Monday, June 24, 2013

Amusing and Ignorant Atheists

I don't care if someone believes in religion or not. What's it to me, as long as they leave me alone?

There are religious people out there who do bother me and other people (usually by knocking on my door), but the most annoying people I've ever met are atheists.

They always have to bring up the fact they are atheists. No one asks, but they feel compelled to tell you, right out of the blue. They always mock Christianity but never any other religion.

Some years ago I was standing by my car waiting for a tow truck when my neighbor, whom I barely knew, pulled up next to me and within minutes was telling me he didn't need religion and didn't understand why people built churches. I estimated he was at least 65 year old.

He also felt compelled to mock his niece about her beliefs.

Atheists are compelled to breathlessly inform you that the days of the week were named after pagan gods, such as Thursday being "Thor's Day" - as if no one else in the world knows that. Or that the bunnies and chicks of Easter are originally a pagan holiday. It's as if they believe they have all this secret knowledge that they must give to the ignorant and unenlightened, to show them what ignorant fools they are.

Since they are atheists, they automatically believe in "science," but they never have any idea what science is. If fact, science is their God, especially the God of Evolution, which they believe explains everything.

I have yet to meet an atheist who understood the theory of evolution, or any alternatives to Darwinism, such as endosymbiotic theory. All they think they know is Darwinism.

They don't know the difference between a hypothesis and a theory, they don't know what the null hypothesis is, and they don't know what Type I and Type II Errors are. They don't know even basic statistics, and God forbid they blow up their brains on regression analysis. When it comes to understanding science, they are complete ignoramuses. ("Empiricism? Rationalism? What are those?")

Even though they don't know it, they don't believe in science, but scientism. I define scientism as the belief science explains everything, from the beginning to the end. This is something they take on faith, which means scientism is a religion. Science is not a religion. Scientism is.

Now when you call what they believe a religion, they get hysterical, because to them all religion is False and their definition of science is True.

These people are religious fanatics and don't even know it. Politically they tend to be either leftist-libertarians or just plain leftists. (Richard Dawkins, a fraud in the same mold as the now-disgraced Stephen Jay Gould, did say he was a socialist and once wrote astrologers should be prosecuted.)

Science is not a thing but a process. It's a method. At its best it's always refining itself, and it's entirely possible that something believed as absolute truth can be completely overthrown, the way the Theory of Relativity overthrew the reigning paradigm. It's entirely possible the same thing may happen to the Theory of Evolution.

Most people want to believe in something larger than themselves unless they are narcissists or psychopaths, which means they worship themselves. That's why atheists worship scientism.

If what scietism fails (say the theory of evolution is overthrown), atheists will suffer terrible cognitive dissonance. When fanatics find out their comforting beliefs, which give meaning and purpose to their lives, turn out to be false, it causes them great pain. It causes me great amusement.

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Anonymous said...

Atheists tend to be the most intolerant, self-righteous people around. As you've pointed out, such people often project their faults onto the people they hate (in this case, devout Christians).