Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Whom she will become depends on whom she meets"

"Yang protects Yin, Yin nurtures Yang"

"Women get unhealthy when they are not good at being receptive, because they are not utilizing their primary energetic trait, which is receptivity. Men become unhealthy when they do not utilize their gifts of contribution and creativity, which are their primary energetic traits." - Felice Dunas

Felice is taking about yang (masculine) and yin (feminine). There is more to it than that, but the definition written will do for now.

Years I heard a feminist say, somewhat bitterly, that women will always do what they're do. Their nature, ultimately, is passive and receptive - for good or bad. These days, women don't know this and even vehemently deny it.

The following article is from Julian O'Dea.

Dusk in Autumn asked:

“…if you’re a socially conservative guy who hates bars and nightclubs, would you rather date the Audrey Rouget character from Metropolitan or who she will tend to become at age 30?”

As I wrote here, it looks to me, from her cameo appearance in The Last Days of Disco, as if Audrey Rouget was still dating and dancing in her thirties. If she had married Tom, her life would have been very different, obviously, and so would she.

I am sure my wife is a vastly different woman than she would have been if she had married somebody else, or not married at all. I rather suspect men underestimate the profound effect they have on the life and ultimate character of women. Here is a post by Silas Reinagel which touches on this point, and mentions a post by the female blogger Alte, which is unfortunately no longer available, on women as “empty vessels”.

As Silas wrote:

“Not only do women generally absorb opinions, interests and mannerisms from their boyfriends/husbands, but their knowledgeability and competence regarding such hobbies, interests and stances are directly correlated with the knowledgeability and competence of their men. This lends even more support to the idea that men are naturally hard-wired to be dominant leaders and that women are hard-wired to follow, learn from, and support their men.”


Will S found the original post by Alte using the Wayback Machine, which includes many comments by her readers. There is an interesting discussion about WHY women tend to change to accomodate their “main man”.

It is terribly important who is a woman’s first. There is a deep truth to the recent, otherwise creepy, pro-Obama advertisement targeting young women, which is parodied here.

To return to the film Metropolitan, a lot of the dramatic point of the movie is whether Audrey’s “first time” will be with the evil Rick or maybe the more decent and enduring Tom. The thoughtful Charlie character actually frets that Audrey will be “ruined” by Rick, in the same way as he has “ruined” other girls.


I thought this comment from a woman was worth adding:

“This was the danger of giving women the vote … the voting bloc of single women … who lack the guidance of a man in the form of a husband or intellectual mentor.”

I don’t think Australian women have made too much of a hash of voting. But the hysterical reaction from our local feminists as our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, continues to perform poorly has made me reconsider.

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One Fat Oz Guy said...

The thing you're missing here is that voting is compulsory in Australia (as long as you're registered to vote). People who fail to vote get fined.
I believe this keeps the balance as otherwise you'd get far left, far right and cause driven people elected.
Also, did you know that Gillard didn't win her only term outright, she had to make a deal with the Greens to form government. Her defenders argue that she was performing poorly because she was kowtowing to them.
I live near her electorate and it was no surprise that once she retired she left the area. Clearly she wanted nothing to do with the people she represented.
I believe that politicians should be required to live in the electorate they represent during their term and for a minimum of 5 years after. They'd have a real incentive to make them better.
The female replacement for Gillard (who was quite quickly shot down) had never even been there.
Gillard's undoing was her 'men in blue ties' speech to a feminist organisation that basically told the audience that all men are interchangeable. Her PR people even tried to suppress the video, which she then blamed on her team claiming that these supposed professionals didn't know how to release the video.
Yeah right.