Monday, February 29, 2016

The Establishment Wll Never Understand the Appeal of Trump

I've said before both parties have been crapping all over this country for 40 years. These are the people attacking Trump.

They apparently think that if they can find one thing about Trump, tens of millions of people will flee him to vote for a drunken carpet muncher like Hillary Clinton, or an open-borders faggot like Marco Rubio. "His tax returns, David Duke, the KKK!"

They don't understand the ones doing the crapping are the ones attacking Trump. And the more they attack him, the stronger he gets.

They will never, ever understand that.


One Fat Oz Guy said...

You're right. It's because people feel like we can't trust either big party that he's king.
If GOP had just let it run its course, he'd probably be less popular.
It's because they tried silencing him that people are angry.
Too late now.

Anonymous said...

Rubio is a real doofus:

Rubio Doesn’t Realize His Energy Policy Has Already Been Enacted [VIDEO]

Read more:

cecilhenry said...

Its because its not about Trump, or any politician.

Its about what stand for and will do. The policies and the will to stand for them

That's all.

So all the other personal garbage don't.

Trump is a KKK, Trump is a transvestite, blah blah blah-- so therefore open borders are now okay again???


ray said...

Can't really understand what we haven't experienced. The Establishment of both L and R have little/no ken of working people and the LC in general. They are Bubble People, the females especially.

It is particularly unfriendly for the very people living in privilege to accuse the Officially Unprotected of privilege b/c white male etc. People notice, yes even those vile Others. Many of these people can't spell hypocrisy but they recognize the smell when rubbed in their faces as a matter of ongoing national policy.

Unknown said...

I still don't think Trump is the answer...but he has certainly ripped off the mask and shown there's an oligarchy running things and not 'We the People'.

That's how it's always been, the oligarchy just did a good job staying quiet and laying low until a guy they didn't want started making noise.

Unknown said...

I often think the more the establishment or media attacks him, the more they reveal their own hypocrisy. Trump's no different from them.

Anonymous said...

At least Rubio is not wearing a dress:

Jaden Smith Skirts a Revolution—and More Men Should Join Him

It's apparently "cool" for a guy to be effeminate, if not out right gay in our culture today.

Women are becoming more masculine and abrasive, and men are becoming more feminine and weak.

Unknown said...

@ Anon

Tim Teeman

The volunteer work is what tipped me off.

Feather Blade said...

Re: boys in skirts:

If a fellow wants to feel the breeze around his nethers, all he has to do is don a kilt.

He doesn't need to dress in women's clothes.

Anonymous said...

"If a fellow wants to feel the breeze around his nethers, all he has to do is don a kilt."

Rubio is no William Wallace (Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart). Mel Gibson made the kilt thing work without being an effeminate, emasculated, de-balled man, but a leader and a manly man.

Even if Rubio wore a kilt, he still would look and be like Jaden Smith wearing a girly skirt.