Monday, January 18, 2016

Trump versus Sanders

I wouldn't mind seeing Sanders take the nomination from Hillary, who is a cruel, vicious old carpet muncher, who got everything she's got on the coat tails of her white trash serial rapist husband, whom she enabled for decades as a sexual predator. Her Presidential aspirations would be gone, forever - which is a very good thing.

Sanders would never win, of course, but it would be great seeing him oppose Trump. That would be a fun fight!


Anonymous said...

Trump and Sanders do have at least one advantage in common: unlike most of the other candidates in their respective parties, Trump and Sanders can't be bought- Sanders because he has strong (albeit completely insane) principles, and Trump because he already has all the money he could possibly need. Seriously- how do you bribe someone who already has $5 billion, international fame, and a trophy wife?

A big problem with an overextended and nearly-bankrupt candidate like Marco Rubio is that he's beholden to the dumbest ideas of his donors, which is probably why he jumped on the amnesty bandwagon. Clinton & Clinton are the worst, by far- they never had a principle or a platform that wasn't negotiable, for the right price.

Robert What? said...

I would not bet money on who would win in a Trump / Sandees match. It all depends on whether enough of the people who say they support Trump actually go out and vote.

Anonymous said...

Google "Hillary Clinton rape"