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"How To Screen For Female Receptiveness And Why"

The Manosphere really gets things confused with "the social-sexual hierarchy," the Greek alphabet soup, pick 'n' choose evo-psych, "the Dark Triad," "shit tests," made-up words like "hypergamy" get my drift.

When I was 17 I had a man tell me the masculine was the dominant (most guys don't have a clue what they really means - it means getting people to willingly listen to you and follow you), the active, the rational. The feminine was the emotional, the passive, the receptive. I've written before that Yang (the masculine) protects Yin (the feminine) and Yin supports Yang.

Turns out he was right, and he got that from history.

This article is from Franco Seduction and he makes a lot of sense, because he is using the facts, unlike the worst of the Manosphere with its belief that women are loveless "hypergamous" whores seeking "alpha" sperm and then seeking "betas" for "provisioning."

(By the way, I will get people saying, "Shit tests do exist" because the author mentions "tests." To which I respond: Since the Lost Boys of the Manosphere don't even know what the difference is between the masculine and feminine, they certainly know don't what these tests really are about.)

When you are looking for a relationship with a woman, you should screen for female receptiveness.

How you can seduce women effectively I have described in the Manual of Seduction.

Having the ability to pass the tests of virtually any woman, and have sex with her; is a good skill to have.

However, it can cause you to make wrong choices, even short-term wrong choices…not just the long-term ones.

There are female tests that are better to not pass, so you have more time to dedicate yourself to other, better women.

Female receptiveness is defined as the skill a feminine woman has of acting as a soft, receptive container to your masculine activity.

It is a psychological skill that has a physical component to it.

It is the power of the Yin.

The power of the Yin is not a passive act. Female receptiveness is an active act.

The female vagina is not only a physical entity, it is also a symbol.

The symbol is the skill of psychologically and physically “sucking in” the masculine. A real female has the skill of acting as a “black hole”, which lovingly takes the masculine inside.

Thus receptiveness has to be distinguished from passivity. A woman who is passive is not actually participating in the interaction; she is castrating the male, not favoring his actions.

Passivity from a woman can be one of the many ways a man can be emasculated in a relationship with an unreceptive woman.

Without feminine receptiveness, a weaker man will be very quickly emasculated by the woman, especially if he is not in touch with what is going on.

Stronger men will not be emasculated because of the protection offered by their instinct; they will sense what is happening, and they will become aggressive, bitter, and angry.

They will face constant pain and frustration in a relationship with a woman like this.

The rare men who are in touch with the meaning of feminine receptiveness will sense and understand what is going on, and simply will not enter into a relationship with a woman if she is not receptive.

Rarely will men have this skill, as feminine receptiveness does not have a place in heterosexual masculine culture. After all, if you were to be in touch with this skill, you would probably not be a man.

Understanding female receptiveness is a strength, not a weakness! It is only a different strength from the masculine ones you are used to.

The majority of the men will be blind to this huge power the Yin has over them.

Having sex with a woman who is not sexually receptive will be always a negative, bitter experience for a psychologically normal man.

Only a man who is a psychopath will be able to have sex with a woman who is not sexually and emotionally receptive and still enjoy it.

All the other men will face pain and frustration when faced with a woman who is not receptive and will very soon become unable to function.

With a female who is not sexually and emotionally receptive, the average man will either be forced into a spiral of repressed anger – which will in turn damage his health – or he will increasingly lose interest in sex with her.

Practical Advice For The Modern Man

That was the theory. Here is the practice.

When you are out dating women – regardless of what your goal might be: short-term, long-term, getting married, or maybe just adventure – always, always screen for female receptiveness.

You need to screen for female receptiveness from the very beginning, while at the same time running your dating game.

Passing the tests of a woman will in many cases surely get you a new sexual experience.

That is a good thing, but if you simply have sex as the only screening criteria, you had better be prepared to face some unpleasant surprises.

The pleasure you will get from that experience will be very limited, and it will soon turn into pain if the woman you met is unable to be sexually and emotionally receptive to you.

This is very important for the modern man to know: the social circles, the streets, and the workplaces of the industrialized world are full of women who are not able to be sexually receptive.

They either are not able, or do not want, to be that soft container a masculine man needs to be sexually active with a woman.

How do you detect quickly enough if is she a sexually receptive female?

I will be happy to share with you here the numerous signs you can learn to detect her receptive qualities.

General steps to follow

Passing her tests: timing and various strategies.

The seduction of a woman will always include on her behalf testing your strength as a man. In the Manual Of Seduction I have described how to recognize a female tests and pass them.

All women do this.

If a woman does not do this, it usually means that she is not attracted to you.

You can begin to screen her for female receptiveness even before you begin to pass her tests by detecting the deepest motives of how and why she tests you.

Begin by observing the nature of her tests. Not all the female tests are similar.

The way she tests you will tell you a lot about her degree of feminine receptiveness.

Generally speaking, one female test is her creation of a “fake danger.” This is to quickly detect how strong you are as a man.

For her, the meaning is the same as an investor or a marketer: testing the investment or the market quickly in order to immediately know what to do.

One of the fastest ways of knowing in advance if she is receptive as a female is to quickly detect the nature of her tests before you even decide if you want to pass them or not.


If her tests have the theme of a fight for a “one-upmanship”, you can be dead sure that she is not able to be receptive to you.

The proper approach with this kind of woman is the opposite of what the modern man seduction community predicates: it is better for you to not pass this kind of tests, and move on to the next woman.

If you want to practice, or you are a sadistic man and enjoy putting people down, just go ahead and then come back to tell me how you found out that this woman was in reality sexually frigid and unable to be loyal to you.

Alternatively, if her tests are meant to detect if you are able to lead her by the means of communication, then you probably have a feminine woman in your hands who is able to make you happy by being receptive to your masculine sexual desire.

The true feminine woman will not be passive. This is the most difficult thing to discern. The truly feminine woman will actively withdraw by being a container for your masculine activity.

Aggression and destructiveness in her tests

Are her tests meant to induce an aggressive, destructive reaction in you, or are her tests meant to detect the strength of your Ego and your ability to be a leader and protect other people?

If she tries to detect if you are a real man by inducing an aggressive reaction in you – which could possibly be destructive for her or your peers – you can be dead sure that she will be unable to be a receptive woman in a relationship with you.

So, if she tests you by putting you up to compete with her boyfriend, the possible outcome could be destructive in one sense or another.

Even if you get what you want, you will ultimately get a non-receptive woman for yourself, and that will make your relationship with her a nightmare afterward.

This would be a Pyrrhic victory for you.

The right approach is to not pass this kind of test. The right approach is to move quickly to the next woman.

Even if she is a champion of Kung Fu and you still managed to have her on the tatami with your strength, without female receptiveness the pleasure you will get will be about the same as dominating a gay male in a situation where you are stronger than him, though deeply heterosexual.

It is a little bit like eating ice cream that tastes like a stone. You will only get a very poor quality of pleasure and plenty of dangerous implications.

What some guys in the modern man seduction community teach is that “The more she tests you, the more dominant you need to be”. This is a double-edged sword that can turn against you in a longer interaction with her – or even in a short-term interaction.

If her tests are directed to detect your positive leadership qualities, your skill of withstanding long-term pressure, and her testing is directed to get power over your heart without any destructive implications for her… then you can go for it.

If you sense that “sweet and active withdrawing” when you pass her feminine tests for leadership, and her goal is power over your heart, then you have a receptive woman in your hands.

Two types of sexually frigid women: the masculine type and the passive type.

We might define the non-receptive woman as “sexually frigid”, and we might be right.

However, that is too simple a way of seeing it: there are no frigid women, only scared women or women who are out for power and have a reason for controlling their sexual desire.

Desire for power or fear is the main reason for a woman’s lack of female receptiveness towards a man.

So if you meet a woman who is not able to be receptive as a female, there can be two main reasons: she is controlling it because she has an agenda, or she is unable to express it because of fear.

Don´t think even for a second of becoming a “rescuer” to this woman; many men get into trouble for this reason!

You would need a lifetime to change her, and it would still not be enough.

In regard to an inability to express female receptiveness, there are mainly two types of women:

The ones who control female receptiveness by means of a battle for one-upmanship. These are much easier to recognize than the ones who control female receptiveness by shutting off it by means of total passivity.

The ones who hide the inability of being sexually receptive by means of extreme passivity.

You can recognize the females of the second group by the simple fact that they behave like a dance partner who needs to be “carried” during the dance like a stone.

The truly feminine woman who is receptive will test your leadership qualities and then dance with you by withdrawing just enough to be a container to your masculinity. Not more. Not less.

The second type of woman is even more dangerous as you can easily mix her up with a truly feminine woman.

The woman who hides her inability to be sexually receptive to a man by means of the “one-upmanship” confrontation is usually the woman I have described in other writings of mine as LSE HD (Low self-esteem high sexual drive), and the passive type is instead very often the one I have described as LSE LD (Low self-esteem low sexual drive)

Important to notice that the LSE HD can be very, very sexual but still be unable to be that feminine receptive container a truly masculine man needs to be happy.

With this type, you will surely get laid but… will lose the “political battle” for your role as a man in the relationship, because by getting you into her game of the “one-upmanship” she will manage to demonstrate that you effectively rape her, instead of truly getting her.

Cultural and non verbal signs

We live in a society with many subcultures all together in the same place. Officially, all of them are right as our society is pluralistic.

Many years ago I was superficial, and I believed that “fashion is only fashion”. Now I know better.

The way a person dresses is an extremely good predictor of what a person is.

If in her way of dressing and behaving there are “tough signs” telling of aggression, confrontation, and destructiveness, you can be dead sure that she will not be able to be receptive as a female.

If in her way of dressing and behaving there are signs of poor love for herself, lack of style, poor care of herself, or signs of “childish” attitudes, you can be dead sure that this woman is the non-feminine woman of the passive type, and not able to be receptive to you.

Why it is important to choose a woman who is able to be receptive to a man

You as a man can truly express your sexual desire when you have a woman involved on this mental level in the sex and the relationship.

If she resists that in one way or another, she will demonstrate afterwards that you are a man who rapes women and ultimately will castrate you psychologically by either getting you into a destructive, aggressive mindset or by having you slowly lose your sexual interest in her.

Focus on passing her tests, and focus on detecting if she is receptive as a female from the beginning of your dating!

You will never regret it!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the advice is to stay away from females who espouse feminism if you want to avoid a marriage power struggle.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

What about staying away from marriage entirely? How do you know what kind of woman you are dealing with? Women can be covert and deceitful. Do you want to be walking on egg shells the rest of your life if you get married? That would drive me crazy.

mp3 said...

OT: Bob, you need to have a look at this article. It seems all women are feminists, irrespective of their political allegiances. This article is supposed to be written by conservative woman but I wonder?

Unknown said...

'When I was 17 I had a man tell me the masculine was the dominant (most guys don't have a clue what they really means - it means getting people to willingly listen to you and follow you), the active, the rational.'

And Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men."

Mark 1:17

MGTOW'd Out said...

"What about staying away from marriage entirely?"

Go ahead, no one is stopping you. Just don't expect guys in general to follow your lead.

"How do you know what kind of woman you are dealing with?"

It's called vetting.

"Women can be covert and deceitful."

Men and women equally can be those things.

Glen Filthie said...

"...unlike the worst of the Manosphere with its belief that women are loveless "hypergamous" whores seeking "alpha" sperm and then seeking "betas" for "provisioning."

Fair enough. When you're done reading this, Bob - round up a barf bag and head over to Plenty Of Fish. It's a dating site that allows you search available women who are in the market.

Note the legions of women who, when they post their introduction - feel it is critical to establish right off the bat that 'their children come FIRST!!!'

Look me in the eye, and with a straight face - tell me that these women aren't looking for an ATM machine first and boyfriend second.

Maybe it's a 'chick thing' but were I advertising on that site, I would be more concerned about having a potential mate HELPING me parent my kids. I wouldn't try to distance any prospects from them. I would make damned sure my kids respect my woman the same way they respect me - or else!

Liberals always give us shit for 'stereotyping'. JFC - at some point you have to ask why those stereotypes exist in the first place!

Evo-psych actually explains trends very, very well. And, of course, it will fail miserably with every exception that proves the rule. At the end of the day women are individuals just like us...and some of the general notes from Evopsych are useful to evaluate the women we love.

Alex said...

@Glen F,
"My children come first" is your line to bail out. Never, ever, date a single mother. Ask me how I know, (I did it one time), and ask me if I'd ever do it again(no fng way).

Besides, by the point you come to dating sites you're dealing with the bottom of the barrel, generally. Sexy women don't use dating sites - they're too busy beating men off with a stick.


Good post with lots of value for a long term relationship. However I'll disagree here:
"Only a man who is a psychopath will be able to have sex with a woman who is not sexually and emotionally receptive and still enjoy it."

The brothels of the world, and the fact that selling sex is the world's oldest profession proves that men can enjoy sex with women who are probably not really into it, just fine.

Unknown said...

I drove a taxi for five years, got to know a lot of hookers and their customers - and it was astonishing how many of the men had an emotional connection with the girls.

Black Poison Soul said...

I have a few thoughts re "the Dark Triad". Not nice thoughts, about how developing that can damage you permanently as a human being.

Very interesting post regarding receptivity on the female's part.

Mindstorm said...

I didn't expect you to incorporate here the concepts of Daoism (a philosophy without a personified deity to follow), Bob: - at least nominally, as far from modern totalitarianisms as possible, isn't it?

Unknown said...

I've written articles about it two or three times.