Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sex As Meaning Nothing

Sex “taken by a degradation of human nature.” - Kant

I have, three times in my life, had naked women get into bed with me. The first time, it lasted perhaps one minute. The second girl, it lasted maybe a minute and a half. The third girl, about a minute.

With the second girl, there was a second time. It lasted about a minute. She wanted there to be a third and fourth time, but I ignored her.

Each time, the sex, since it was so brief, meant nothing to me. For them, it was clearly just physical relief. One actually said to me, “I really needed that.” Notice she didn’t ask a thing about me. That’s significant.

I've always known other girls who used sex as relief. Two-thirds of them ruined their lives when it came to relationships. Those who didn't still had difficult relationships. All of them, which is what happens when you screw 20 to 30 guys. (Those who really believe in "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux" don't know what they are talking about. It's more like "Fuck whom I want and end up alone because I don't understand how self-centered and insensitive I am so I'm blame all my problems on men.")

I suppose some guys would be envious of me. In fact, I know some were, because the second girl, we lived in a co-ed house in college, and she ignored the other guys in favor of me. Yet, when it comes down to it, there was nothing for them to be envious of.

Each of these girls was extremely promiscuous, and I do not think they were capable of love. I wonder if there is a inverse relationship between promiscuity and love? After all, notwithstanding silly fantasies like Pretty Woman, how many prostitutes fall in love at least once in their lives? I doubt it’s all that many.

As far as I'm concerned, a slut is not necessarily a promiscuous woman. I know a woman who was promiscuous in college, and it had something to with long-term molestation by her father.

A slut is a promiscuous woman who is concerned only with her own physical pleasure. For all practical purposes guys are just organic dildos to them.

One question I have never been able to answer is, where do you draw the line? What is the upper limit on sex partners? I do know that devoting your life to physical pleasure will destroy you. That’s been noticed as far back as the ancient Greeks.

Physical pleasure has its place. I always think of Jesus, who went to weddings and ate, and drank wine. He approved of it. And what happens at these parties? Dancing and music, of course. It all has its place in life, along with sex. But you can’t be drunk all the time, or eat all the time. Or have sex all the time, either.

Speaking of Jesus, I consider these people to have fallen for the First Temptation – people do not live by bread alone. “Bread,” if it means anything, means materialism. Such materialism includes food, money, drink, sex. Pleasure. No one can make such things the meanings of their lives, such as epicures try to do. Ultimately, and generally quickly, it leads to a degraded life.

I’m not disapproving of sexual promiscuity in a moral sense or even in a physical one, although there can be physical repercussions from such promiscuity. I’m interested in only the psychological effects. The only thing I can say with any certainty is that the more sexually promiscuous someone is, the more difficulty they will have in maintaining a long-term romantic relationship.

I think the reason for this difficulty is that in case of every one of these girls, they were self-centered and lacking in empathy. Lacking in those feelings, they tried to fill the empty place in themselves with physical sensation. That, of course, never works, since physical sensation always ebbs and flows, goes up and down. So you end up needing another fix, but fast. That’s the nature of pleasure.

The original meaning of the Greek word “daemon” (perverted into the word “demon”) was a natural function that took over one’s life, be it sex or food or alcohol. It appears when one gets taken over by a daemon, not much of the personality is left for anything else. Such is the nature of addiction.


Glen Filthie said...


I dunno Bob, you sound like the product of the modern society to me. Safe, effective, cheap contraception means that you can indeed have meaningless sex. The fact that most STD's are now easily and painlessly cured with modern medicine also helps drive that.

In my scholarly opinion, the human animal evolved to require meaningful sex as part of a bigger marriage contract. A strong family was required for mere survival and because promiscuity undermined the family in those days - our morals and ethics arose to oppose it.

The game changed with contraception. Then feminism and welfare also separated women from the consequences of their actions.

All I do is watch the people that indulge in it. The easy divorces, the casual sex, the shattered families...are these people any happier than the straight laced classical Christian family that married for life, and opposed homosexuality and promiscuity?

It doesn't look like it to me from here. The slut culture is not for me but I am an old fart brought up by people who are now more obsolete than I am.

John Mitchell said...

Bob, as soon as you indulged their "urges", you relegated herself to her level. Spin it all you want to make yourself feel good.

Whitehall said...

I agree - women with too many sex partners seem to lose the core of their identity. Their personality dissolves into their personal juices.

You see something similar with people who take too much MDMA too often.