Monday, January 25, 2016

The Strong Independent Woman Grocery Store

I've met a dozen of these women. At the least.


Will S. said...

Forgot the ice cream. ;)

Anonymous said...

When women remain single and do not marry, they tend to go crazy and often commit suicide:

Here is a case study: Christine Chubbuck, a TV news anchor, she was a "strong, independent, career woman" who killed herself on live TV in 1974:

"Lacking even the most rudimentary social life, Chris's existence revolved around the home she shared with her mother, brother and pet poodle� and her job. In fact, Chris's work in television became her focus. According to her mother, "She had a job that she loved. She said constantly that if it ended tomorrow she would still be glad she had had it. But she had nothing else in her social life.""

"Lacking the prospects of a family, Chris Chubbuck threw herself into her job; into television. Television became her parent, her lover, her one trusted friend. Television became her savior� and it ate her alive."


Unknown said...

I remember reading about that when it happened. I was 17, 18 years old.