Monday, June 17, 2013

The "Victim Child"of the Manosphere

I pay more attention to myth than I do science. For one thing, science validates myth, if the myths are true, i.e, the mythological comes first (mythos) which is then validated by science (logos).

Now, before I go any further, I will repeat a well-known folk take ("fairy tale" really is the wrong name).

Hansel and Gretel were kicked out to die by their abusive stepmother, then they ran into a cannibalistic witch whom they had to outwit and kill.

There is a lot going on in that story, and I'm not going to dissect it completely. But I will say the murderous stepmother and the cannibalistic witch fall under the category of what is mythologically called the Terrible Mother. Terrible Mothers often produce the Victim Child.

Wrote Jung about the Terrible Mother: "The Terrible Mother wants to possess and smother, devour and destroy. She is angry and jealous, enslaving her husband, lovers, and children." This is why I have said feminism is based on the envy of men, just as in many ways the Manosphere is based on the envy of women - to reduce the power the Terrible Mother has over men.

If anyone had the right to consider themselves Victim Children, it would be Hansel and Gretel. But they don't. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they are instead brave and resourceful and come out on top.

Often, in reality the Victim Child feels humiliated and seeks revenge, which is an attempt to replace humiliation with pride - self-respect. They don't necessarily have to be humiliated; they just have to feel they are, even if they're not.

I consider feminism the Terrible Mother. It's been around full-throttle for a good 40 years, and it has produced a fair number of men who believed they have been victimized. Because they have. That turns some of them into the Victim Child, many of whom seek revenge.

The Terrible Mother not only hurts men, it hurts women. That's why both Hansel and Gretel are cast out to die.

The Terrible Mother can be out-and-out cruel, as the stepmother is. Or she can be seductive and destroying, as the witch is. Or the Borg Queen.

The Manosphere is a necessary reaction to the excesses of the Terrible Mother of feminism, who does not want equality, but in her anger and envy wants to enslave and destroy men. That is just as clear as can be. (This is why I call myself a Reactionary Libertarian Nationalist.)

What is not so clear that when when someone has power over you, and abuses it, then one of the defenses of the abused is to denigrate the abuser. It's called devaluation, the opposite of which is idealization. Those are technical terms that deal with our inborn narcissism, which is our desire to split everything into all-good and all-bad and blame our problems on the all-bad. It's called projection, and it's the first defense children engage in. Adults, too.

One of the ways denigrated men (the Victim Child) can take away the abusive power of the Terrible Mother is to denigrate women into gold-digging, "hypergamous" (childish word), loveless, greedy, cruel, rationalizing whores with no loyalty and no self-awareness of what they are.

Ah! What a way to get back at abusive women! Turn them into monsters! A new generation of Terrible Mothers! Of whores and witches!

Most of these folk tales (in German they are called Märchen) are about power and love. The evil stepmother does not love the children, but has power over them, enough to cast them into the darkness to die. The evil witch not only doesn't love them; she wants to eat them. She too has power over the children, until they turn the tables and have power over her. Enough power to kill her.

For men to gain power for themselves (the best power is to have power over yourself, which is confidence and competence) by denigrating women is to use the Terrible Father to fight the Terrible Mother. It's not going to work.

Feminism, using the power of the State, has enshrined the Terrible Mother. It won't last, but it has hurt a lot of people and it's going to hurt a lot more before it collapses.

What's the opposite of the Terrible Mother? The Good Mother. What's the opposite of the Terrible Father? The Good Father.

What does the Good Mother and Good Father create? Not the Victim Child, but the Golden Child.

Think about that for a while.


Jack, Just Jack said...

Hello Uncle Bob!

I found this blog after I pretty much done with the manosphere - someone felt off about it, so I went to find other points of view, and I found your site.

I like your analysis of the manosphere, but I have a question for you.

There's an endless circle of searching for answers, finding solace in the seduction community or the manosphere, realising that the solace is but temporary, that what they preach hardly works, getting away, still not getting what you want, back to searching for answers... infinitly.

The only thing I want to know is how to approach dating and such. I, like you, am an introvert. People tire me. Most of them, I cannot connect with for friendships or love, because they can hardly follow me. A handful of people can, but they're hard to find.

So, what should I do? I just want a girlfriend to do stuff with. I'm trying to set up a computer business (servicing small companies) I'm clean, I have my emotions together. Really, I'm just taciturn.

You explain how it is well, but what do we have to do, considering the facts you bring to the table?

Thank you for your time.

Unknown said...

The only thing I've noticed that works with women - and not all - is to be confident and funny. I was quite introverted in middle school but suddenly in high school started to figure things out. That's why I wrote in the article a man should be confident and competence. And have a sense of humor

This is a bit more difficult depending on the degree of introversion, but it can be done.

The Manosphere concept of "Game" does not work for introverts.

Lee Scuppers said...

The manosphere concept of game works fine for me. I'm an introvert. It doesn't make me an extrovert. It helps me make the best use of what I have, and avoid the mistakes I was taught to make. In a relationship, it enables me to maintain my self-respect and manage her moods and whims, both of which are indispensible to enjoying a woman rather than enduring her. Game taught me what women want, and not to believe what they tell you about it. That too is indispensible. Night and day.

Go ahead and rationalize that away. You next move is to redefine all that core game stuff as something other than game. But only the game guys are teaching it now. Maybe "naturals" always did it -- so? That's a standard game insight. Is much of it traditional knowledge? Of course! Women haven't changed. My dad learned the "takeaway" from a Navy buddy in Argentina around 1960. It worked for him then. He told me about it and it worked for me in Ohio 25 years later. Game works. The pieces of it work separately. They work even better together.

Unknown said...

Do you consider women to be gold-digging whores? Self-centered monsters? Why do you think there is so much disgust from many men with Manospere?

Just because it works for you does not mean it works for everyone. That's the Fallacy of Composition.

These things were covered a thousand years ago. And they did a better job.

You might want to look up the Four Cardinal virtues. You'd be amazed at how practical they are. For one thing, bravery is one of them. As in confidence.