Monday, January 11, 2016

Failure to Launch

"Class," if it's defined by anything, is about the abuse of people, or lack of it. We have a whole class of no-class bottom-feeders who do little more than attack people, pretend they are victims, and blame all their problems on innocent people. The havoc these people wreak is astonishing.

About 15 years ago I started encountering the phrase, "failure to launch." It referred to a young person who didn't "launch" into adult life.

I've met more than one of these people. Some I know are 35 years old, with eight-year-old children, who spend their time playing video games on the TV. They don't have real jobs, just some part-time ones, sometimes at fast-food places or temporary agencies. It's almost as if all they want to do is play. Were they not allowed to play as kids?

I know one who did have a good job driving a highway rig, but gave it up after eight months because the job so "so lonely I couldn't stand it." I actually understand that. He wasn't cut out to be a long-haul driver.

What gives here, and why do I see so many of these types?

I see meaning, importance and community as being the most important things in life. If you don't have those, you've got nothing.

Most of the failure to launch adults I know come from broken families, with absent fathers and abusive mothers - and the mothers didn't even know they were abusive. They very rarely do.

One 35-year-old I know, who has a nine-year-old boy, told me his mother hit him with "anything she could get hold of." His father wasn't around because of divorce, and the idiot mother got custody. He works at a fast-food place. He lives with a family whose daughter he went to high school with (who still lives with her family), and sees her as his sister. He told me that. He sees her as part of the family he never had.

If you want to destroy people - destroy society - then start with the families. That's been noticed for thousands of years.

Forty years ago this kid would have been middle-­class, since there were many middle-class jobs available. Not anymore.

I estimate his IQ as about 107.

The lower-classes are lower-class because they have lower-class mentalities. I was raised with these people, God knows. Not much can be done about them, except they, too, need high-paying jobs. It does help.

What has happened today is that men have become marginalized. Not all, of course, but a lot.

It's hard even being middle-class anymore. I know a man who wanted to be a law professor, but when he talked to the dean was informed he didn't stand a chance "because you're white." Incompetent women and minorities are by law given preference (Affirmative Action means "white men need not apply") - and this isn't the first time I've seen this. It won't be the last, either.

Most men get their meaning, importance and community out of their jobs and families - what the loon Freud actually got right when he referred to the importance of "love and work."

Now work has been taken from most men and given to those who do little and created nothing, and love and family are circling the drain like dead bugs. These things have always been under attack by certain people - and for the past 40 years or so these attacks have been enshrined in law.

Does society - and women - understand what's going on with the rejection and marginalization of men? Do women really think they can maintain and run advanced civilization - or any civilization at all? You have to look no further than Hillary Clinton, who's done nothing but ride on her husband's coattails.

I'm going to quote Carl Jung again - women are biologically indispensable because they make babies, and men are culturally indispensable because they make everything else.

Without men, no civilization, no technology - nothing, just grass huts.

I've pointed out before leftism is not about equality but instead about "the murder of the Father," which means men. Out of envy more than anything else. That accounts for the marginalization and rejection of men - to bring them down, to crush them, to destroy them, even if the enviers destroy themselves.

God is also the Father, which leftism, being atheist and materialistic, wants to destroy and replace with the worship of the State, whichs means Man. Or, today, perhaps Woman. Either way, it's a catastrophe.

But then, we always have catastrophes. I don't particularly mind that. You have to not let it bother you. It doesn't do any good to get emotionally involved in these things. Try to fix them, yes, but not get upset at them.


Quartermain said...

You know more than the political class knows and more than they can ever know.

sth_txs said...

This guy hits the nail on the head.

A.B. Prosper said...

Its only going to get worse. Technology is making more and more people obsolete.

Heck your friend who wasn't cut out to be a trucker can nearly be replaced by a self driving truck and an automated forklift

In the end, we have few choices, engineered population implosion (i.e we pay people not to have kids and allow no immigration) till we die back enough , social collapse perhaps mitigated by war machines (which might not work) , an outright lifetime welfare state for the majority in the 1st world, which is an expansion of what we have already or simply a regulatory state that controls how machines are used

Given our society, we probably don't have people smart enough to implement the later and it would be far less acceptable than the welfare state since the US has a lot of people who would respond to that level of regulation with an irrationality of a weasel on meth.

In the end as they it will all end it tears.

DeNihilist said...

Jeez Bob, were you and Stuart discussing what your columns would be about today?

Mindstorm said...

Catastrophes are not a big deal as long as they are fixable. Well, some laws pertaining to family matters are both a catastrophe and non-fixable on top of that.

Glen Filthie said...

"Failure to launch"? They're blowing up on the launch pad now and to me at least, the answer is obvious.

The public schools have set up toxic levels of leftist political correctness, rammed down the throats of the children mostly by unhappy liberal women and their beta male lickspittles. Being union slugs, they have used tools like 'self esteem' and political correctness to lighten their workloads AND drive their social justice agenda.

Think about it: the most formative 12 years of your life, shaped by people like that. There's always a second chance. There's trophies for showing up. If you can't get over the bar, some teacher's union slug will lower it for you. You never fail, you never have to try, you never get punished. When kids graduate and turn 18 we pat them on the back and tell them to go follow their dreams and the world will be theirs! No wonder those tits need 'safe spaces' in university! They probably need the couch of a psychiatrist too. They call it social justice but I say it's social illness.

John C Wright summed up the modern kidults thusly:

"My comment: I hate bullies because they are cruel, and I hate crybabbies because they are weak. The modern Morlock and SocJus Thoughtcop manages to combine both into one freakish package of ghastly brainlard, heavily salted with hypocrisy, humorlessness, and a love of whatever is sick, ugly, filthy, perverse, or hellish..."

We have the children we deserve and we will be damned lucky if they don't destroy us along with themselves.

ray said...

That's a good post and a correct diagnosis. God is a Father, the only Father and the only actual God. Even King Jeshua acknowledges his service to, and dependence upon, this Father. Our own masculinity comes from Father. In a much lesser but similar way, we also 'inherit' from our dads and male progenitors. They facilitate, not originate, our masculinity.

The lefties, fems, etc. resent that God is masculine, that he is Father, and want to make him anything else, so that ultimately God reflects themselves and not Himself. If they can't alter to their collective wills, then they destroy. Especially in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, this resentment and rebellion was politicized, primarily using mass-influence techniques, described elsewhere herein, Bernays and so forth.