Monday, April 4, 2016

"Politics is Downstream From Culture"

The late Andrew Breitbart said that, and he was right. The culture ultimately determines the politics, which says some awful things about the Third World and why we don't need to import any of it over here, unless you delude yourself "that inside every gook there is an American trying to get out," which you might recognize as coming from Full Metal Jacket.

Usually we get bland, boring establishment morons runnng for office - Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Kasich, etc. With them nothing good will happen to the country. It's always business as usual - the exploitation and destruction of the country by the clueless.

But now we've got three candidates, all anti-establishment in one way or another - Trump, Cruz and Sanders, and one utterly corrupt establishment candidate: Hillary Clinton.

I have never seen anything like this in my life.

So what is going on here?

I tend to listen a lot more than I talk. I have found all the people voting for Hillary have no idea how corrupt she is - that she is a pathological liar, a drunken lesbian, and an adulteress who had Chelsea by Webb Hubbell (one leftist lunatic told me she was the most honest of the candidates). She's a greedy, power-mad politician. So there are a lot of people out there who have no education about history, economics and political science. Of human nature. They think she will change things for better, which is actually the purpose of politics - to prevent bad things and to help good things happen.

That doesn't say much about the culture of those who are voting for Clinton. One woman I know, who owes $70,000 in student loans (and will never be able to pay it back) said Hillary has the "most experience." At what? Lying?

The ones voting for Cruz tend to see him as Trump without all the negatives. Of course, the Republican party is not happy with Cruz, either (close down the IRS? Double people's income? Oh, no! We can't have that!)

The ones voting for Sanders tend to be young and have no understanding of history or economics - or history. Voting for a Jewish socialist who never had a steady job until he was 40? Are they kidding me?

The ones voting for Trump are all over the socio-economic map. But what they all have is common is that they want no more potential-terrorist Muslims in this county, no more 90-IQ Mexicans, no more immigration, period.

They want no more high-paying jobs being outsourced. And they want a war that has been going on for 15 years, and done nothing but made things worse in the Mid East, closed down.

I clearly remember the catastrophic collapse of the economy in 2008/2009. I had never seen anything like it. Things have picked up, but are still not good. And 100% of that collapse is the government's fault. No wonder everyone is angry.

The Republican party is fighting against Trump, thinking he will destroy the party. Is the party that deluded, to think they'e been doing a good job and not realizing the party should be destroyed? That it is treasonous and destructive of everything America stands for, just like the Democrats?

I'd say that many Americans are returning to their roots, except thay never left them. What has left them are both parties, which have been crapping all over this country for 40 years and denying they've done it.

Americans have always been, ultimately, anti-establishment. This country was founded on getting away from the then-current establishment.

I've met people who think the U.S. is going to turn Nazi, or Communist, or fascist. Those are European diseases (we left Europe to get away from them.) There have occasionally been neo-Nazis here and almost all of them have IQs of about 93 and are in prison. The Communist party couldn't field a softball team.

What we have instead is an oligarchy - and they are in big trouble. It, too, needs to be destroyed.

What has happened is that tens of millions of people are as tired as can be what the government and both parties have done to this country. And they are not going to take it anymore.

Political Correctness has tried to turn the young into morons. It hasn't succeeded at all with the smart ones. And even the dumb ones knows something is wrong.

And, finally, all of this is starting to show up in politics. And this is to the good.


sth_txs said...

I laugh at the dopes who label Trump fascist.

You have to ask them what planet are they living on all these years when the government can lock you up for smoking the wrong leaf, seize your assets through the IRS or a misguided traffic stop, show and ID to board a plane to a government agent after paying for it, warrant less searches, or take your property through non payment of property taxes. Are you business owner who failed to follow some obscure regulation or improperly filed a federal or state from; off to the hoosegow for you. Also, no allodial property rights for you serf (most would not know what and I certainly did not up until a few years ago, so much for that much praised 'public education').

Anonymous said...

"I've met people who think the U.S. is going to turn Nazi, or Communist, or fascist. Those are European diseases (we left Europe to get away from them.)"

Even Europe doesn't much suffer from these ideologies anymore, and I doubt they'll come back anytime soon- not in their old forms, at any rate. Violent ultra-nationalism will make a comeback, sure, and it will superficially resemble many aspects old-school Fascism- but real Fascism, Communism, and Nazism in their classical incarnations were products of very weird and unique historical circumstances. Future radical European ideologies will loosely resemble the old ones, but they'll be different enough that most people won't predict or recognize them.

Hard Right said...

had Chelsea by Webb Hubbell

Chelsea has Slick's nose.