Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Firearms Will Always be Legal in the United States

Occasionally I'll run across people, whom I refer to as Conspironuts, who think there is a conspiracy (to them everything is a conspiracy) to do all kinds of awful things to the U.S. Like make firearms illegal.

They're the kind who think Obama will issue an Executive Order banning firearms, will refuse to leave office (which has been claimed about Presidents for over 200 years). And poof! firearms will be illegal and the Second Amendment null and void.

Now how is this going to happen? I'm not sure how many firearms there are in the U.S. I think somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 million. Are the police and military going to search everyone's house and confiscate all 300 hundred million of them? That'll never happen because it's impossible (it would take decades and, of course, people will resist). And how are they going to find buried caches?

It's possible to store on the top shelf of a closet all you need to manufacture a firearm. And with 3-D printing these days...

Others claim all these Third Worlders pouring into the U.S. will get laws passed outlawing firearms. What? The State is some sort of god? The government is not nearly as powerful as people think it is. And immigration into the U.S. is going to stop quite soon.

People who are against firearms aren't against firearms. They're for the government having them, to try to disarm people. And of course the government is so pure and innocent and trustsworthy...

The first time I met a foreigner who was against firearms was some 85-IQ Nigerian, when I was 20 years old. I remember thinking that he was so dumb it never occurred to him that it would be impossible to disarm Americans.

I used to live in Albuquerque. In New Mexico you can openly carry a pistol on your hip. No license is needed. Just carry it. I saw it more than once.

You think if the federal government tries to pass a law telling people in New Mexico they cannot carry firearms openly (first of all it will never pass) that the people there will pay any attention to it? Even the police there for for open-carry. I talked to more than one of them.

I'm originally from Illinois. They've just passed concealed-carry laws there. And I lived in Missouri for a long time. Concealed-carry was just passed there, too.

The idea the Second Amendment being repealed is just, well, stupid. It's not going to happen.

It's not the tool that's the problem. As always, it's the fool. Fool control is the answer.


Robert What? said...

Let's make it clear though. If the Obama administration could ban private ownership of firearms, they would. I think what they will likely do is just try to make it more and more difficult. Maybe even try intimidation here and there.

Quartermain said...

You can call me a Conspironut. I don't care. We're gentlemen, we can agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

"Even the police there for for open-carry. I talked to more than one of them."

Heck, most rank-and-file cops are against gun control even in the very bluest of the blue states (talk to officers in Boston, MA sometime). Department chiefs and other high-ranking officials are often in favor, though, because they didn't get where they are by not knowing how to play politics.

Glen Filthie said...

Essentially correct. I like the cultural differences in the defiance of it though.

In America, the response to Obama and his gun control idiots is 'F**k you' or 'Come and take them...'

In Canada, the liberals pass legislation, their judicial lickspittles ratify it - and the gun owners basically ignore it as do the cops. High cap mags are banned up here but everyone has them and they use them on the range too - and the ERT and RCMP that practice at my club don't bat an eye.

The politicians want the guns. Most cops don't.

Black Poison Soul said...

@Glen Filthie - sounds like the cops on the ground are actually using their brains. Politicians of course are only interested in the feelgood pandering to the loopy leftie "wouldn't it be nice" nuts.

Mindstorm said...

I prefer a side with firearms to the side with machetes. Even if Japanese authorities arrested the creator of "Zig Zag" revolver, online designs for 3D-printed guns are still easy to acquire:
So Internet censorship would be the first necessary step.