Friday, January 15, 2016

Why Men Don't "Show" Their Feelings

Perhaps 30 years ago I took some children to see a dinosaur exhibit. They were fake, full-size dinosaurs.

One man had his five-year-old daughter on his shoulders. She burst into tears as soon as she saw the dinosaurs. The boys wanted to touch the dinosaurs.

That's why men don't show their feelings. It's considered female - hysterical, irrational, impulsive.

After all, it's an insult for a man to call another a pussy - a female.

The last time I got tears in my eyes is when I found my dog was terminally ill and had to put him to sleep. But then, I had raised him from a puppy.

By the way, the purpose of initiation rites was to remove boys from the world of women and introduce men to the world of men. Feminism wants to destroy that and keep boys eternally boys so they never grow up - what I written about as "failure to launch."


Kent McManigal said...

The last time I cried was a couple of months ago when my 24 year old daughter was killed. And I cried a few times over a couple of weeks over that- always in private except once when someone "caught" me.
Before that... I'm not sure. My 8 year old daughter used to ask me occasionally if I had ever cried, and didn't seem to believe me when I told her I had. She would say she wanted to see me cry. But, after my other daughter's death she suddenly changed her mind and told me several times that she was just kidding; she didn't really want to see me cry.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

Men only cry when, like everything else we do, there's a legit reason for it. Funerals and the Grand Canyon as Ron Swanson would say. You can't be the family rock and an emotional roller coaster at the same time.