Friday, August 16, 2013

Neill Blomkamp Is Laughing at the Chattering Classes

I saw Neill Blomkamp's first film, District 9, and was very impressed. I knew the libtards were going to interpret the movie the wrong way, and they did (they thought it was an anti-apartheid film, which it isn't). I recently saw his second film, Elysium, and knew libtards were going to interpret it the wrong way - and they did. They thought it was pro-universal health-care and pro-legalizing illegal immigrants.

Blomkamp, a Boer from South Africa who was brought to Canada at the age of 10 by his parents after blacks starting killing their friends, is a subversive film-maker. I'm sure he knows libtards are going to interpret his films one way, when in reality he means the exact opposite.

The fact that Blomkamp saw his country destroyed by savages doesn't bode well for anyone who believes he is for open borders or believes every culture in the world is equal. Or people for that matter, since in District 9 he portrays Nigerians as voodoo-worshiping cannibals, whose women work as prostitutes who have sex with the alien "prawns," who look like seven-foot-tall insects.

Elysium is set in the future, where open borders have essentially destroyed the world. And who wanted open borders? Corporations, of course, for cheap workers and lots of profit. But the world has gone downhill so badly the super-rich have left the earth to live in a gigantic rotating space station. Call it Beverly Hills in space.

The poverty-stricken of earth try to sneak into this idyllic space station, and have their ships blown out of space by the orders of Delacourt (played by Jodie Foster), who is doing this to save her children from the flood of Third Worlders she know will destroy the space station.

Now here's where things get very interesting: your emotions are on the side of the illegal immigrants seeking a better life, but intellectually you know they'll destroy the space station and the last civilization that exists, just the way they did on earth.

Enter Matt Damon (Max), who appears to be the last young white man in LA. He's recruited to help take over the space station. Why is he chosen? Because he's a white man and more competent than everyone else!

He's quite brave but isn't that smart. Again, emotionally you're rooting for him but intellectually you he know he's an idiot because he's helping destroy the last vestige of civilization that exists.

And that's exactly what happens.

There is a very interesting character on the space station: a man from India. What's interesting is that in the novel, The Camp of the Saints when Europeans make their last against being destroyed by Third Worlders, one of those who pitches in is an Indian.

Of course, one of the things we want to happen does happen: the corporate types get theirs. And the space station falls to the Third Worlders.

What is Blomkamp really telling us here? The super-rich corporate types are destroying the world through the importation of Third Worlders, just for a little bit of money. And then they'll use money to flee the destruction they have caused. They have much, including the cure for all diseases, and they share nothing. There is no sense of nobless oblige.

And what do the dispossessed Third Worlders do? Follow the white man around like a dog, seeking what he has created since they cannot.

In District 9 Blomkamp is also mocking your basic dumbass sheeple human. There are two kinds of prawns; the dumb ones with no brains, and the very small minority of smart ones, who have a sense of nobless oblige. That's the one you see in the clip.

When the elite prawns cannot lead the dumb prawns, and the dumb prawns are on welfare, they sink straight to the bottom, just as happens with humans.

Essentially, everyone in Eysium is an idiot: the idiot corporate types seeking to impoverish and exploit everyone, the Third Worlders who have the whole earth to themselves and still can't get a viable civilization and economy going, and a "hero" who is too dumb to realize what he is doing.

This movie is an illustration of what the Greeks noticed: Hubris (thinking you are god-like) is always followed by Nemesis (revenge). In other words, the Corporate State screwing up the entire world will get what it deserves, after a lot of poverty, death and destruction.


Baloo said...

Great review. I've reblogged it here, with a link to Steve Sailer's review.

Whitehall said...

OK. I'll see it!

Great review and I think you have the correct intentions of the film maker down.

The liberals only seem to respond to emotional pitches and this guy seems to bait them well.

d said...

Disgusting. You should be ashamed of your racism.

Unknown said...

The truth is never racist.