Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Inside Every Gook There is an American Trying to Get Out"

That's a quote from the movie, Full Metal Jacket, and it is utterly false. But then, that was the point of the movie.

I was raised during Vietnam. From about seven to 17. I had no interest in the news in those days, but occasionally I would briefly watch it with my father and remember seeing comments from the newscasters about how today 376 Vietcong were killed and eight Americans. And that went on day after day, week after week, year after year.

At this rate, I thought, pretty soon there aren't going to be any Vietnamese left (by the way, we killed about two-and-one-half -million of them, and got absolutely nothing good done. Robert McNamara, who I'm sure is trying to find Brylcream in Hell, said we committed a horrendous war crime. Genocide.

By the time I was 21 years old I had pretty much figured things out. There's the free market and political liberty, which evolves from the ground up and then there is the State, which attempts to impose things from the top down.

That's what happened in Vietnam. We attempted to impose things from the top down, by slaughter and mass murder and massive destruction. Not surprisingly at all, it didn't work.

When that inbred dumbass Dubya Shrub, with his narrow head and squinty lopsided eyes, started babbling about how Iraq, with its economy one percent of the U.S. and a mean IQ of 87, was going to detonate nuclear weapons in New York City, I rolled my eyes.

We have to invade them! And Afghanistan! Mass murder and mass destruction!

Bush is a war criminal and deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. Along with Dick Cheney and the rest of those neocon cowards and murderers and traitors.

I knew the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were not going to work and in fact make things worse. Now we have ISIS or whatever the hell it's called, and attempts to overthrow the government of Syria...and only God knows what is going to happen six months from now. It won't be anything good, though.

Sooner or later we are going to have to give up this genocidal nonsense. The United States in an empire, and empires always fall. And for us, the sooner the better.

And when this happens, the warmongers and chickenhawks will find to their great surprise the countries they've been trying to turn into America will suddenly turn right back into their original cultures. Just the way the Vietnamese did - and the country is no longer a threat to us. For that matter, it never was.

Islam is not a threat to us. It hasn't been for 700 years. And to the extent it is a threat, there should be no Muslims in the United States or the West. So why are we importing these inbred morons?

They're never to going to turn into Americans, no matter how many of them we murder.


Anonymous said...

Inside every nigger there is an American trying to get out.
Inside every jew there is an American trying to get out.
Inside every injunspic is an American trying to get out.

Wonder how all that diversity is our strength bullshit is working out?

Anonymous said...

"Islam is not a threat to us. It hasn't been for 700 years."

I'll certainly give you 300 years, but huge Ottoman armies were parked in the heart of Central Europe less than a century before the Declaration of Independence. With the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to see that the Turkish power was already on the decline, but at the time, they were still a major threat- the Hapsburgs undoubtedly would have strangled Protestantism in the cradle if they hadn't needed to divert vast resources to the perennial Turkish wars. And the Marines' Hymn doesn't mention "the shores of Tripoli" because they were there on vacation.

You're right, though, that Islam is only sort of a "threat" today becuase of Western stupidity, not because of any inherent power of the Islamic world. I haven't looked at more recent numbers to see if this is still true since Nokia got hammered, but I recall a few years ago reading that, if you remove oil, the combined exports of all Arab Muslim countries are less than those of Finland, and their combined GDP less than that of Spain. Pre-war Iraq was basically just one giant welfare slum. The Middle East is enjoying a freak population boom thanks to oil reserves; when those run out, they'll turn back into roving desert bandits like their forefathers. Heck, Europe could probably rid itself of most of its Muslim population without even using much violence, though it won't happen that way- just cut off their welfare and public assistance and make them pay for their own inbred babies. I'm not convinced that, for Western elites, Islamic terrorism isn't a feature, rather than a bug- every time Mohammed and Ahmed set off a crude home-made bomb in a major Western city, it means more jobs for the incompetent state "security" apparatus, and more make-work for social workers uselessly teaching "tolerance".