Monday, May 11, 2015

Some Food for Thought About the Destruction of Men and Therefore Society

Another Androsphere Blog writes this (and he has written it several times):

"This is another in a series of posts about men from history who have either achieved great things in one form or another by pushing boundaries: either in themselves or in society or science or exploration of some form. Boundary pushing and growth is what men do, it's their nature: to grow and push outwards. We, as men, are the frontiers men, the first to discover/uncover new territory, in a metaphysical sense (i.e. including both material and the immaterial) that is later colonised and 'civilised' by the rest of humanity."

Notice how boys explore, invent and discover (let's just say I have scars all over me from the things I have done).

So, logically, when boys are not allowed to be boys, there is a good chance they won't grow up to be the kind of men Another Androsphere Blog writes about.

Everyone suffers, most especially the stupid women trying to destroy men.


Glen Filthie said...

Not a bad vid, really - for a woman.

Some other helpful suggestions would be to re-introduce the strap to schools. (Yes, I know there are the usual manginas that can't tell thee difference between a strap and a beating...just as there are similar turd brains that can't tell the difference between affirmative consent and rape).

Privatizing the schools is another helpful step in the right direction. Teaching is supposedly a profession; therefore, teachers and dog fucking union slobs SHOULD be mutually exclusive.

The other big hurdle are parents. Boys become men by accepting self discipline and responsibility; parents are coddling and smothering their boys which is why they turn to drugs, porn, video games and booze - as a means of escape. Every 18 year old man should have a private pilot's license, be able to shoot and conduct himself in a gentlemanly manner on the skeet range, and be proficient in the manly arts such as mechanics, electronics and basic campcraft. Further - numeracy and math skills should be absolutely mandatory for all men. Women suck at math so it's hardly any wonder they can't teach it to our boys.

This problem is nothing new and has been going on since I was a kid in school in the 70's. We're three generations deep in it, actually. Schools became daycares rather than educational and it shows - just take your current president! That black baboon can organize communities but he can't balance a check book or stand up to bullies like Iran and every second militant moslem mudflap in the middle east. Obutthole and his feral negroes are the products of schools that are more concerned with student self-esteem and not their education.

Tough times and hard training make hard, tough it any wonder the faggotry that passes for manhood today doesn't work?

The Obvious said...

A lot of that sounds like the things fathers used to do.

Anonymous said...

And this is what replaces intelligent young men:

Standards of performance and intelligence fall when women are involved.

Anonymous said...

"And this is what replaces intelligent young [white] men:"

Anonymous said...

The above video is indeed real:

I thought it was satire from "The Onion" newspaper at first. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

MGTOW'd Out said...

Fool, the author provides an update regarding the debaters—To be perfectly clear, I concede that I was wrong to say that this team broke the rules of debate by refusing to address the topic, instead choosing to rant about racism, and to say that the woman who looked as if she were having a psychotic break (which she does, to the untrained eye) was doing anything wrong. I learned from readers that the Towson team’s bizarre display is actually well within the rules and the custom of competitive debate. So, congratulations to them, I guess. I learned something new today: Competitive debate is a completely insane phenomenon.

Not my cup of tea, but the accusation that “standards of performance and intelligence fall when women are involved” is patently false.

“A lot of that sounds like the things fathers used to do.”

Fathers STILL do those things today. Actually, in great numbers.

little dynamo said...

Hey Glen do the universe a favor and tie that strap across your mouth.

Mindstorm said...

I was physically 'punished' exactly once in the course of my education - I was struck in the face a day before leaving the elementary school. It's no coincidence that was done by the most incompetent 'teacher' present there, who was hired solely because he was a husband of the school principal.

It's the worst teachers that use physical punishment routinely, so keep your 'helpful' suggestions to yourself, Glen.

Unknown said...

In public sschool I was slapped, punched and hit with boards. More than once.