Sunday, August 18, 2013

"I Tell Them What They Want to Hear"

I know several guys who've devoted their lives to seducing women. They all have psychological problems (this is why I know that people like Roosh, Roissy, Krauser, etc. are liars, frauds and braggarts).

The worst guy I know whose done this has a count of some 100 women. He admitted that most of them were unattractive, overweight, and not that smart. He targeted them specifically because of those traits. They were easy. He said, "I didn't care if I dumped them or they dumped me."

His life, not surprisingly, turned out to be a catastrophe, and he said if he had to do it over again he would have been a high school coach. His best friend considers him a weakling and a coward.

He also said something that is the biggest red flag identifying these kinds of guys: "I told them what they wanted to hear."

Now I move to Hugo Schwyzer, I would have never heard of him except for reading the Manosphere, and when I read his article about how women are supposed to poke their boyfriends in the butt with a dildo I knew he was a whackjob.

Not all surprisingly he had some sort of catastrophic mental collapse, just as my promiscuous acquaintance did, and just as the three PUA types I mentioned will.

Turned out Schwyzer was sleeping with his students and who know what else. What he told all these women was....

"What they wanted to hear."

He told them he was a feminist, put down men, etc. The silly, naive girls ate it up, and he cleaned up.

In order to seduce a lot of women you have to lie to them. There is no way around it. You have to lie to them, try to manipulate them, and enjoy the power you have over them. In other words, you have to be narcissistic - and that is not a good thing, contrary to the delusions of the naive who think the "Dark Triad" is a admirable thing instead of the abomination it is in real life.

In order to seduce this many women most of them have to be unattractive. There is no way around them. Seducing 100 beautiful women? Nope.

History has shown without exception that those who devote their lives to hedonism become degraded.

Those who alter their lives and characters merely to get laid are doing what women want - at least some women. This has never been considered an acceptable thing. In fact, in the original code of chivalry it specifically states a man is not supposed to alter his character - the better parts of his character, meaning he is not to degrade himself - merely because of the desires of silly, immature females.

I could have slept with perhaps 50 women. But I never did, since most of these women were interested in relationships and I was not. So I wasn't going to lie, mislead and seduce them. And I don't consider myself degraded.

There are, however, men out there I consider degraded - because they are.

Fathers should tell their daughters to stay away from men who "tell them what they want to hear." They should tell them to find men who tell them the truth, not comforting, foolish lies. And the truth, ultimately, is that no man a feminist.


Anonymous said...

And in general terms being a High School coach is another sign that the "man" never grew up. The default setting for the guy is a never-ending flashback to Springsteen's "Glory Days.

Unknown said...

Considering the way he is, I'd say you're right.

Nyeupe Simba said...

why do you say that heartiste, roosh and krauser are liars frauds and braggarts?

Unknown said...

I guarantee you all the women they claim to have sex with are mediocrities, or worse - fat and unattractive. I have never seen an exception to that rule. So they are telling comforting lies to all the fat neckbeards living in their parents' basements and dreaming of kissing a woman instead of the back of their hand.

Peacemaker said...

"In order to seduce this many women most of them have to be unattractive. There is no way around them. Seducing 100 beautiful women? Nope."

Bingo. The honest players I know with high notch counts will admit such a fact. Dishonest PUAs counter with their claims of "sleeping with any beautiful woman you want, IF YOU BUY MY PRODUCT!" Snakeoil salesman, I say.