Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Holocaust is Worse Than Your Holocaust!

It got to the point a long time ago I started being amused about people claiming, "The Holocaust of my people was worse than the Holocaust of your people!"

No one knows anything about what King Leopold did in the Congo, or what the Japanese did in China during World War II. Look up the Rape of Nanking sometime.

Jews tried to claim six million of them were killed during World War I (no, not just World War II, but also World War I). Yet some of the worst mass murderers of the 20th Century were Jewish - look up Genrikh Yagoda. And Communism was originally called "Jewish Bolshevism."

And take a look at the Holodomor.

The worst, per capita, was Cambodia. The worst, in terms of numbers, was what Mao Tse Tung did to China - on top of what the Japanese did.

By the way, I've had people tell me there were 20,000,000 Indians in north America. Really? Hunter-gatherers who sometimes grew corn? There were about a million, and most of them died from European diseases to which they had no natural immunity (the story about Indians being given smallpox infected blankets is pure fantasy). In combat about 2000 Europeans died and about 2000 Indians.

Chinese Holocaust = 60,000,000

Russian Holocaust = 30,000,000

Congo Holocaust = 10,000,000

Ukrainian Holocaust = 8,000,000

Jewish Holocaust = 6,000,000 (Disputed)

Cambodian Holocaust = 4,000,000

Armenian Holocaust = 2,000,000


kurt9 said...

I like how you call WW2 WW1. What we call the second world war is actually the first truly global conflict. What we call WW1 was a European conflict not much different from that of 1870 or the Napoleonic Wars that came before.

ray said...

The 'holocaust' is just The Joos trying to take over the world, using the Sympathy Card. In fact the 'holocaust' didn't actually take place, and even if it did, like you say there are lots of other people who experienced far worse mass-targeting.

Those Joos, heh, they are so clever and so evil that they will fake millions of people dying just to get some attention! Heck during WW2 I think it was Joos who were slaughtering other Joos -- they just dressed up like Nazis or whatever to throw us off the track. To get our Sympathy Vote, while they snuck around at nite, raped our babies, and stole food out of the cat's bowl. It's just outrageous, and somebody needs to do something about Them.

Anyway, thanks for setting the world straight again, Bob.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

The show Who Do You Think You Are is pure Jewish propaganda in which most 'celebrities' are 'found' to have a Jewish ancestors who either died or survived the Holocaust.
I stopped watching after I realised that, no matter where a star's other relatives came from, they always followed the Jewish one.
Either that or they find German ancestry and have them virtually disown that relative.
Imagine that, being disowned 50 years after you're dead by relatives because a camera is rolling.
I've been to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and saw the Estonian Occupation Museum. They really endured for DECADES what the Jews supposed suffered for part of WWII, only no one freed them. They either died or were set free after many years of abuse (physical and sexual) when the regime changed (many after Stalin died).

August said...

There may have been more American Indians than we thought, primarily because there were not only an awful lot of ruminant animals, but there were also plenty of carbohydrates around- in the form of American chestnuts. We lost the American chestnut to blight when someone imported a Chinese chestnut. Once the blight started, an odd policy was decided upon- basically cut down every American chestnut tree, which was stupid. You need to grow as many as possible, until you get the genetics that are blight resistant.

Anyway, the Northeast was a mostly forested ecology that may have yielded a lot of calories. The natives would have not needed to farm in a European manner.

But, however many they were, they did die mostly because of disease. I just write this because, since no one alive has seen the yield from an American Chestnut tree, few understand how much was there to harvest. There was plenty of other stuff as well.

LosAngelesKing said...

"Yet some of the worst mass murderers of the 20th Century were Jewish - look up Genrikh Yagoda. And Communism was originally called 'Jewish Bolshevism.'"

You forgot to mention Lazar Kaganovich too, Bob. He was responsible for the Holodomor, along with another young party operative named Nikita Khruschev who helped to supervise the slaughter. Stalin called him "my Heinrich Himmler." There were many Communist party operatives who were Jewish, which lead to Jews being the target of ferocious revenge by Ukrainians who believed that all Jews were responsible for their suffering, however wrongly.

In fact, the Nazis, who were initially greeted as liberators in Ukraine from Stalin were shocked at the savagery with which Ukrainians rounded up their Jewish population. What I just mentioned is the reason why, and that's also why the mortality rate of Jews was much higher in Eastern Europe than others. But the propaganda history books choose to ignore these bits of information. After all, no Jews would ever commit such terrible acts of violence, would they?

sth_txs said...

I've talked to a Polish lady some years ago. She told me most were kind of tired of listening how horrible Jews had it in WWII considering plenty of other ethnic groups were rounded up and suffered as well.

Mindstorm said...

You could also add Leon Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg to the list. It's rather pointless though, considering that one of worst murderers in Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky, was a Pole. Well, the bad opinion that Jews had in Poland was in part deserved, if you consider this: