Monday, April 18, 2016

If Trump Doesn't Get the Nomination

Steam Engine Time - "A period of time when many inventors all over the world, despite isolation from each other, and with no contact with each other in any way, begin inventing a similar technology with a coincidental commonality of ideas.

The invention of the steam engine didn't occur in only one place but was invented independently and in isolation by many inventors all over the world."

Another example of steam engine time includes the independent invention of the aeroplane by people in isolation from each other in many different regions of the world, leading to arguments about 'who' invented the aeroplane first.

Let's do a thought experiment and assume Trump doesn't get the nomination. He's going to be very close to getting the necessary delegates and I think will get them, but let's assume he does get very close but the nomination is stolen from him and a moron like Cruz or God forbid the Boring Walking Dead like John Kasich gets it.

What will happen? For one, the utterly corrupt establishment whore the Hildebeast will become President. It will be business as usual, meaning good for her and her friends and bad for everyone else. Meaning the country.

Anything else?

Trump's supporters aren't going to riot. That's for the 87-IQ Third Worlders in our midst, the ones who need to be ejected from my country.

I'll repeat again that Trump is an example of Steam Engine Time, which means there are a bunch of Trumps out there waiting to run for office. And if Trump doesn't get the nomination he's going to be too old to run in four years. He'll be like 75.

Since both the Republican and Democratic parties have been crapping on this country for 40 years and telling us it's ice cream, both need to be uttlerly destroyed.

Most people don't know it but Trump ran for President before on the Reform party ticket. If I had 8 to 10 billion dollars I would pour some of that money into another party. If he did that and it got off the ground Trump might even go down in history even better than if he was elected President - because he'd be the man who saved our country.

Our corrupt, murdering and thieving elites must be overthrown. Our country was founded on overthrowing them.

I'll repeat again it's Steam Engine Time for Trump or those who will come after Trump. And when it's Steam Engine Time nothing can stop it.

Nothing can stop the zeitgeist - the spirit of the times. To be more colorful about it, we need a Schumpeterian gale of creative destruction to wipe the traitors from the government.


Glen Filthie said...

You're on cheap drugs, Unca Bob!

Oh sure, they're called different things in different societies and ideologies - but they all have their royalty, their noble class and peasantry. If your wish was granted and Billary, Obutthole, Cruz and his toads were vapourized - these tool using super apes, our fellow human animals - would replace them with new ones.

This is the way the human animal rolls. There will be no purge of the real elites. At best a few of their puppets will get culled.

A.B. Prosper said...

Glen is right, with a caveat. Not about the drugs as far as I know ;) but the rotation of the elite

When there is a take over, your job is to replace the guys you ejected only to be better in a broader sense. The arch example is Putin who made things better than Yeltsin did. Putin may have done awful stuff, may have billions stashed away. Who knows. Honesty who cares. Life for typical Russians is better under Putin than it has been in many many years. Life expectancy is up highest ever I'm told national pride is up, faith is up, Native fertility is up and capital and personal flight is lower

If I was a Russian I'd be "Putin. chert voz'mi, da! (Hell yeah more or less if the Web is right) because he is a great leader for his people.

If you don't do this, you fail.

And that I think is the problem with the modern right. They fear power. They want to loot the country and hide like cowards or want some magic reversion to some other better time. Without exception its either loathsome of bullshit or both.

To win you fulfill the mandate

Become worthy

Take Power


And until the Right can do it, the Cathedral will kick their asses and rightly so. They aren't worthy but they'll take power and rule and that is a hell of a lot more than the Right is willing to do,

No to put too fine a point on it, there will be no restoration. if you win there will be a minimum of 20-40 years of assholery before the country is back to health. No one decent wants that but its necessary, people will get shot, maybe disappear and alot of boots will be on a lot of necks

Assuming the US is all of what it is now, you'll make deals with people on abortion, on morals rule you don't want too overlook things you shouldn't, probably loot things , outright ethnically cleanse areas and crack down on things you shouldn't too.

This will suck but if your guys do it right, the new republic will be better for everybody and you will become a tolerably crooked elite class which is good enough and honestly all you need for posterity.