Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Associative Mating of the Hildebeast and Billy the Rapist

I've pointed out before it's all about "associative mating" and not this alpha/beta "alpha fux and beta bux" babble.

Let's take Hilliary and Bill Clinton.

Both of them are utterly corrupt career politicians, pathological liars and sinfully greedy with their desire for money and power. Their relationship is associative mating, and not in a good way. But it's still associative mating.

I know a retired man who went to high school with Hillary Clinton. Strangely, he told me she was a very nice person in those days. But that didn't last for long.

And as soon as Bill and Hillary met each other - wham! And the country has been paying for it ever since.

I had a man I know, who spent his career as a political consultant, tell me he's known only one honest politician in his life. The rest had sex, money and drug problems.

Hillary Clinton is a drunken lesbian and Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and rapist. Do tell! And what drugs has Bill Clinton done? None? HAR HAR HAR!!! Next you'll tell me Duyba Shrub wasn't an alcoholic and cokehead and that his wife didn't murder teenagers in a car wreck!

One of Bill's former paramours said Bill used to wear her nightie and play the saxophone, and told her Hillary had several abortions and had Chelsea only for political reasons - to convince the electorate she was "motherly."

Both Bill and Hillary sound close to being sociopathic.

Bill has something Hillary does not and never will - charm and charisma. However, these are not good things. "Charm" actually means to cast as spell on someone, just like in magic. That's what a "charm" means. Just like the charm bracelet some of the girls wore in grade and middle school.

Let's put it this way: Hitler had enormous charm he directed toward women - and they fell for him.

With his charm and charisma Bill ended up being quite popular with women - but only women who are mental cases fall for it. Look at Monica Lewinsky, who thought Bill Clinton was going to dump his wife for this unattractive, overweight JAP (when I was in college some guys held a party and put a sign on their door: "No JAPS and fat chicks").

I've know a few men who had charm and charisma. And every one of them screwed up their lives - and did it because of their inability to keep their dicks in their pants. And every woman I saw them get involved with them was mental.

The only thing that explains the relationship of Bill and Hillary Clinton is that each recognized the monster in each other - and were attracted to it. That's associative mating, for good or bad.


Unknown said...

'Hillary Clinton is a drunken lesbian and Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and rapist.'

Sounds like the fruits of a feminist marriage to me.

kurt9 said...

This is a good characterization of the Clit-couple (Clit man and Clit bitch).

Anonymous said...

"Let's put it this way: Hitler had enormous charm he directed toward women - and they fell for him."

Bob, are you still one of the brainwashed sheeple?

The German women actually got this one right, Bob. Hitler was not the monster that the Allies' propaganda portrayed him as.

Browse this website if you want to know the truth about the Germans, world war II and Hitler (Let me put it this way, the wrong side won the war - the Germans were actually the good guys, and America was fighting the wrong enemy):

Unknown said...

There was no good guy when it came to nations in World War 2. Communism was probably the worst ethos of the bunch but Fascism, National Socialism, and Imperialism were the watered down versions of it to fit the nations they were in.

Anonymous said...

"There was no good guy when it came to nations in World War 2."

I have to quibble with this. Both world wars were wars of aggression towards Germany. Germany in both wars did not want war and its peace offers, which I might add were quite reasonable and favorable to the allies, were repeatedly rebuffed by the allies - the warmongers being America, Russia and Britain (namely Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Stalin and Churchill). The victors write the history, and not necessarily the truth. As Americans we like to think that we are always the "good guys," when nothing could be further from the truth in reality. The typical American I think is good, but America's leadership is the problem. We live in a wicked world indeed. The characterization of Germany, Germany and Hitler are saturated with misconceptions, untruths, lies and propaganda. The propaganda does not stop at the end of the war, there is no desire or interest to learn the truth by the victors. Considering what the Germans have contributed to the modern world, the treatment and malignant of Germany is actually the greatest tragedy in modern history. Of course one will never read about any of this in the government-run, public schools.

"The Myth of German Villainy" by Benton L. Bradberry:

Frank said...

Both Bill and Hillary sound close to being sociopathic.

That's being pretty charitable, don't you think?

Your use of the term JAP reminded me of a joke my buddy's mexican girlfriend told me:
What's the difference between a Jewish American princess and a Mexican American princess?
The Mexican American princess has fake diamonds and real orgasms.

Unknown said...

I told that joke to a friend and he nearly choked laughing.