Monday, February 8, 2016

The Betrayal of the West

Ultimately there are only two political parties - the establishment party and the antiestablishment one.

There are some people in the United States who are betraying the West. Most of these traitors are politicians, most especially the open borders ones (those who think Marco Rubio is not an open-borders establishment whore are going to find just how mistaken they are).

People are beginning to wise up to what's going on, which accounts for the fact that three of the four top candidates are antiestablishment in one way or another - Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. I am surprised that Hillary Clinton, another establishment whore (not to mention a sleazy old dyke) is doing as well as she is.

Even if Trump does not win (which I find very hard to believe) then the next candidate will be like him, just the way Barry Goldwater's loss led to Ronald Reagan's election (if only we could have bypassed the evil LBJ and Vietnam!).

I'll say it again: I want both parties destroyed. Both are leftist, and both are trying to dispossess and impoverish Americans, to use them as scapegoats and sacrifices to further enrich and further empower themselves.

Speaking of leftism, I will again quote Erik von Keuhnelt-Leddihn: leftists don't merely misunderstand human nature, they don't understand it at all.

Kuehnelt-Leddihn defined leftism as "the murder of the Father." That's "father" with a capital "F," which means attempting to destroy that oppressive, white male capitalist/patriarchial culture - which doesn't exist. The archetypical Father, the creator and sustainer of civilization!

Leftism always wants to destroy - destroy everything. Do these people really think all that non-existent human goodness will just pop up after all this destruction? Talk about completely deluded!

Such leftist idealogies such as Communism, Nazism and fascism were perhaps responsible for the deaths of up to 200 million people in the 20th century. I don't care if you call it "progressivism" or "liberalism." It all leads to the same place.

Feminism, being leftist, is about the envious and hateful trying to destroy men, to also use them as scapegoats and sacrifices. Look no further than the creepy cultural destroyer Hannah Rosin and her glee in writing her book, The End of Men.

Leftism itself is feminine - the Bad Feminine. And the Bad Feminine always wants to destroy the Good Father (there is a very good reason it's God the Father and not Goddess the Mother).

For that matter, the masses are always feminine, because they are never ruled by reason and always by their feels. Even Hitler, that demented master of propaganda, noticed this.

Here I will again quote Carl Jung: women are biologically indespensible because they have the babies, and men are culturally indespensible because they created 99% of everything: civilization, science, technology.

And leftists want to destroy this? Do they not realize they will end up destroying themselves? Or do they somehow think they'll escape it? Are they that grandiose and deluded?

I have for a long time thought that some men want to be remarkable. And what do they ask in return? A bit of respect and gratitude.

It's hard to get even a drop of that anymore.

I'm not quite sure where I got the idea that some men want to be remarkable. Perhaps I got it from Joseph Campbell's idea of "the Hero on a Quest," in which the Hero comes back with a boon for mankind after suffering all kinds of Luke Skywalker trials and tribulations.

Considering that men created 99% of everything in the world, it makes more sense the desire is inborn in them, along with the desire to bring back that boon, than the non-science, non-sensical evo-psych "explanation" they do it just to get some pussy (Adam Smith, Isaac Newton and Nickolai Tesla were apparently virgins their entire lives).

I have found the Bible to be a repository of good practical wisdom about life. After all, look at that observation in Genesis about how women want to rule men but men must always rule women. And remember that Adam's first wife was Lilith, who kept rebelling against him.

Don't forget Jezebel and Deliah!

Even women today who claim they're aren't feminists or are even anti-feminists have still been infected by its lies, such as the falsehood that women only make 66% of what men make.

The Manosphere is a necessary response to what has to done to men. People predicted this kind of response. And yet there are leftists - manginas and white knights - who apparently still don't have a clue as to what is going on.

I've met women who claim "men are responsible for all the problems in the world" and that "they won't accept my career" ("career" means little to nothing to most men). And these women wonder why they are alone.

Of course, they blame all their problems on men, which accounts for their hostility and lies.

When men are not allowed to be protectors and providers, not allowed to invent and discover (think of the Ph.D in Physics who helped land a spaceship on an asteroid 300 million miles away and was attacked for wearing a girlie shirt), when they don't get any respect or appreciation, when their enemies and betrayers are eternally trying to scapegoat and sacifice them, what it going to be the end result of all of this?

It won't be anything good. But that's obvious, isn't it? But I guarantee you that it will involve revenge.

That is what's going on with these antiestablishment votes. Revenge for what the government has to done to the citizens. Throw the rascals out! And the rascals are clueless.

For that matter, the PUA/MGTOW phenomena are about revenge on women (every PUA I've known didn't like women - think about "Roosh" and "Roissy" and their lies).

Unfortunately, men brought these problems on themselves by letting women get out of control. That's in the Bible, too, when Adam listened to Eve while knowing full well he should not have done so. Just remember all the problems that happened because of that.

None of this modern political nonsense will last. It never does.


Anonymous said...

"For that matter, the PUA/MGTOW phenomena are about revenge on women (every PUA I've known didn't like women - think about "Roosh" and "Roissy" and their lies)... None of this modern political nonsense will last. It never does."

When the political establishment crumbles, the lucky PUAs will be marched to the altar at shotgun-point. The unlucky ones will find themselves at the end of a rope.

Mindstorm said...

MGTOW is more about self-preservation than anything else.