Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Men Do All the Hard, Dangerous Work, Then Women Follow and Demand, "Give All of It to Me"

I've been thinking about this for decades, long before the Internet and certainly long before the Manosphere (which is why I know so much of it is adolescent nonsense).

Ingratitude is one of the worst vices in the world. It's a species of envy: "You've got it, now give it to me."

Men invented everything in the world. Okay, maybe not everything. Just 99.99% of it. Women did invent some things (who has ever heard of Grace Hopper?) but those women are extreme outliers.

Men invent, discover, create, then many women follow, feel sorry for themselves, start whining about a non-existent "oppression" and "patriarchy," then howl, "Give me my cut! No, wait! Give all of it to me because I can run it just as well as men!"


I've had women tell me, "Men are responsible for all the problems in the world" (what is this, 1968?) All of them were unmarried, middle-aged, and made about $45,000 a year from jobs created by men. Gratitude? Appreciation? What are those? But envy? Certainly.

Women would literally be up shit creek if men didn't love them. Those goofy evo-psych/Manosphere hallucinations about it all being about sex - goofy as hell. It's about love - and if love didn't exist we'd be on the same level as cats and dogs. Both men and women.

I've mentioned before about "The Little House on the Prairie Books," which everyone should read. There is a scene in which Laura Ingalls Wilder's father ("Pa") builds a house basically with an ax. He chops down trees, has the horses haul them to the site, makes logs out of them, builds a house, then splits logs lengthwise, smooths the insides, then uses them for the floor. Then he builds the furniture!

This is what he did for his wife and children.

His wife ("Ma") did the cooking, cleaning, cannng, etc. Could she have built the house? BWAHAHA!!!

And I don't think Pa was as big or strong as me. I know what he went through, since my father was a general contractor and I started building houses when I was 12. It was pretty horrible. I almost got killed once and hurt myself several times - smashing your thumb with a hammer is not funny, no matter what the cartoons tell us.

I once found the tip of a guy's finger when he fell off of a ladder and grabbed the wrong thing. I've also seen guys run power saws over their hands and fingers and shoot themselves in the feet with nailguns.

I occasionally ask women what would happen to them if men withdrew from running and maintaining the world. No more water or electricity or food. Poof! Just like that.

One woman told me, "Men wouldn't get paid," to which I responded, "You just don't get it at all, do you? Men invented everything in the world."

Carl Jung understood this. Men are culturally indispensable since they created everything and women are biologically indispensable since they have the babies. Until we create artificial wombs and sexbots!

I've mentioned before about the wisdom of the story of the Garden of Eden. Women's greatest flaw is envy (the "serpent" is a symbol of envy) and men's greatest flaw in listening to envious women - and apparently being unable to perceive that they are envious!

Envy wants to drag people down. It shows no gratitude and appreciation. So when women put men down and demand things from them (especially without giving anything in return), those are the main signs of envy. Do nothing for them. Stay away from them.

This envy of women, with men unable to recognize it, is part of the Battle of the Sexes, which has now apparently taken on the dimensions of a war!

Marriage rates have collapsed, which of course women blame on men - since they refuse to look in the mirror. And babies being born? Not so much anymore.

Why should men get married and have children? What's in it for them anymore? Being the object of envious attacks and and having every problem in the world blamed on them? Who needs that?

These problems have happened in the past, along with imperial overstretch and catastropic economic problems.

Yet people don't learn from history. In fact, if there is one lesson from history everyone should know, it's that people don't learn from it.


Quartermain said...

The ones who do learn from history don't get listened to, in fact they get ignored.

Unknown said...

Well given how things happened in the story I have a slight disagreement.

Seems like humans biggest flaw is listening to the envious (which entices rebellion, disobedience, pride, etc.). This started with the woman listening to the serpent and then the man listening to the woman. As a result they were all brought down because they didn't stick to listening to God's command.

I wouldn't necessarily start driving a wedge between the two sexes because of who does what more because the biggest offender in the whole story was the serpent (or Satan). The enemy of all humanity.

Anonymous said...

I have to have a chuckle every time an ignorant feminist woman complains about female oppression and how women were all enslaved and abused by the evil patriarchy.

Women weren't enslaved, but rather highly valued and protected by men.

In the past, any society or civilization that didn't value and protect their women didn't last long, or didn't progress very fair, if at all.

Were men in the past forcing hordes of women to work in coal mines, become lumber jacks, build canals and railways, work on whaling vessels, get drafted in the military, etc., - the really dangerous and demanding jobs?

Mens' biggest flaws are that they love and care about women too much and are blind and highly susceptible to their manipulations and deceit.

cecilhenry said...

Its all in 'The Little REd HEn'

Except the Little REd Hen needs an AK-47 in addition to her gardening tools to make sure she can KEEP what she creates.

This is the problem in the world today.

Anonymous said...

The Ancients understood female nature and their destructive inclinations very well, unlike most men today.

From the ancient Roman senator and historian, Cato the Censor (234 – 149 B.C.), in 215 B.C.:

“Recollect all the institutions respecting the sex, by which our forefathers restrained their profligacy and subjected them to their husbands; and yet, even with the help of all these restrictions, they can scarcely be kept within bounds. If, then, you suffer them to throw these off one by one, to tear them all asunder, and, at last, to be set on an equal footing with yourselves, can you imagine that they will be any longer tolerable? Suffer them once to arrive at an equality with you, and they will from that moment become your superiors.”

“Our ancestors thought it not proper that women should perform any, even private business, without a director; but that they should be ever under the control of parents, brothers, or husbands.”

“If the law ceases to limit the expenses of your wife, you yourself will never be able to limit them.”

“Be assured that when a woman once begins to be ashamed of what she ought not to be ashamed of, she will not be ashamed of what she ought.”


I don't like to say that women are inherently "evil," but a more appropriate term is "flawed." Both men and women are flawed. But where men tend to be overt and direct in their tendencies and machinations, women tend to be covert and discrete, using guile. But what makes women more dangerous to men, society and themselves, is that modern men are unaware of female nature (and how bad it can really be) - they can't see or contemplate what is behind the female mask of feminity, and men project their own values, positive attributes and inclinations onto women, and believe that they have the same values, motivations and desires.

Although men are no angels either, I sincerely believe that men by far are the inherently more benevolent, empathetic, sympathetic, altruistic sex of the species - contrary to what today's culture, society and media would lead you to believe - But the Ancients understood mans' and womens' nature and roles very well.

Women need men, and not the other way around (women really don't seem to understand this notion). If men invented artificial wombs to propagate the species, men would do just fine: civilization, culture, art and technology would continue to advance apace, and even more so, without the distraction and encumbrance of women (Men created civilization and 99% of the technology, culture and art within it) (of course there would need to be life-like female sex robots too to take care of the entertainment aspect of sex that men crave, and a good dog buddy (I prefer a golden lab myself, but pugs are good too) for genuine companionship, affection, loyalty and good, worthwhile company, which is superior to what any woman can provide).

But women without men? No way, they don't have a chance. Even if women could create artificial sperm-dispencers and grow or artificially synthesize human sperm (or maybe men would invent these devices for them in their desire to please women, and then become extinct themselves?), who would create, invent, build and maintain the society, culture, art, and technology? Their civilization would stagnate, fall into disrepair and chaos, if not outright cease to exist - Just look at what happens in any inner-city ghetto with a matriarchy and no real men around.

Women really need men. Women conform with the men that they are with - their "master," be it their father and brother when young, their husband when married, or priest if old and widowed. If their man is upstanding and virtuous - a true patriarch, then the woman will follow in similar form. However, if their man is degenerate, criminal and licentious - a "bad boy," then likewise will be the woman.

Check out Jung, Nietzsche, Otto Weininger and Arthur Schopenhauer.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

Been arguing with a socialist in a different corner of teh interwebz, and it's basically the same scenario. No gratitude for the civilization he lives under, just whaa whaa, gimme gimme gimme. They really are incapable of seeing anything beyond their nose.

Mindstorm said...

http://singularityhub.com/2012/06/10/inventor-of-biochip-that-makes-10000-simultaneous-measurements-wins-oscar-for-inventors-%E2%80%93-and-500000/ - one of "recent" great inventions, although the lab-on-a-chip idea was already envisioned in the seventies. Imagine what might be possible if you could manufacture them with a sophisticated 3D printer from mail-order lab supplies....

Mindstorm said...

@Anonymous above
I personally prefer German shepherds for their smarts and good-naturedness

Anonymous said...

@Bob: Have you been following the Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes controversy?:

Is Theranos A Girl-Powered Scam?


This company and its very young female CEO may be an epic scam.