Friday, May 29, 2015

The Five Characteristics of Leftists






Not surprisingly, from a Christian viewpoint there are the characteristics of Satan. The logical conclusion: leftists are Satanic. Since feminism is leftist, it is Satanic and wants only to destroy.


DeNihilist said...

I'll add a fifth - entitled

Anonymous said...

I think envy was sufficient. The others aren't characteristics as much as consequences of envy.

Cadders said...

And what all these have in common?

They are all tells of the weak.

sth_txs said...

Yes, the left is every one of these things. Hypocrisy would also be another great one to add. I've yet to meet a leftist that willingly pays in more taxes than they have to, sends their children to a low performing ghetto school to get the alleged benefits of 'diversity', or will even admit that most of their idols they vote for are obscenely wealthy corrupt human filth.

Darryll said...

Selfish would be Greed and Delusions of Grandeur/Grandiosity would be Pride. Not sure what Lying falls under in the 7 deadly sins/vices.

Unknown said...

Strangely, lying doesn't fall under the Seven Deadly Sins. The way I see it, it is okay to lie sometimes, if the person doesn't absolutely need to know the truth.

little dynamo said...

"The way I see it, it is okay to lie sometimes, if the person doesn't absolutely need to know the truth."

And that's exactly the problem. Everybody 'sees it' their own way, and does their own will. Including 'Christians' and 'Jews'.

Scripture commands us to truth. My king died for truth. Lots of times people don't need to know everything, and shouldn't. That's the time for silence, not for lies. Lies are the province of satan, who Christ called the father of lies.

Unknown said...

Murder is the province of Satan, and anyone who tells the truth all the time doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

"The way I see it, it is okay to lie sometimes, if the person doesn't absolutely need to know the truth."

How do you know that they don't need to know the truth?

Unknown said...

I'm smart enough to make that determination.

Unknown said...

'Murder is the province of Satan, and anyone who tells the truth all the time doesn't exist.'

Murder and lying.

"You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

John 8:44

Unknown said...

My father died at 83. He clearly had one day left. The nurse ordered us to tell him he was going to die. I told her to stay out of family business. That kind of "truth" is sadistic, and therefore not Christian. Besides, he mentioned he might not make it though the night.

That's what I mean, I'll decide when not to tell the truth.

I've seen several people tell the truth because they were sadistic and wanted to hurt the person. Christian? Hardly.

Unknown said...

If then intention behind telling truth is to hurt people, then that's not being Christian...I agree.

If your intention to tell the truth is to correct error, then that's being Christian.

marlon said...

The scriptures do not state one must never lie; read the commandment on lying.
Don't do it to a friend, associate or neighbor.
You can lie to an enemy.
God told Samuel to anoint a new king; Samuel says Saul will kill him.
God then says you should say you are to have a feast with the elders.
Samuel does have this feast and he also anoints David.
In another battle, God tells a lying spirit to deceive a king who was disobedient to Him.
Another example: Rahab lies to protect Joshua's spies for the invasion of Jericho.
And as others have said, the Christian is to tell the truth in love.

Anonymous said...

One must also, however, consider what lying does to the liar, not only what it does to the person being told the lie.

Unknown said...

Only if you lie sadistically; sometimes you have to lie to protect yourself or others. Someone who told the complete truth every time...that person does not exist.

Shaun F said...

Lying sadistically can best be exemplified by people who break the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness". Sometimes I can’t see the intent of my actions when I do things, although I do know when I am being malicious – that is always clear. Some years ago, an overweight blind woman approached me on Granville in Vancouver at noon – she staggered up and asked “Can you help me?” I responded “No.” She asks “Why?” I replied “Cause you gotta help yourself.” She said “Fuck you.” I know that I was not being malicious because in those circumstances I could discern my intent (the root of my behaviour) as not being mean spirited. However, sometimes when I speak a truth, there is pain for the parties involved. I’m in pain because it’s painful to watch you repeat the same mistake and I’m going to say something you don’t want to hear. Mind you I get a certain satisfaction from not being a people pleaser and carving into the land of make belief that some people live in. For example “Let’s replace the power of positive thinking – with the power of thinking!” that one builds big bridges.

Anonymous said...

"Only if you lie sadistically.."

No, really. Lying has an effect that gives rise to other effects. Look what lying did to HAL.

Unknown said...

HAL? HAL was a robot, for all practical purposes. Not even human.

Anonymous said...

The effect is the same. Lying gives rise to paranoia among other things.