Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Ted Cruz, the Only Republican Arrogant Enough to Be President"

I'm not political, in the sense of thinking that voting will make a difference. But I'm a pretty good judge of character: I consider Obama a homosexual Commie who hates the United States, George Bush a brainless rich boy with alcohol and cocaine problems, and Bill Clinton a psychopathic white trash serial rapist and traitor.

But so far, I'm rather impressed with Cruz. He'll probably disappoint, though.

This article is from PJ Media and was written by "Spengler," whom I have read before and usually makes sense.

We need a president arrogant enough to ignore the foreign policy establishment. And Cruz is that man.

Ted Cruz is intellectually arrogant, like Ronald Reagan. The difference is that Reagan masked his arrogance with self-deprecating humor. Sen. Cruz does a Reagan impression that would do a nightclub comedian proud, but he doesn’t have Reagan’s easy and spontaneous humor.

One doesn’t think of Reagan as arrogant, but he was in fact the most arrogant leader we have had since Lincoln. He ignored the whole of the foreign policy establishment in his conviction that America stood to win the Cold War and bring down Communism. Then as now, the foreign policy establishment resembled Jonathan Swift’s scientists on the floating island of Laputa, treading perilously close to the edge with noses in the air.

Sen. Cruz is authentically bright, sufficiently so for the liberal Alan Dershowitz to declare that he was the best student he had ever had at Harvard’s Law School. The conservative legal theorist Robert P. George, who taught Cruz at Princeton, says the same thing. He’s so smart that he is not the least impressed by the conservative foreign policy establishment.

That’s what qualifies Ted Cruz for the presidency. Among the Republican candidates, Cruz is the only one to state plainly that we stayed too long in Iraq and erred in trying to turn it into Switzerland. (I exclude Rand Paul, who is a dumb rube isolationist of the old school and unqualified for national office.) Contrast this to Jeb Bush, who thinks we didn’t stay long enough. Cruz still has some things to learn, to be sure. Sending arms to Ukraine, as he proposes, is pointless. Russian leader Vladimir Putin wants to keep Ukraine in civil war indefinitely, and will match whatever we send in order to do so. Putin wants revenge for the West’s effort to break Ukraine out of the Russian sphere, and leaving the West with a bloody, bankrupt, ungovernable mess on its doorstep is his best move. As Prof. Angelo Codevilla told a Claremont Institute gathering last October, the way to frustrate Putin is to let him keep the Russian-majority Eastern Ukraine, a rust-bucket and money pit of no value to the West; the Western part of Ukraine would then be Catholic and pro-Western.

Sixteen years of George W. Bush and Barack Obama will leave the next president with a different world: a new Sino-Russian entente directed against the U.S., and chaos in most of the Middle East. Both are the consequence of foreign policy utopianism. We destroyed the century-long balance of power in Iraq and Syria by forcing majority rule in Iraq, and stood godfather to a perpetual Sunni-Shi’ite civil war. We tried to flip Ukraine to the West, and Putin allied with China. We have scored nothing but own-goals. We are spending a trillion and a half dollar on the Edsel of the air, the F-35, and have allowed China to narrow the technology gap that once made the United States the dominant superpower.


Anonymous said...

"Best student he had ever had at Harvard's Law School." What bigger disqualification is there?

People from the Northeast use "Ivy League" as if it were an incantation. Given their record, it ought to be a curse.

Glen Filthie said...

As a Canadian my biggest criticism of Americans is this: you guys internalize stuff way too much.

Every second shit head liberal in both our countries blames EVERYTHING on America. Newsflash - the third world is what it is because their fuggin STUPID and violent, not because of America. Africa has had 5 decades to pull its black ass out of the mud and is still sucking up foreign aid by the billions. The Chinese will do what they're going to do as is Russia - regardless of what Obama has to say about it. They know a weakling and a fool when they see one, as do the Iranians. Say what you want about Bush - but the filthy moslems, the Russians and the Chinese watched their P's and Q's when Bush was running the show.

Like Obama, Bob - you and the libertarians don't understand that you can't be a super power without flexing some muscle and disposing of bad guys. 911 didn't teach you a thing.