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The Destruction of the Patriarach/Protector by "duh Law!"

"Custom will never conquer nature, for it is always she who remains unconquered." - Marcus Tullius Cicero, "Tusculanae Disputationes", c. 45 BC.

Men created everything in the world. To be specific, in the past 500 years Europeans and their descendants throughout the world have created 98% of everything that now exists. Women who created something useful are statistical outliers, and they are only capable of doing what they have done because of the freedom accorded them by the West. This lopsidedness between men and women is not due to "oppression"; it's because men and women have different brains. Therefore, "patriarchy" will always exist.

Women who claim they are independent are anything but. They are 100% dependent on men. Now either they can be dependent on one man, or they can be dependent on the government, which is patriarchy writ large. Without men, civilization, as P.J. O'Rourke noted, would last until the next oil change. Or, as Camille Paglia wrote, without men, women would still be living in grass huts.

Some women, of course, don't want to hear this. They'd rather put their fingers in their ears and go, "La la la la." If not that, shriek, since, as we are know, loud makes you right. They prefer the comfort of their deludedleftistfantasies (one word) of "patriarchy" and "oppression."

Now we have to define what a man is, and what a patriarch is.

I'd say one definition of a man is that he produces more than he consumes. The the only way that can automatically happen is through political and economic liberty - the misnamed "capitalism." He should also be able to protect himself - and others who deserve to be protected.

Here I'll note that in the original definition of chivalry a chivalrous man was an armed man willing to kill, if necessary, to protect himself and people who could not protect themselves - the weak and defenseless. That required bravery - one of the Four Cardinal virtues. (It is also defined as Fortitude or Perseverance - you get knocked down, you get back up. This means he has to be confident.)

Here is the Knight's Code of Chivalry as described by the Duke of Burgandy:


Even those who try to resurrect non-existent religions such as Odinism understand the importance of these qualities.

The Nine Noble Virtues of Odinism.

COURAGE: Boldness, bravery, standing up for what you believe in and know is right.
HONESTY: Truth - In all things be true to yourself and to others.
HONOR: Do as you say and act upon your convictions. Always honor your oaths.
TROTH: Loyalty to yourself, family, folk, friends and the Gods & Goddesses.
STRENGTH: Self rule, self mastery, the self control and discipline to govern yourself by your convictions.
HOSPITALITY: To freely share your gifts with others.
INDUSTRIOUSNESS: To work wholeheartedly both hard and intelligently. To keep thinking and growing as a person.
SELF RELIANCE: Free standing. Rely on others as little as possible.
PERSEVERANCE: Don't give up at what you do until you feel it is completed and done well.

A man should always produce more than he consumes, he should be armed, he should be brave and confident to the extent he can be, and he should be willing to defend himself and others he chooses to defend.

He should be Just, that is, to give each person their due - what they deserve. Sometimes that means shooting them (I find that amusing, considering the kerfuffle today about Concealed Carry and Stand Your Ground, which are perfect example of Courage and Justice).

And I've had people tell me the Four Cardinal Virtues are obsolete. Sure they are, sweetheart.

Then we have Self-Control, which is the opposite of being impulsive. The impulsive generally get themselves into terrible trouble - prison or death. (Trayvon Martin impulsively went back to confront and attack George Zimmerman, and I'm sure much to his surprise ended up dead. I am reminded of the saying, "The stupid are really surprised when you kill them.")

Producing more than he consumes, armed, brave and confident, just, self-controlled. The last one is Prudence - to choose the right path out of many. Trayvon Martin didn't choose the right path. For that matter, neither did George Zimmerman when he started following Martin - and everything flowed from that lack of prudence. An imprudent, impulsive man following another imprudent, impulsive man - this is why I refer to what happened as "When Morons Collide."

Brave (confident and armed) Just, Self-Controlled, Prudent, produces more than he consumes (and you get the last from the first four).

Now I have to define patriarchy. I would define it at its best as the Four Cardinal Virtues writ large, that is, embedded in society and the law. Society and the law has to support patriarchy.

The law and society do not support patriarchy anymore. In fact, they're trying to destroy it, which means they're trying to destroy men and therefore society. And since when too many women go into any field, they destroy it, the end result of the destruction of men and patriarchy is the destruction of society and culture.

Since men created civilization, culture, society, science and technology they should want to protect it from predators - be they criminals, including criminal women. And if men cannot be patriarch/protectors, the family will collapse, which is what it is doing right now.

The Manosphere is a response to the destruction of men, who are fighting against such unjust and imprudent laws as Affirmative Action ("White Men Need Not Apply"), no-fault divorce, divorced men being deprived of their children, false rape accusations enshrined in law, and the rest of the mess.

Some men have decided to Go Their Own Way. Others have decided to become Cads who see women as nothing more than playthings to be seduced. Neither is going to work. In fact, when you take away a man's ability to provide and protect, he either Goes His Own Way or else turns into a cad. Both, in part, are based on revenge - the attempt to avoid humiliation and replacing it with self-respect. This is the inevitable backlash against being held in contempt, mocked, insulted and dismissed as unimportant.

If we still had political and economic liberty and a true patriarchy, the average salary would be at least $100,000 a year, you'd have a nice car instead of modern car with no power-steering and no AC (one of my friends has one), you'd have a nice house and pay $150 a month for it, and parents could afford three or four kids on one salary.

Ultimately the economy will collapse, and the Satanic, evil federal government - and good riddance to the latter. Society is and will be damaged further but will not collapse. It'll be the first to repair itself. And that means the return of patriarchy.

Ultimately the law has to be changed. And ultimately, it will. I just wonder what will happen in the meantime. It'll be interesting but it won't be fun.

"Vindicate the weak and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and destitute." - Psalm 82:3

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Reading your work is like me thinking, ergo, you are correct.