - himself pretty bad - just savaged John.

John was about 11 years old emotionally. Once he interviewed Elizabeth Dole - wife of Bob Dole - and asked her if her husband was a "Master debator."

Finally he gave up, after years, of trying to get on the air, because no station would ever put him on because of his history.

One popular internet newspaper used a run the articles of twisted, demented little nerd named Benjamin Shapiro. I wrote them and said, "So now you're running the articles of a chickenhawk chickenshit little coward like Benjamin Shapiro? I'm going to write every one of your advertisers about him."

He's no longer there.

Complaining does work, especially when you target the advertisers.

I'm a bit mystified about the MSM. Why has not the senile old fart George Will not been terminated? He's clueless. He once wrote an article about how Trump should just "go away."

No one pays any attention to him, so why is he still there?

Advertisers do bow to pressure. They don't want to lose their customers. It really is hard to retain them. Advertising isn't so much about getting new customers but retaining old ones. After all, if McDonald's quit advertising people would think something was wrong with them.

The MSM media lost all credibility for me a long time ago. They tried to destroy the career of of the late Sam Francis. William Buckley, whose "National Review" used to make sense decades ago, pretty much banned Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn from his magazine, even though KL was one of his earliest writers. And do any of them understand that a lot of Trump's popularity is because he is a American nationalist and not a traitor, as both parties are?

There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats. They can both go to hell and both need to be destroyed completely, since they're busy trying to destroy America.

I no longer read political magazines. "National Review" and "Commentary" and all the rest of them can go out of business for all I care.

Hooray for the Internet! The MSM media never saw it coming. They still don't have much of a clue.


Anonymous said...

The MSM is now the enemy. I have zero trust in the 6 corporations controlling the propaganda.

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