Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little More About Hansel and Gretel

One of the lessons of that folk tale is that one of the worst things for children is to be raised by an abusive and seductive mother and a weak father. Every study done has shown this to be true. (There are worse things: two bad parents.)

I am a fan of myths and folk tales (usually misnamed "fairy tales," even though there are no fairies in them) because they illustrate universal truths through stories, i.e. they entertain and educate.

Hansel and Gretel's "mother" is really their stepmother, and she wants them to die. The weak father does nothing to stop this murderous Terrible Mother.

The witch seduces the children with her house made of pastry. They have to kill her to escape.

The seductive and abusive mother exists in movies. Since art imitates life, and as Ezra Pound wrote, "The artist is the antenna of the human race," it makes sense that you see the abusive and seductive mother in cinema - and the destruction she creates.

In the clip above, from the movie, Born on the Fourth of July, the mother seduces him with her false ideas of "patriotism," and then when he comes back paralyzed, she abuses him by calling him a liar and throwing him out of the house. The father doesn't do much about it. It's clear the mother runs the household, and like Hansel and Gretel's stepmother, sends her son out to die, then abuses and deserts him when he comes back.

The abusive and hateful mother also exists in this scene from Boogie Nights, which I have posted before.

Same abusive mother, same weak father.

Where the Manosphere gets confused is that some of the men in it cannot tell the difference between the Good and the Terrible. They're good at identifying the hateful, envious, power-mad, destructive Terrible Mother. They're confused, though, about Alphas, which don't exist.

To be precise, there are two Alphas, and they are the exact opposite of each other. One is the Terrible Father: cads who use women, murderers, alcoholics. Strictly speaking, they're not Alphas at all. They're losers, and all of them are cowards.

The second of the Alphas is the Good Father, i.e., the patriarch. In their confusion the denizens of the Manosphere see these guys as Betas, which don't exist. Again, to be precise, the Beta falls under the category of the Weak Father who is dominated by the Terrible Mother. Yet at the same time this Beta falls under the category of the Good Father because of his responsibility.

This is why such terms as Alpha, Beta, etc. do no clarify but only confuse.

People in the past were as smart as we are. Sometimes I think they were smarter. And none of them ever wrote about Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Sigmas, Omegas. Why? Because they don't exist. What they did notice are various manifestations and degrees of the Good and Terrible Father, the Good and Terrible Mother.

As for feminism, it is leftist and therefore evil. Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, in his Leftism Revisited, pointed out leftism is about "the overthrow of the Father." That is what feminism is about: the overthrow of the Father by always abusive, always hateful, and sometimes seductive Terrible Mothers.

When men become manginas, and lose their testicles, and let women get out of their control, I guarantee you, 100%, that society is on its way to collapse. That's what happens when weak men let the worst of women's characteristics manifest themselves: abusive and destructive hidden under a lying, seductive facade.

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