Sunday, August 18, 2013

I Am Worth 20 Billion Dollars

A coffee shop I frequent has foreign bills pinned to a board by the counter. This is the funniest one.

When it was Rhodesia it was a great place to live. I knew an American mercenary who fought on the Ian Smith side, and it said it was a turkey shoot when it came to Africans trying to fight them. Unfortunately the West supported the wrong guys and embargoed weapons for the good ones. So now Rhodesia is Zimbabwe.

I wonder if this is worth a cup of coffee? Somehow, I doubt it.


Glen Filthie said...

Yep. And what they did to Africa, they will do to America if they have the chance. One need only look to the affirmative action piece of shit in the Whitehouse for confirmation of that - or at Detroit.

Nor am I a racist for saying that. I will concede that genetics leave blacks at the back of the IQ bus - but both IQ and genetics can be trumped with proper training. As we have seen, political correctness won't and will make things even tougher for them.

We need to stop the politically correct cop outs and shame and punish the blacks when they act like monkeys.

Anonymous said...

You can spend it on such well regarded Zimbabwean goods as: a dozen dirt cookies, two rock paperweights, one vote for Mugabe in the next 'election'

Wonder when we'll see the exchange rate in the US lead to the printing of a $20 billion dollar greenback?

Monroe Ficus said...

To paraphrase J. Peterman,
"You might know of it as Zimbabwe, but it will always be Rhodesia to me"

I always try to bring up the lessons of Rhodesia to people I know, but its like the lessons of South Africa, everyone wants to believe that messiah Nelson Mandela brokered peace and prosperity for South Africa, when obstensibly all they did was replace Boer racial socialism with black racial socialism.

Anonymous said...

I have a 100 trillion note on my wall, nope don't think it will get you coffee...