Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dear Jesus, Thank You for President Trump

And also thank you for letting that skanky old senile dyke Hillary take a dump on national TV, which ended her "career," which was based on riding on her husband's coat tails, anyway.

There is a God! Yay!

By the way, treat yourself to some fun. I had an erector set as a kid and they were heaven on earth.


Anonymous said...

"By the way, treat yourself to some fun. I had an erector set as a kid and they were heaven on earth.'

Legos were my thing back in the day.

Robert What? said...

I wouldn't rule out a Sanders win. As we have seen with Obama, tens of millions of Americans will vote for the person who promises the most free stuff (ie, paid for by someone else).

Anonymous said...

Do you really think you understand modern economics? You probably don't.

Check out these websites:



Anonymous said...

"I wouldn't rule out a Sanders win."

Sanders may believe in a crackpot ideology, but he is a much cannier and more skillful politician than most people give him credit for. He's been winning elections for decades without any party machine to back him up, and when he got started in the '80s, Vermont was still a pretty solidly Republican state. He may be a nut, but he's a nut who knows how to win elections.

I think Trump vs. Sanders 2016 would be delightful- when was the last time two major party candidates actually disagreed with each other on matters of importance? Sanders is even on record as opposing open borders, though he doesn't vote like it most of the time- we're usually not even lucky enough to have one candidate who doesn't want America flooded with third-worlders.

ray said...

Hillary had a Depends Moment on t.v. It's blurtin' outta both ends now.

Don't ever say again that God never did anything for you.

Unknown said...

I would love to see Trump and Sanders. That would make politics fun again.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Sanders over Trump.