Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'm Not Surprised Sanders Has Become So Well-Known

That "1%" owns what? About one-third of the wealth? And there are 35-year-olds working for minimum wage? And economic illiterates with Ph.Ds telling people they need to be "retrained" for higher-paying jobs (that don't exist for these people) when half the people in this country have IQs of 100 or less? (I read some clown a few months ago telling people that letting illegal aliens travel where they want throughout the world would "double world GDP.")

We don't have a free market anymore. We have it a lot better than other countries, but a lot of our wealth is "managed trade" which enriches that 1% and impoverishes everyone else.

It's no wonder people fall for Sanders. Most people don't understand economics and many of them don't have the ability.

People have always fallen for socialism. Friedrich von Hayek (and many others) think it's an instinctive tribal condition people always try to impose on societies. It doesn't work but people are always trying to make it work.

That "1%" get all libertarian when it comes to rapists and murderers pouring over the borders. But when it comes to the free market benefiting the middle class? The hell with that.

There were people in the past who predicted what is coming to pass. The late Sam Francis was one of them, and not surprisingly he is suddenly becoming more popular. That's fine with me. More people need to read him.

We're undergoing a sea-change right now with Trump and a lesser degree Sanders. These are good things.

Both parties are full of traitors trying to destroy my country, and as I said before I want both parties dead, dead, dead. It's happened in the past.

And if it does happen I'll hold a party.


Anonymous said...

"We're undergoing a sea-change right now with Trump and a lesser degree Sanders."

The general thrust of both men's candidacies seems to be "If we're going to have socialism, it might as well be socialism to benefit OUR people, not foreigners we've never met". It's all just an expression of the late Lee Kuan Yew's observation about multiethnic democracies.

None of his supporters will admit it- they're probably not even capable of consciously thinking it- but a lot of Sanders' appeal seems to be how much he embodies the ideal of clean, honest, Nordic-style egalitarian socialism, rather than the naked race-bribery and corruption of Clinton & Clinton's brand of socialism, like that of a sub-tropical "Big Man". Sanders' Vermont is actually whiter than Scandinavia these days- a friend who works as a substitute teacher in several school systems there says most of his classes are a sea of pasty blond and light-brown-haired students.

Unknown said...

"of clean, honest, Nordic-style egalitarian socialism,"

That's what I was thinking.

sth_txs said...

Speaking of illiteracy, most people don't know this, but those Nordic countries systems are already unsustainable. And importing more third world trash won't fix or change that situation. Ditto for the US for programs like SS and Medicare.

Anonymous said...

I could never vote for Bernie Sanders and anyone who would has something wrong with them. However, Sanders is honest and authentic and seems to mean well. He isn't a pathological liar like Hillary Clinton, a career politician who'll assume any position and make any noises she thinks will bring her to victory. And if Sanders succeeds in preventing Mrs. Clinton from becoming President, he owe him a debt of gratitude for that alone.

Anonymous said...

"And if Sanders succeeds in preventing Mrs. Clinton from becoming President, he owe him a debt of gratitude for that alone."

I also think he's a crazy moonbat wackadoodle whose policies would render the country even more destitute, but if he wrests the nomination from Mrs. Clinton, and doesn't make any idiotic concessions like making her VP (which would be profoundly dangerous to his health and safety) or giving her another cabinet post from which to further ruin the country, I think I may feel obligated write him a thank-you letter.