Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trump is no "Alpha"

"There is nothing more common than the wish to be remarkable" - Dostoevsky

One of the more onerous aspects of being smarter than 99.9% of the True Believers of the Manosphere is having to debunk their nonsense - which is a bit tiresome but not hard.

Let's take the delusion that Trump is an "alpha." He's not. I've heard him referred to as a "short-fingered vulgarian." Which he is. He has a godawful haircut, and he wouldn't get the women he does if he wasn't super-rich. And he's rich because he was born rich.

Imagine if he was just some regular guy who acted as he does. He'd be nowhere.

But guess what? None of that matters. He connects with people and says the right things, and those are the only things that matters. He's going to be President, taking 46 to 48 states.

The first person I saw calling himself an "alpha" was the buffoon Ted Nugent. I know people who know him, and guess what? He's completely unlikeable, and a complete screwup who just had enough musical talent to become rich.

Maybe we need a President who is short-fingered vulgarian, one who insults and sees though all the lying globalist traitors of both parties - who want to destroy the United States. He makes fools of of them, which is easy, and which they deserve.

It's better to describe him as a national and populist, which he is. No one smart takes Manosphere babble seriously, anyway ("Roissy," who is a Jew - which means "leftist cultural destroyer") was hallucinating about Trump hiring him - to give horrible advice, of course (he thinks Trump reads his site).

So, of course I'm going to vote for Trump - and I don't vote.

And all you Trump haters out there? Shove it.

"The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated." — William James.


Quartermain said...

Five Stars *****

Black Poison Soul said...

I agree 100% - Trump is simply posturing and people are eating it up.

It's easy for someone to develop a personality like his. Born rich, never had to really sweat it out through hard times from dirt-poor. Narcissistic bully tendencies will naturally come to the fore. Just have to look at his "your fired" meme going on.

Will he actually solve anything? Somehow I doubt it. I'm picking it's just another ego thing.

(At least Schwarzenegger worked for it.)

A.B. Prosper said...

Trump may not be an Alpha but he is a leader and does inspire loyalty though in the damnedest people.

Piers Morgan of all people wrote in to defend him and yes Morgan was on the Celebrity Apprentice back in the day, now with the war on Trump, it was at actual personal risk of shunning he did that.

And yes its as careful and followed the way of the rabbit warren it still surprised me. I didn't know Morgan had the capacity for loyalty of any kind. Most leftists don't

Anonymous said...

I suppose it can be said that he is "the least worst" candidate for President then.

At least he is not a woman.

I hope Hillary Clinton does not get nominated as a candidate or becomes President. That would be a real tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The DC Establishment in the Republican side had rallied around Jeb Bush and it looks like he'll finish around 6th. place to others whom the establishment despises. Also, it's possible that Hitlery Clinton may lose the nomination to a little-known Socialist from Vermont.

Could you imagine these developments happening in any other election cycle?

A.B. Prosper said...

3:56 not in my lifetime no. These kind of upsets aren't completely unknown in US history

Also with the utter collapse of the industrial state and with massive wage arbitrage going on, its little wonder that a Socialist like Sander's is attractive

As I tell people if you make your employees train foreign replacements, outsource most good jobs or decide to gloat about how easily you can replace people with a kiosk or a robot or whatever, you might as well go into the voting both and vote Socialist since all these people you've just screwed are sooner or later going to ask themselves rightly "Why shouldn't I get my ends?"

Younger people today aren't cold war babies, have no issue with big government and aren't going to be terrified of the word socialist or wealth redistribution. You don't have any moral leverage or suasion over them.

Hell I suspect Sander's is a moderate and you may find a US Hugo Chavez in the wings. When push comes to shove the Military which is basically Socialist will follow orders and people who don't behave in the national interest will end up nationalized .

This will make the country as a whole much poorer and might lead to shortages but people aren't going to care and in truth since only a handful of people reaped all GDP gains no one will shed a tear.

Be social voluntarily or be socialized involuntarily. Choose wisely.

And note the only other option that works is Economic Nationalism, controlling trade, some limited socialism like a mandatory lower work week and that kind of thing. Market society with the incentives shifted to maximize Americans gain

The elite however will fight that tooth and nail along with their deluded Economic Liberals, Libertarian and other useful idiots in the Ayn Rand Jihad and will probably end up near enough to Commie or with a Watermelon state (Green on the outside red on the inside)

Its too bad, Economic Nationalism actual Economic Conservatism works and is pretty good for freedom. Ah well,as Tex Arcana is fond of saying mankind is not as learning animal

Anonymous said...

I am predicting that Trump gets the popular vote while Hillary gets the Electoral College vote like GW did over Al Gore.

Black Poison Soul said...

Anonymous 3:38 - being a New Zealander and having had Helen Clark as a woman president, I can attest that "tragedy" is a mild term for the result.

Mindstorm said...

Haha. The first sign that someone is not something he claims to be is that he has to assert that himself.

Robert What? said...

Bob, I couldn't tell whether you are planning to vote for Trump or whether you are mocking those who say they are voting for Trump? (Maybe both?)

Well, yes he was born rich but through his own efforts he turned a moderate fortune into a huge fortune. Most people who are born rich either squander it, lose it, or coast on it. Rarely do they grow it by personal effort.

I think the most lucid, eyes-wide-open article about the Trump phenomenon appears here:

Glen Filthie said...

None a you boys have the slightest clue what Trump is despite the fact it's obvious. He's a power broker - which is why he scares the shit out of the Donks, the media and the various victim-politics crowd. The reason you don't ordinarily see men like Trump in politics is because they make more money in the private sector where the can buy house negroes like Obama - or prostitutes like Hillary - out of pocket change.

The only reason he's in now is that the usual suspects are now PC loons that are running away with both their parties and the nation...and nobody can do real business in a climate like that.

Trump is so a leader - but can do many other things as well. All he needs to do is get America off the couch and to the voting booth - and he wins with a land slide...

Robert What? said...


Trump is in his 70s, he's filthy rich, he has a gorgeous wife and loving family, he's had multiple successful careers. What the hell does he have to prove? Nothing. I truly believe that a big part of it is that he is concerned as to the type of country his grandchildren will inherit.

Anonymous said...

"Let's take the delusion that Trump is an 'alpha.' He's not. "

I don't really agree with you very often but you are spot on here ...

Unknown said...

"Hillary gets the Electoral College vote like GW did over Al Gore."

The Hildebeast will never be President.

Anonymous said...

'..."Roissy," who is a Jew - which means "leftist cultural destroyer"...'

Is he really? I thought I had a vague memory of him once alluding to having been raised nominally Catholic, unless I'm confusing him with someone else. Granted, half of what he spews is rank B.S., but it seems like an odd thing to lie about, especially since he doesn't seem to care much about religion.

Unknown said...

His name is James Weidman and he writes about all the black and Asian women he supposedly slept with - not something that has ever been prevalent in white culture. He reminds me of a porn star I just read about in the Manosphere - James Deen, who whines about white woman not wanting to have sex with black men.

I use my real name. Why does not "Roissy"? What is he afraid of? Being exposed for what he really is?

At least Vox day and "Roosh" use their real names and post pictures of themselves.