Monday, December 28, 2015

"To Understand the Future, One Must Understand Human Nature, Genetics and Disruptive Technologies"

The below is what I have been saying for a long time. All empires in the past have collapsed, but we have something never seen before: almost magical, Arthur C. Clarkian science and technology. And stupid, inbred people - say Arabs - are no threat except for creating violence and chaos. Let them create it over there, not here.

Below is part of a article from al finn next level.

In a world of innovation and disruptive technologies that incorporates the genetic engineering of the human genome, whatever one believes about present trends is likely to be proven wrong by subsequent events processes.

New drugs and technologies seem to take forever to be adopted, in today’s world of massive bureaucracy, regulation, vested interests, ubiquitous lawsuits, and short attention – span perpetually adolescent psychological neotenates.

But when the enhanced humans ARE the “disruptive technologies” themselves, change does not take so long at all. And when large central bureaucracies lose the power to extend their reach over some of the more prolific regions of innovation, other innovations may leap from the drawing board to reality with unbelievable speed.

It is impossible to say how far any particular region will travel down the road of dysgenic Idiocracy and coming anarchy. But location has to count for something.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. It is never too late to have a Dangerous Childhood.

Remember: Dangerous Children preserve crucial skills and technologies as well as practicing them. Dangerous Children help form Dangerous Communities, which in turn help form networked trade alliances that can provide a regional resilience in difficult times.


Anonymous said...

William Gibson coined the phrase -The street has it's own use for things. The price-performance of so much technology is decreasing-increasing so rapidly and will be so widely spread who knows what will happen. Maybe the cyberpunks have it right.

I myself have less than I have ever had -in terms of per unit mass -but have never had greater actual and potential utility and possibility available to me. How best to take advantage is the question.

kurt9 said...

Blogger "Alfin" is the kind of Heinleinian conservative that I can relate to.