Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Observations on Relationships in a Grocery Store"

"The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated." — William James

You have no idea how many entitled women I meet who have NO IDEA they are entitled. Men are supposed to do things for them - everything, really - and they owe nothing in return. One of the strangest things about it is that women think they do something in return when they don't. And women think of every excuse in the book.

Appreciation? Gratitude? What the hell are those?

It's been noticed for thousands of years you can be grateful or be envious, but you can't be both at the same time. Since so few women feel any gratitude toward men I can only conclude they are envious little creature. Which I've thought for decades. If they weren't envious then so many women wouldn't be liberals - and liberalism is based on envy. The desire to drag men down to make themselves feel better.

This article is from PJ Media and was written by Helen Smith.

I was traveling to the Midwest and stopped by a Target store to pick up supplies when it started pouring rain. There was a tornado watch that was not serious, but the rain was torrential. The shoppers all stood by the door and watched the downpour and some brave souls ran out to get their car to pick up their families who were inside. Some were moms who ran out to get the minivan to pick up their daughters. Others were men running out to get their girlfriends, wives or kids.

As I watched the scene, I noticed one couple in their twenties or early thirties with a young child. The mother held the child and looked sourly at the father who did not say much. He tried to put a blanket around the kid but she gave him a look that said he was incompetent (at least from what I could observe). She looked put out with him as he pulled his jacket hood over his head and ran out to get the car in the downpour, looking like a soaked rat, and then pulled up to retrieve her and the child, who got into the warm car and left. I thought about how men quietly go about their day helping in ways that are often not recognized, or worse, greeted with a sour expression and a sense of entitlement from the women in their lives (and sometimes from other men). "Is this the life of a man in a relationship?" I wondered.

I often think men's contributions to families and society are overlooked these days or taken for granted. It's no wonder so many men feel that it is better to flip through women on Tinder than to get into a long-term relationship. A smile from a woman you don't know might be better at times than a smirk of irritation from the one you do.

I understand that men have faults and that women's look of disgust might be warranted, but in a relationship of caring, research by John Gottman, author of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country's Foremost Relationship Expert, shows that facial expressions of disgust and anger are not good signs for a marriage.

Perhaps if the woman in Target had thanked her partner for going to get the car or trying to help with the kid, it would have been better for their relationship. A sneer doesn't seem like a good idea. Over time, it can wreak havoc on a marriage. The society sneers at men, making it easier for women to do the same. It is no wonder so many men avoid marriage altogether. Being taken for granted is not a good feeling.


Unknown said...

Right before I stopped dating American women 15 years ago, I started asking women what do women do for men? And what do women bring to a relationship? Almost all of them had no answer to these questions. And the few that attempted to answer, their reply was littered with plenty of "ahhs," "uhmms," and the like. Even today on various forums you will see men ask these questions and most women resort to the generic reply of: "Women compliment men. And we fill in those voids that men lack." When pressed further for details about how women compliment or fill in the voids, they usually leave the conversation.

I have spoken to a few honest American women who know that they are SOL if men en mass get up and leave women.

Men are ditching women. We've realized that they, in this modern incarnation, are a liability and not an asset.

I'll end on this thought, could you imagine if our labor laws were based on merit rather than based on sex and race? And add to that scenario, that most men don't want women? Firstly, I could see women en mass quickly embracing the idea of being house wives. But if the men don't want them and their employment is now based on merit instead of sex, how many would survive under those conditions?

And lastly, if most women can't survive and adjust to these new conditions, I can see our government going into crisis management mode.

Unknown said...

I've told women more than once,"You bring nothing" and what I got is a bunch of ridiculous rationalizations. And they make horrible bosses. Not always, just "almost always."

Robert What? said...

It is true. In all the articles you read complaining how there are "no good men", I have never seen a discussion of what a woman does or should bring to the table. These days the only thing most women bring to the table is sex. And take it from me, that slowly disappears or is given grudgingly after marriage. Men are expected to live up to their historical responsibilities (but without the historical perks). But women are to have complete freedom of action with no accountability or responsibilities.