Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So Trump Supporters Are The Left Side of the Bell Curve, Huh?

Some of the articles I've read disparaging Trump is that his supporters are on the left side of the bell curve in terms of IQ.

Let's assume they are. So what? Half the people in this country have IQs of less than 100. That's what? One hundred million people, if not more?

I know a lot of people who dwell in that left side. They're not stupid. They're not intellectuals, but they know when there are no high-paying jobs and they're stuck at minimum wage or slightly above. And they know it's government policy that exports their jobs and lets in Third World lowlifes.

I'm on the far right side of the bell curve - the 95th percentile, actually. And I support Trump.

If people on the far right side of the bell curve are so smart, why is this country in the shape it's in? I was astonished these high-IQ idiots voted in Barry Soetero - twice! Just how smart is that? Answer? Not smart at all.

Politics is more trouble than it's worth. But the world has never been able to get rid of it.

I've mentioned before some people predicted all these problems. And again I'll mention the late Sam Francis was one of them (I was very surprised when Rush Limbaugh recently mentioned Francis on his show. Maybe he not as dumb as I thought he was.).

Francis created the term "anarcho-tyranny" - the government trying to repress patriots while flooding the country with law-breaking Third Worlders.

Sooner or later people will take the law into their own hands.

I've had people tell me Europeans have lost their balls, that they are a bunch of pussies when it comes to the Muslim invasion. And I keep telling them they don't understand Europeans and that no one makes war like them. And now they are attacking and beating Muslims and burning down refugee centers. And that's just the beginning.

Now what's going to happen here? I can't predict it exactly except to say it's not going to be good. The fact that Trump and Sanders are doing so well is a sign, as I've mentioned before, of a sea change. And I hope it's the end of the current iterations of the Democratic and Republicans parties, both of whom are trying to destroy this country.

Americans, in some way or another, won't stand for it. They never have in the past, and they certainly aren't in the near future.


sth_txs said...

I'm fortunate to have higher education in a way, but I've worked with Phd's. Some of the dumbest people ever except in their one little area they work with everyday. Some of them think government really cares about them to!

Trump is definitely a wild card. Certainly not limited government, but I'll take a chance assuming he has an ego investment in what he says. I do think he cares about Americans though some of his prescriptions are just wrong. Illegal drugs? Abolish the DEA and drug laws. Want less illegals? Abolish the minimum wage and other government crap.

If he figured out how to get Congress to encourage illegals to leave and not get us into anymore stupid ass wars that would be an achievement above the rest in the last 30 years.

Glen Filthie said...


Increase the minimum wage! Do it as a Peace offering to the liberals! You would literally set them up to cut their own throats and save the nation in one fell swoop! Consider a new minimum wage of $15.00/hour:
- mass layoffs over night
- most layoffs would occur in the lower class - the bastion of liberalism
- with a gutted job market, low IQ/low skill illegals and migrants would go home
- they would also be helped out of the nation by home grown low information voters and vibrants.

Sometimes the best cure for idiocy is to give them what they want.

LosAngelesKing said...

"And I keep telling they don't understand Europeans and that no one makes war like them."

Winston Churchill once said that one doesn't know war until they've gone to war with Germans. And since Muslim curs love to behead people on the Internet etc. Perhaps they should be reminded that Europe once had the market covered with beheadings.


"If he figured out how to get Congress to encourage illegals to leave and not get us into anymore stupid ass wars that would be an achievement above the rest in the last 30 years."

All he would have to do is do what Reagan did when the shitlibs wouldn't pass his tax cuts. He could take his case to the media and request people demand their congressmen and senators pass his bills. Put their nuts (if they still have any) and feet to the fire, and I can guarantee his bills would be passed pronto.

The cuckservatives and the leftist Democrats would howl in protest, but c'est la vie. It's not called the presidential bully pulpit for nothing. Ask Tip O'Neill. LOL.

Unknown said...

"one doesn't know war until they've gone to war with Germans"

Decades ago I knew a man who said Americans threw down their carbines to run away faster from the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge. And he told me, "You've never been in a fight until you fought Germans."

Mindstorm said...

Prussia was founded both on conquest and betrayal. The Teutonic Order was invited to Poland by one of Polish princes and granted the right to the fief of Chełmno: - yet another result of following female advice.

Mindstorm said...

It was supposed from the start to be a fief under a Polish senior, not an independent allod.

Anonymous said...

The Teutonic Order were German, not Prussian.

Mindstorm said...

Research the origins of Prussia in more detail than here, anonymous above:
Prussia was the most militaristic-minded part of Germany.

Anonymous said...

I am Prussian, Mindstorm. I am a Balt, not a German and I know the history of my family and the land they came from.

Mindstorm said...

And I am just south of the now Polish part of Prussia. Can we stop the oneupmanship here? If you are so invested in the history of your region, remind me who fled the Russian offensive during the last years of WWII.

Mindstorm said...

I had this region in mind, not Livonia.

Anonymous said...

Note the above, Bob. It took exactly two comments on Prussia's actual history to stir the pot. All the old European jealousies are there as strong as they ever were. When the Europeans decide to cleanse the Muslims it won't stop there and as the U.S. withdraws it's military, Europe will go back to being what it always was.

My Prussian ancestors left before the war, Mindstorm, to get away from the Germans and become Americans. Europe's never missed a chance to prove them right and not one of their descendants has ever regretted their decision.

Mindstorm said...

Eh, it was a duke, not a prince. In the Polish language there is one word for both meanings. And another word that I used incorrectly was senior, which should be replaced with suzerain/sovereign.

Mindstorm said...

So anonymous, which one of Old Prussian tribes do you hail from? The one closest to my place were Sudovians:
Supposedly, "[a]fter fifty years of warfare and brutal conquest, the end result meant that most of the Prussian natives were either killed or deported." The rest were assimilated (Germanised):

Mindstorm said...

After some consideration, treachery would fit better than betrayal: - and the practice of Teutonic Knights it drew its observations from: melting down of Polish currency and minting from the yield their own one after first debasing its precious metal content in order to produce more coins than those destroyed. A rather effective scam.

Mindstorm said... - these coins were the main target for counterfeiting