Friday, April 15, 2016

The Alt-Right Arose Because of No Barriers to Entry

I have a degree in Mass Communications and was a newspaper reporter and then editor. I noticed in college many journalists are liberal idiots and wondered if I should change my major. I should have.

In one class we were taught newspapers and other media are "gatekeepers." It's true, and when you've got so many liberal idiots this is a bad thing. For that matter, it's a bad thing because of all the "conservative" idiots such as William Buckley, who I met one time when I was a newspaper editor and was not particularly impressed by him. In fact, I considered him a bit of a fraud.

It's always been hard to get influential media off the ground because of barriers to entry. For one thing, they're supported by advertising or rich benefactors.

And along comes the internet, which has no barriers to entry. Anyone can start a blog.

It was because of the blogophere that the Alternative Right arose. It fact it was why Trump arose, and the Mainstream Media is hysterical over the influence of the blogosphere and the rise of Trump. They keep babbling it's populated by racists and working-class morons. Har har! Are they in for a surprise!

Yahoo! No barriers to entry! That's the free market for you!

And I'm loving every second of it.


Glen Filthie said...

I dunno about you but when I go for my info I go to the blogosphere. The MSM isn't even trying to appear objective or unbiased anymore.

However: we may be gloating prematurely. Consider, in the event of a communist revolution or a fascist beerhall puscht - if that ever happens here, every blogger that ever strung two words together is now tied to them. When the purge starts and the executions begin - the bloggers will be the first to be rounded up.

I can see it too. Information is power and if the bad guys can't control it through subterfuge, deceit and trickery...that leaves violence. Look for the first inconvenient bloggers to start getting bumped off in the next couple years.

sth_txs said...

I can't say I feel sorry for these guys. If they would have reported facts and had a more diverse point of views instead trying 'to change the world', maybe they would still have jobs.

Anonymous said...

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