Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Okay for Women in the Military Because Combat is Now Easy!

I read an article a few weeks ago claiming it's now okay for women to be in combat because combat is now easy - it consists of being a hundred miles away and pressing a button to launch a missile, so women should get promotions, make a lot of money, etc.

This made me laugh. Men, as always, did the heavy lifting - all the hard work. Now that a lot of combat does consist of launching missile safely from a 100 miles away, certain women do want in the military - now that's it's safe and easy to press that button!

I know a woman, from middle school, who is now a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. She hasn't done a damn thing, except set at a desk (in the U.S.) and get promotions. and raises.

But to actually be on the ground? No thanks - that's for the men!

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