Friday, December 11, 2015

You Have No Rights

I've had people tell me, at least in the far past, "I have the right..." To which I always responded, "You have NO rights."

Rights are based on one thing: violence. If you can't enforce your rights by violence, then you have no rights at all. Criminals, by definition, don't respect their victim's rights, which is why we give cops the benefit of the doubt when they kill those they suspect of criminal activity.

The United States was based on concepts thousands on years old: our "natural rights" to life, liberty and property, which was noticed by the most intelligent, most knowledgeable thinkers . Those "rights" create the maximum of well-being. But you will never get those things without the might to back them up.

Now, we have pretty much overcome having to enforce our rights by violence, because things are so peaceful and easy today. What we have instead are soft, weak-minded, rabbity "philosophies" like liberalism and "libertarianism" - ideologies for simple-minded white people. They're the end result of thousands of years of on again/off again violence...after the violence ended.

What we doing these days is letting in people who are inbred genetic garbage, who are as anti-American as can possibly be, and if we let in enough of them, they will destroy the country. They're criminals.

It's also been noticed for thousands of years "multicultural" societies have always collapsed. Indeed, "multicultural" societies are inherently criminal.

I've said before it's not hard to predict the future, in a general way. All you have to do is look into the past. And the further you see into the past, the further you can see into the future.


A.B. Prosper said...

Thank you. I don't home many times I've told people the same thing. Its a real pleasure to hear it from others.

Glen Filthie said...

Hogwash, Uncle Bob!

Rome was as multicultural as it gets and thrived for centuries. If you want to get it correct, ALL civilizations rise and fall.

If we look at our history in a little greater detail, all the empires from the Mongols to Britannia and her Commonwealth - were all, by necessity, deeply multicultural. Rome had it's Gaulish and Hun Legions which were famed for their ferocity and allegiance to the Caesar. The Queen has her elite Ghurka and Scottish/Canadian/India/etc divisions spread round the world. Why, even here in Aaaaadmontin, Alberta where I live - we have the Princess Pats who are deeply proud of their loyalist tradition. To be succinct, these empires fell when they stopped ASSIMILATING their ethnic vibrants, and dissention broke out among the leadership.

Let us be honest about genetics while we're at it too. The best theoretical physicist in the world, last I heard of his whereabouts - was at the CERN super-collider. He's Iranian.

Training, gentlemen, trumps genetics any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Only when we get to the outer leading edges of human performance, does genetics have a significant impact. For example I can train Uncle Bob's beloved pug dogs to be respectable guardians and attack dogs. I can and have trained Dobermans and Pit Bulls to be friendly lap dogs. Our vibrants are lazy, violent and stupid thugs because WE LET THEM.

Niggers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be digging ditches. Token niggers like Michelle and Barak Obama should be butlers and maids. Men like Ben Carson should be respected role models. Yes, the chain gangs, the prisons and the criminal class would have blacks grossly over-represented...but the overall numbers would decrease if criminal behaviour were punished rather than rewarded.

Unknown said...

The Romans also killed anyone who didn't do what they told them to do.

Rusty Shackleford said...

"Now, we have pretty much overcome having to enforce our rights by violence, because things are so peaceful and easy today. What we have instead are soft, weak-minded, rabbity "philosophies" like liberalism and "libertarianism" - ideologies for simple-minded white people."

I disagree with this. Liberals have no problem with enforcing rights by violence. Implicit behind all their talk about rights is the threat that they'll send in their swat guys to destroy your business, confiscate your property and ruin your life if you disagree with them. If you really press them as to why their concept of rights should supersede yours or those of anyone else, they will grudgingly always admit this. What else can they say? The only rational justification for rights is a God and a religion that liberals hate. They don't make a big deal about, but at the ideological root of liberalism there is nothing but force, violence and chaos. Try being a cake maker or a photographer in 2015 who doesn't want to do gay weddings if you doubt this.

It's the other side of the equation, natural rights, that is anathema to them. They believe human nature and rights are infinitely plastic. Our rights are whatever they want them to be and they are subject to change at anytime without notice. Obama was against gay marriage in 2008, and now you can lose your job in 2015 for saying something bad about ladyboys. Liberals believe in feminism, gay/trans/lesbian rights while at the same time they promote multiculturalism and want to import millions of Muslims who violently hate all this stuff. They've become completely untethered from reality, and they are promoting a crazy contradictory agenda at home and abroad that is backed by nothing but force. We are in the midst of an ideological bubble, and no country run by people this deluded can go on for long.