Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anthony Weiner, Archetype of the Creep/Snake

Carl Jung, he of such mythological fame, has written there might be an infinite number of archetypes. There are, fortunately, only a few major ones - the Devil, the Fool, the King and the Queen, for examples.

Anthony Weiner, who is physically repulsive to the point of creepiness, also bears a resemblance to a snake. (As an aside, if my dick was that tiny I wouldn't be posting pictures of it.)

Rahm Emmanuel has the same Creep/Snake look, but not as bad as Weiner.

One of the most repulsive of the Creep/Snakes is Gollum. I mean James Carville.

So clearly there is the archetype of the Creep/Snake.

I once worked for a Creep/Snake. The first time I laid eyes on him I noticed there was something vaguely repulsive about him, and as I got to know him that fight/flight system kicked in. I wanted to either hurl myself over his desk and throttle him, or else flee his presence. I considered him an evil man.

One of my friends, who also worked for him, once mentioned to me he thought he was a "bad man," and when I mentioned to a woman who worked for him about my wanting to strangle him or flee from him, she said she had the same reaction.

He was, not surprisingly, a sexual pervert who was caught on company property having sex with a woman he had hired. It wasn't his wife. It took seven years before he was transferred for incompetence and generally being a Creep/Snake.

The late psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, who wrote about evil, said that when he encountered certain people he could barely force himself to remain in their presence. He reluctantly concluded these people just might be evil. He said they never took responsibility for their actions, tried to blame their problems on others, and would sacrifice anyone, including their children, to maintain their fiction of "goodness."

All Creep/Snakes are hypocrites.

They are disloyal, backstabbers and generally sexual perverts. Those traits are the Essence of the Creep/Snake. And they have no guilt.

If you want to use the archetypes that have evolved over hundreds of years, the Creep/Snake fits the Devil, the Sorcerer (the bad aspect of the Magician), the Fool, Death, and Destruction.

In other words, the modern politician.

To use modern psychological terms, these people are somewhere in-between a narcissist and a psychopath. They are con men (from "confidence," meaning they gain your confidence), and are often considered to "as if" personalities - the play at being "as if."

Why people vote for these people is beyond me. Actually, it's not. It's because of democracy, which the Founding Fathers despised, and for good reason. They knew were it led - tyranny, which is what is happening today in the U.S.

Still, you'd think that most people, as dumb as they are, can look at these creepy, snake-like "people" and be able to see straight through them.

Apparently, though, they cannot. When it comes to politicians they can't tell good from evil and liberty from slavery.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." - Goethe

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Anonymous said...

It amazes me that so many of us are beginning to reject democracy. 5 years ago I could no more have thought this than actively argue the point.

Democracy has got to go. It has destroyed our society. When we build it's successor, democracy must have no place in it.