Friday, April 22, 2016

Every War the U.S. Has Been in Has Been Unnecessary

“Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.” - George Orwell

When I was changing the radio station in my car recently I heard a talk show host make a comment I have heard before - that we have freedom of speech (and all the rest of our freedoms) because of the sacrifices of American soldiers.

This is nonsense. The U.S. has never been in a war to defend the country (by the way, we had been attacking Japan for ten years before Pearl Harbor happened).

About the only one the warmongers can defend is World War II and Iraq (the latter had a GNP one percent of the U.S. and a mean IQ of 87, so of course Duyba Shrub was convinced they were going to detonate a nuclear bomb in New York City). As for Germany they were going to CONQUER THE WORLD!!! (all our enemies are going to conquer the world), just like Pinky and the Brain, which only shows they know nothing of history. The only country that conquered the world was England - and that country was never our friend. After all, we fought two wars with them and they told every lie in the book to get us to defend them in WWI and WWII - including letting the Lusitania be sunk.

WWII, just like WWI, was a European war, and therefore none of our business. Who really won it is Russia - and the fact we supplied them. Otherwise the Germans would have rolled right over them, just the way they were rolling over the British and us. And why did the Germans attack Russia? They wanted to rid the world of Communism - which in those days was originally called "Jewish Bolshevism" (who murdered tens of millions of people more than the Nazis).

The Russians call it "the Great Patriotic War," and in the battle of Stalingrad at least one million Russians and Germans were killed. Perhaps even up to two million. No one really knows. Who counts peasants?

In fact, Patton wanted to team up with the Germans and attack Russia and rid the world of the Communist menace. He knew what was going to happen if it wasn't done. What happened is Korea and Vietnam - and I know a man who was a pilot on a B-29 during Korea. I also knew a tail gunner on a B-17 during WWII and he became an alcoholic because he was unable to live with sight of the burning cities he saw behind him.

Islam? It has been at war with the West and Christianity since it was created by the hallucinations of an epileptic child rapist. But it is a backward religion that has contributed nothing to the world and in fact was friends with the U.S. until we started supporting Israel (the country which attacked the Liberty and slaughtered dozens of American sailors) and started meddling over there and sending troops to occupy Muslim land.

That's why we were attacked on 9-11. We humiliated them and they got revenge on us (feelings of humiliation always lead to some kind of vengeance). It wasn't because of Dubya Shrub's hallucinations about how they attacked us for "our goodness."

And if we are in conflict with them the first step is to stop importing them over here and deport the ones here.

Not at all surprisingly, the ones who howl the loudest for war are the ones who've never gone and have no intention of going. They prefer to sit at home and yell, "Throw the ball here! Now throw it over there!"

The only ones who benefit from war are the rich. That's why there exists the old saying, "Rich man's war, poor man's fight."

The rich get richer - like Bush and Cheney - and everyone else gets poorer, not to mention wounded and dead.

Every person I've known who supported war has never been to one. The ones I know who consider it nothing but death and destruction are the ones who've seen it first hand.

I am not the slightest bit interested in the opinion of any politician on the subject. They're the ones who start the wars and end up watching their bank balances skyrocket while others "make the ultimate sacrifice" or learn to live with traumatic brain injuries and missing body parts.


Unknown said...

When it comes to white guy socialism or Jewish socialism...there was going to be no winner. Neither group (Nazis and Communists) deserves defense. Communists killed more people because they controlled more areas for a longer period of time. But that's what happens in any country that is dumb enough to espouse a socialist ethos.

Study that timeframe long enough...that whole era highlights the failure of humanity when it gives up God and engages in widespread degeneracy, whether it be war or sexual immorality.

sth_txs said...

Man, sometimes Bob comes across as one of those 'conspiracy' theorist he likes to put down.

You mean all these wars are not just some random action and happen in a vacuum? Who would of thought?

Glen Filthie said...

Fuggin Unca Bob does this to annoy the crap out of me. I know it. He's as annoying as that kid that farts loudly during the deathly quiet exam - and then points the finger at you when everyone gags.

Gulf War 1 and 2 were absolutely necessary. Americans have paid rag head moslems big coin in the middle east to set up lucrative ventures there that have required incredible investment. The pattern is always the same - Americans pay the locals for the rights to resources or access to markets - and when they start turning a handsome profit the locals figure they got gypped and want a bigger share - and because they are uncivilized low IQ mud flaps they are more than willing to kill for it. The only way to deal with fig farming goat feltchers like that is to kill them right back. If you don't, the moslem will see it as weakness and aspire to even bigger attacks on you and your interests. This is basic real politik and common knowledge to anyone with a modicum of understanding of global geopolitics.

But it gets worse for the old hippies crying about stolen oil and American imperialism: not only were Gulf Wars 1 and 2 absolutely necessary and critical - Gulf War 3 is long overdue. Iran is now threatening to blow Israel off the map while the black baboon in the Whitehouse just shrugs and says - 'So what?'.

All wars are about money and power - sometimes sex. If you accrue enough of either you will become a target for aspiring, ambitious people and some of them won't have the morals and ethics God gave a stoat. Islamic rogue nations with gangster gov'ts are a case in point.

When (not 'if') we go back to smoke Iran - let us do the job properly and pound those moslem f***ers and bomb them FORWARD into the Stone Age so that they never get stupid again. Moslems are not loons by nature - they're cowards. Most bullies are cowards and experience shows there is only one way to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Glen, why Iran and not Saudi Arabia?

Why not Israel? It seems to have caused much of the trouble since '47.

Come to think of it, Israel does seem like a good target to smoke. You're right - bring on the senseless death and destruction!

sth_txs said...

How were the Gulf Wars even necessary? Who pays for it? Not you of course. Go look up 'economic hitmen' sometime.

Glen Filthie said...

The anti-American forces in Saudi Arabia are rogue elements operating in defiance of the Saudi gov't. The entire theocratic gov't of Iran is against America and has pledged to attack America in force - after they finish with Israel. The Israelis have compromised with Arabs time and again - only to have the rag heads renege on their agreements. Either you're an a anti -Semite or an idiot. In either case you need to open a history book.

As for the cost and who pays? What an idiotic question. Go look up 9-11 sometime. We all pay! If you were capable of critical thought you would be able to do the math and see the savings in deterring uncivilized Moslem behaviour vs. encouraging it.

Quartermain said...


I dedicate this song to you:

sth_txs said...

Glenn, 9/11 and the Iran and Saudia Arabia were all caused by the elites of America interfering in those countries affairs over the decades. It is called 'blowback', so you to need to pick up a history book. You are probably dopey enough to think the CIA was created to protect you when in reality it was created to cause problems so the corporate elite scum could benefit.

I'm guessing if the US interfered less and stopped choosing sides there would be less problems. I can't say I give damn about Israel anymore. How that one country became important is beyond me.

I have no love for the Saudis or the Israel. I've talked to Iranians over here and they seem to be victims of their government just like we are. Maybe if the Western powers would have the left things as they were in the 1950's instead trying to install a douchebag, things could have been different. Ditto for the most of the central American countries.

Jim Johnson said...

"How the American Neoconservatives Destroyed Mankind's Hopes for Peace" by Paul Craig Roberts

MB said...

Hey Glenn, ever notice how everything has turned to shit since 1945? Don't think about it, it'll give you an disallowed headache.

Glen Filthie said...

You boys slay me. HAR HAR HAR! Very well:

sth: Blowback? Shut up, already. You're a fuggin' child. You understand rag heads take pride in blood feuds that go back 700 years, right? You realize that politics is not a zero sum game, right? Good grief, what kind of naïve idiot thinks that he can just take his ball and go home? If it were that easy any number of leaders would have done it already! GAH - you can't argue with stupid people - have it your way kid. Hit the bong, you've earned it!

MB - same to you! In case you haven't noticed, your standard of living is actually several times higher than it would have been in 1945.

I say it again for the cheap seats: yes, all wars are about money and power. It is in your own personal interest to make sure the right guys control it. Anyone that denies that shouldn't vote or be allowed to hold positions of authority or assume any rights or responsibilities due a responsible adult.

Quartermain said...


Have you been in the military?

sth_txs said...

Glenn, you are more of a child than I am. Who are these 'right' people? Give me names and background because I'm not seeing progress. You are clearly too stupid to provide any insight into why I'm wrong. Bush I and II? Bushes are an f_ing mafia crime family. Democrats are no better with the same stupid warmongering policies.

But hey, if you think a couple dozen suicides a day of American men who fought in these travesties is worth it, well, I don't know what to say.

Anonymous said...

How did Dubya deal with 9/11?

By capitulating.

The 9/11 terrorists had one demand (terrorists usually have a demand - it's kinda the whole point): USA out of the holy land. By which they meant Saudi Arabia. Dubya promptly obliged and ginned up a war in some country hat had nothing to do with the terrorists, that was run by a CIA-appointed strongman who ran one of the few secular states in the middle east.

On a different topic: after the early years, the United States has only had one serious enemy that threatened it, killed its troops en-masse, and took territory on the mainland. It was, of course, the Confederacy. The "pledge of allegiance" is specifically about this enemy.

Anonymous said...

"Gulf War 3 is long overdue. Iran is now threatening to blow Israel off the map while the black baboon in the Whitehouse just shrugs and says - 'So what?'."

Well, Glenn, so what? So what?

Why doesn't Jehovah defend Israel? Where's the archangel Michael? Where are all the fiery chariots with actual archers? If Jehovah decides to simply give a chunk of land to Abraham and his descendants (which already had other people living on it at the time, btw), let *him* defend it.

Mike said...

Glen, you seem to be as ignorant as you are obnoxious, but I'll try to point you in the right direction by highlighting your glaring errors:

1) Iran never said it wanted to 'wipe Israel off of the map', it was a deliberate mistranslation by an Israeli, and perpetuated by ignorami on warmonger Neo-Con news stations. Even the left-wing rag the Guardian in the UK pointed out that it was a lie.

2) The USA has has a military presence in Iraq and Agfghanistan for 15 consecutive years, so not only technically impossible to 'invade again' as you put it, because they already there, not only, that but it would only destabilise the country even more, and give ISIS more power.

3) Israel and Saudi Arabia are funded by the USA via military contracts. This is because of Jews, oil and regional geopolitics which requires that the USA exert it's presence there, just like the British Empire did pre-WW2.

4) Iran is no military threat to the USA because it is surrounded by countries that would destroy it, the Saudis, Nuclear-capable Israel, and a zillion USA and NATO military bases located in Afghan and Iraq.

Glen Filthie said...

Ummmm...Mike? The city squares, filled with tens of thousands of yodelling Iranian mud flaps screaming "death to Israel! Death to Amerca!,,,"....the clips are a matter of public record. And of course your theory goes down the crapper after that. LOL - half you nutters are screaming about hawkish eeeeevil joooos and the other half scream about the ultra-leftist eeeevil joooos pushing tolerance and social justice. Pick one, will Ya?

And some other remarks about the random idiocy here:

Just so, Paul. Is that indifference born of stupidity or antisemitism? Or cowardice? You know that America still has bases in Saudi Arabia, right?

And about those suicides: people that can't handle the stress of combat shouldn't be soldiers. It's that simple.mwhen you join the military you have to understand that you may get deployed to fight somewhere under conditions you would rather not. It's a condition of service and you accept it going in.

No, I have not served. As a kid I wanted too but the liberals were gutting the military in Canada and recruitment was cancelled. Today - even if I were eligable I wouldn't join. I will not risk my life to defend a nation of homosexuals, socialists or atheists who are to stupid and craven to even taking an interest in defending themselves.

The mistake made in Gulf War 2 was the same as the one in Gulf War 1: the job was left half done in an effort by liberals to win hearts and minds. Since Moslems have neither, no victory or accommodation is possible. For gawdsakes - Moslems are cowardly animals and you idiots blame yourselves and your leaders for the acts of savages with no skills or intellect. The War on Terror is failing because guys like you are to craven and stupid to actually fight it.

NOW, if you have an IQ above freezing, you might ask yourself why that is.

Jim Johnson said...

"No, I have not served."

Tells us all we need to know.

Just remember one thing, Glenda. Chickenhawk is chickenshit.

Glen Filthie said...

Are you saying that as a chickenshit, JJ?

Mike said...

"death to Israel! Death to Amerca

And? There are people in the USA and every friggin nation on the planet who stand on street corners and shout nonsense. They aren't the ones in power though. The government is. And the government of Iran has no intention of attacking the USA. I mean, how the fuck would they? There's 10,000 miles between the two countries, hundreds of military bases, 2-3 oceans, and the whole of NATO. How exactly are the Iranians supposed to get there? Fed Ex?

And of course your theory goes down the crapper after that.

What theory? I've highlighted your glaring errors in your theory that Iran is going to attack the USA and needs to be destroyed. I've proposed no theory. Your theory is like the other lunatic theories running around, e.g. China is going to become the next world power and attack the USA. Or that Russia is going to attack the USA. It's laughable.

half you nutters are screaming about hawkish eeeeevil joooos and the other half scream about the ultra-leftist eeeevil joooos pushing tolerance and social justice. Pick one, will Ya?

1) This is about Iran attacking the USA.
2) Left-wing Israelis and right-wing Israelis are both Israeli, ergo they will agree on what's best for Israelis. Quit posting strawmen that the wind could knock down.

Post some believable evidence that Iran is going to destroy the USA. Oh yeah, and destroy it with nuclear weapons that it doesn't, can't, and won't have. 1) Iran just signed a treaty stating that it wouldn't build nukes. 2) Israel would flatten it with it's own nuclear arsenal in a matter of weeks should the Iranians get serious about nukes, like they did to Syria with a chemical weapons plant. 3) Where are the WMDs in Iraq? Oh yeah, that's right, they never existed. Same old story, same old shit. Why not try some new lies for a change?

Anonymous said...

Mark Weber speaks on Hitler's Place in History:

Quartermain said...

General Robert E. Lee said that a strong central government leads to tyranny at home and aggression abroad.