Monday, December 28, 2015

Pagan Blood Sacrifices

Occasionally I'll encounter someone who'll claim Christianity is a Middle Eastern or Jewish religion, and has no place in the West - even though the West was founded upon Christianity. They always recommend some modern, made-up pagan "European" religion, like Wicca or Asatru. I see the same claim made in America.

These people never understand the history of Christianity.

The Roman authorities considered Christians to be atheists because they believed in one god. The main reason the authorities considered Christians such a threat is because they wouldn't make sacrifices to the many Roman gods - and the emperor. Usually the sacrifice was a bull and not a human, as in the past.

Those who wouldn't make these sacrifices sometimes ended up dying in the Coliseum. They became sacrifices themselves - and "sacrifice" really means to give up the lesser for the greater, although sometimes in reality it's the other way around.

The amount of human sacrifice thoughout history - including that of babies - was staggering. Sometimes I say that much of history can be explained by the worship of Moloch and Mammon - blood and money.

Modern pagans (and atheists) consider Christianity to be a war-like blood-thirsty religion. To the extent it has fallen away from its tenets, yes, this is true. But inherent in all paganism (and atheism) is blood sacrifice, and I guarantee you the more paganism makes inroads into society, the more more blood sacrifices we're going to see.

I've mentioned recently about the blood-thirsty leftist Jewish atheist "Ayn Rand," whose entire pagan belief-system was based on human sacrifice. Thank God it never went anywhere and never will, no matter what naive teenagers think.

Unfortunately, the entire 20th Century was a century of leftist atheist blood sacrifice - perhaps 200 million people sacrificed to Communism, Nazism, fascism and atheism. They're pagan religions (the Nazis tried to get Nazism declared a religion in the U.S.).

Multicultural societies are always pagan societies. Their governments can't be based on any religious tenets at all - and contrary to the ignorant, America was founded on Christianity, including the government (although technically, it was a secular government founded on Christian principles).

In multicultural societies, the government ends up being the religion. It has to be enormous to keep some sort of peace and order, no matter how poorly. Leftists especially worship it as some sort of god - a modern-day emperor.

The more diverse the United States becomes, and the more multicultural, the more blood sacrifices we will see of one group sacrificing "outsiders" to itself. Think of the murder of over 3100 Americans on American soil by Muslims - all sacrificed to Moloch.

The United States government is also sacrificing Muslims in other countries to itself - I consider ISIS/Iraq to be a live-action weapons laboratory to test modern weapons. Mass murder - sacrifices to refine government weapons.

Think of all the dangerous and destructive nonsense about "Dead White Males" and "patriarchy," and the attempts to destroy them. This is an attempt by various tribes to sacrifice people to itself (I and many others have noticed feminism is not about equality - it's about women sacrificing men, which means women are cutting their own throats, since men created and maintain civilization).

The ancient pagan gods were not nice gods. They demanded blood sacrifices so they wouldn't kill peope and wipe out societies. Think of the tens of thousands of people who had their hearts cut out by the Aztecs so the sun wouldn't go out.

A year or so ago I saw the movie, The Cabin in the Woods (which I have mentioned), in which those ancient pagan gods really did exist, and were asleep under the earth, and demanded a yearly gruesome human sacifice of several innocent teenagers so they wouldn't wake up and demolish the human race. And who ultimately ran the sacrificial rites? The government.

These same vicious, brutal gods exist even today...disguised as people. Most people have no clue about this - especially the government demanding sacrifices to itself, of blood and money, to maintain itself, just as the Roman emperors did.

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A.B. Prosper said...

Eh, human sacrifice is human sacrifice. Whether you send people in human waves to fight for country and gain nothing (WW1) or on faith based crusades of folly like the Children's Crusade its the same effect . Heck execution is a form of ritual murder and in fact many sacrifices were criminals

Human sacrifice is at least upfront and h honest and while its forbidden since the Old Testament and I am nominally Christian after all if I didn't have issues with it. it might be preferred to what are doing now if it brought us a semblance of peace.

It won't of course but its not that different.