Saturday, April 23, 2016

Polygamy Will Never Come to the United States

I occasionally get some telling me polygamy will come to the United States. None of these supporters understand history, the United States, or human nature.

Of course, some of the more deluded in the Manosphere, with their beliefs in these non-existent "alphas" and "betas," believe the "alphas" will get all the women and the "betas," none.

Again, I'll point out none of them understand history.

There have been polygamous societies in history. All of them were Third World - African and Arab - and all of them were very violent and poor, with no advancement at all. The men weren't "alphas," but lazy bums living off of women's work. Think Africa, which you can see today in the United States. Who in their right mind wants to live like that?

I'll point again none of these people understand history. And I'll again point out that all polygamous societies are violent and poverty-stricken.

The rape of Lucretia was pretty much the founding of Rome, which was when kings were overthrown and the republic was founded. Lucretia was raped and committed suicide - with the implication being kings overbearing tendency to use the military to steal other men's women led to their overthrow.

The same thing happened with Genghis Khan. He and his troops would slaughter all the men, children and old women and take the younger women as concubines. Again, immense violence -death and destruction on a genocidal scale. Terrible, hellish violence. And no advancement whatsoever.

There was some attempt to establish polygamy in the United States with the Mormons. Wherever the Church went, great violence followed, including murder. The Chuch finally gave it up. Polygamy was banned by law after the government saw all the violence.

Resentment is what this is about. Humiliation followed by resentment and vengeance. Envy. Murder. That is human nature. It's what happens when what is yours is stolen from you.

When it's one man and one woman, violence drops like rock and men advance society through discoveries and inventions. Look at all the violence and poverty in "black culture," which is what happens when women marry the state and the men wander from relationship to relationship.

If polygamy were legal in the United States hardly anyone would engage in it - probably ugly women and manginas who can't get anyone. You could probably count them on one hand. It will always be an insignicant problem.

The big problem - huge in fact - is when women marry the State. That is the real problem, not polygamy.

This collapse of marriage will lead to men not bothering to work hard, create and invent, and maintain a peaceful, wealthy society.

By the way, Christianity put an end to polygamy in the West. It never happened with Islam. Think about that when people talk about importing more Muslims.


kurt9 said...

I agree with everything you say here.

Unknown said...

Great minds think alike.

Glen Filthie said...

Yes you will have legalized polygamy in the United States. Yes, polygamy is the hallmark of uncivilized savages and low IQ cultures...but have you noticed your current president? And the swarms of his peers flooding into our countries? The same can be said of homosexuality too - and that is being actively pushed in public schools right now.

Not only will your have polygamy and homosexuality - soon you will have legalized pedophilia too. The liberals are throwing out trial balloons as we speak...