Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Eaten by Envy

I am close to being almost constitutionally incapable of envy. I never felt it until I was 27 years old, and it was because of a relationship with a woman. Then I understood it completely: the rage, the hate, the desire for vengeance, revenge. I remember thinking, this is very nasty stuff. I don't want to feel this anymore.

Before that, I was the object of envy, but didn't realize it. And it was because of some guys' envy of me, because I was a lot more popular with women than they were. The backstabbing, the talking behind my back, the claims they were going to take the women away from me (which led me to laugh in their faces). Why are they acting like this? I thought.

Then, years later, I understood. And the main characteristic is putting someone down when they are completely innocent.

I've mentioned before I've had women tell me, "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world." These women were middle-aged, unmarried, without home, husband and children, yet had jobs making $45,000 a year.

Envy of men, so they had to put them down to make themselves feel better.

Leftism (and feminism is leftist) is based on dragging people down to make the envier feel better. That's what it's all about: making themselves feel better.

Some years ago I saw a march on TV of a mob of "Hispanics" (an "ethnic group" that doesn't exist - Cubans, for example, look down on Mexicans) and they were carrying signs that read, "Go back to Europe!" I thought, pure envy, of a "people" (Mexicans, specifically) that had a mean average IQ of 89 and therefore couldn't maintain a civilization. They couldn't stand the fact there were people and cultures far superior to them, so, out of envy, they'd cut their own throats if need be, to make sure no one was better than they.

I've seen the same envy among blacks, Jews, women, leftists, Muslims, towards the dominant culture. They want to destroy it, even if they destroy themselve.

"Dead White Males," "slave-owners," "patriarchy," etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Let's destroy it! I can't stand feeling the envy, the feelings of humiliation, the feelings of inferiority! I have to replace these feelings of shame with pride!

Enviers will never admit their envy. They use code words such as "justice" and "fairness," when it's never about justice and fairness. It's just envy, and feeling envy is hellish.

If you want to see a "revolution" based almost completely on envy, then check out the French Revolution. If there was a hell on earth, that was it.

The benign form of envy, as the ancient Greeks noticed, is admiration. And part of admiration is gratitude. That's why there are all those folk tales (and Aesop's fables, too) illustrating the fact you can't feel envy and gratitude at the same time.

I see an awful lot of envy and ingratitude but little appreciation and admiration.

Think "Cinderella," in which the stepmother's daughters cut off parts of their own feet, to make them fit into the slipper. They envy Cinderella and her relationship with the Prince (I've read Manosphere delusions about "Alpha" and "hypergamy" concerning this folk tale, which means they didn't understand it at all).

I don't care that Bill Gates is Scrooge McDuck rich, or that Geoge Clooney is better looking than me. How exactly do those things damage my life? They don't, not at all.

It's too bad politicians judges and clergyman don't understand the massive destruction caused by envy. It'd save a lot of trouble.


Mindstorm said...

Are you sure it wasn't jealousy? One feels envy about something that he doesn't have, one feels jealousy when he is about to lose someone he desires to someone else. Not exactly the same feeling.

Unknown said...

Envy only requires two people but jealousy requires three.