Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Men Are Stupid and Women Are Evil

My niece, who is 35 years old and no intellectual, told me a few years ago that "Men are stupid and women are evil." I laughed, because what she said is true. I didn't bother to explain to her why this is true.

I'll point out again that in the story of the Garden of Eden, Eve brings evil into the world by disobeying God because the serpent (again, nachash) tells her she can be like God. The nachash is a symbol of envy and therefore hate.

And she was the first one to fall. Which means women are the weaker vessel.

And that is how women bring evil into the world: by being disobedient and wanting to gain Godlike power (remember that feminism is leftist, and all leftists want to be God).

And what was Adam's part in this? Being stupid and listening to Eve.

How did my niece figure this out? Experience, I suppose. Dealing with her manipulative, backstabbing female friends (I've met more that one of them)? From dealing with her stupid male friends who could not see though her manipulative backstabbing female friends until it was too late?

Incidentally, I wonder if the story of the Garden of Eden was written by a man or woman?


Unknown said...

I'm guessing a man.

After all Scripture was inspired by God.

Mr. Cynic said...

Supposedly it was written by Moses. But yet when his story comes up in Exodus, he refers to himself in the third person. Nobody refers to themselves in the third person unless they're bat shit crazy so whatever that is worth, I don't know.

cecilhenry said...

Quite an admission from a woman.

'Women are evil'

Alas today we say they are 'victims' instead