Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Leftists Think They Are Intellectually and Morally Superior To You

I have known several leftists and have found what others have said about them is true: they think they are morally and intellectually superior to those who aren't leftists. More accurately, anyone to the right of them.

I understand them intellectually but not emotionally. I do know that all of them are fuzzy-minded thinkers, although they never know this. They think they are brilliant. They have no idea it's all about their feels.

They think those that disagree with them aren't merely mistaken. They think they are bad people - evil.

If they are vegetarians, those who eat meat are barbarians - evil people. If you smoke and they don't, then you are evil. If you believe in some kind of God and they don't, then you are a bad person. Since they are socialists (socialism and atheism go together) and you aren't, then you a bad person - a patriarchial, capitalist oppressor and religious fanatic wanting to turn people into slaves. If you believe in the Second Amendment you are an inbred Morlock living in Flyover Land and clinging to your guns and religion. Have doubts about feminism and you "hate women."

They think they can read people's minds - or perhaps they think they know what people "really mean" when they write or say something.

The self-deception of a leftist is really quite scary. They never know just how self-deluded they are, though.

They are always animated by hate and envy, which means they always want to destroy - everything.

When these people get some kind of political power - and all of them believe in political power as being god-like - they are convinced they have the right to move people around like checkers. For their own good, of course. And if lots of people die, too bad. After all, they're evil and therefore not really quite human.

At one time, in the past, leftists thought everyone could develop god-like powers. But they've given that up. Today, they think only they can develop these god-like powers. Other people - just clay to be molded as leftists see fit.

At one time in the not so distant past leftists would travel the world, visiting totalitarian societies such as Cuba and the Soviet Union, deluding themselves they were bastions of freedom.

They have given that up, unfortunately. Now they've turned their efforts into turning the West into totalitarian societies and so far have done a fairly good job in some ways.

The 20th Century was the century of leftism - Nazism, Communism, fascism. Of socialism and atheism. It's been estimated up to 200 million died - after all, who counts peasants?

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn made the argument that the Marquis de Sade was the founder of modern leftism. De Sade was a sadist and a sexual pervert (I have found almost all leftists are sexual perverts), and considered people no better than insects. He contemplated with satisfaction that perhaps humanity might destroy itself. How can anyone half-way normal understand such a mindset?

Leftists aren't systemic thinkers, except for one thing - I'm a good person and always right - and you are evil.


Shaun F said...

Bob - I agree. EVKL has quite a sound grasp of human nature that helps me see more clearly where leftists are coming from. Every leftist I know thinks, without knowing it, they are God. And are basically narcissists. Chesterton said “A man who won’t belief in God will believe in anything.” It is very hard not to roll one’s eyes at a lot of the New Age Kool Aid most of them drink, and the belief that behaving a certain way indicates they are good people. Or doing yoga, or meditating. A lot of money to be made in catering to them, from the shills selling snake oil. Definitely a growth industry. The pedagogues are running amuk and have definitely teamed up with the New Agers to make the world a better place – for themselves. I’ve even seen at my nephew’s school teachers, facilitators bringing babies into the classroom to teach children “empathy.” Sure, someone that is 10 years old – teach him empathy……but they aren’t changing human nature. Boys will be boys.

Unknown said...

I recommend that everyone buy a copy of "Leftism Revisited."

Mindstorm said...

Bob, have you encountered a leftist trying to convince you to his worldview? I have. If he would think of me as simply evil, he wouldn't bother.

Unknown said...

All of them consider me evil and so don't talk to me.

Shaun F said...

Bob - consider yourself fortuntate. It is quite tiresome.

Black Poison Soul said...

Very tiresome. Perhaps they consider some people redeemable (after a lot of pedagogical earbashing) and others irredeemable.

Bob, their attitude may depend on how patient you are with these people. If you've heard it a million times and have zero interest in hearing it again, then you're branded as a prejudiced iconoclast with a closed mind and thus evil.

The whole thing reminds me of the female snow-job: the one who buries the other in the biggest pile of BS "wins".

Anonymous said...

Seems Roosh is having some DEEP-DEEP thoughts. Could be a soon-to-be reformed whore is to be a brother in Christ. Won't that be a happy day.

Unknown said...

I've never thought of Leftism as envy or jealousy, until you started really pushing the idea in the last few months. I just thought of them as being insane.

And interestingly, in the last two years now I've been kicking envious people out of my life and the results have been great. They truly are burdensome. And they are very envious. They would rather waste time on social media or sitting on their couch not trying to improve their lives. I think that is one reason why we have public libraries in this country so that people can improve their lives.

And I blogged about my hometown and how extreme leftism has taken over, where it was a blue collar town in the southern part and the north side was white collar, but there was never this virtol that I see now. Society's slugs have moved into my hometown and the leftists want to give them everything. Free money, housing, child care, etc. They honestly believe that by throwing more resources at a problem, somehow it's going to go away. Without a plan and people wanting to change their ways, the problem isn't going to go away.

Returning to the people I kicked out of my life, they really are fucking losers. They also have some serious reality distortion going on as well.

Also, for the record, I'm a political atheist . . . I don't believe in any of these political ideologues we have in this country.

Unknown said...

@Mindstorm. I sure have. Just recently some fuck was trying to emotionally manipulate me after writing a lengthy article on my stance on gun violence. And he was trying to inquire about my feelings about gun deaths. Like somehow my feelings about gun deaths are going to be any different than someone who dies from getting hit by a slab of concrete.

But every time I dealt with one of these whack jobs, I just expose their arguments and nonsense for what they are, absolutely fucking nut cases. I showed people this feminist who I grew up with how insane she is. She was promoting on Facebook how it's okay to drink while pregnant and she was on some type of prescribe psychotropics. So after gestating her kid for 9.5 months, he only weighted 5 lbs at birth. She announced on FB this and a woman said, "that's low birth weight." So she said, "oh now he weights, 5lbs 7 ozs." And someone else said, "that's still low birth weight." So latter in the day, she announces that he weights 5lbs 14 ozs. So someone how this kid managed to GAIN 14 ozs on this first day, when I had parents tell me kids LOSE weight after they are born then start to gain weight.

cecilhenry said...

It has been my experience, and many studies have shown that (I can't recall from where but I remember seeing them many times) 'conservatives' as a personality type actually DO understand quite well their own AND their liberal opponents position and attitudes quite well.

Liberals in fact DO NOT understand conservative motivations, viewpoints or underlying morality for those positions.

Liberals simply ascribe evil motivations and 'bad feelings' to viewpoints they reject.

Intolerance to a liberal is when you WONT agree with him.

Intolerance to a conservative is when you wont let him GO his own way freely.