Monday, May 11, 2015

A Bit on the Life of My Father

One poster asked me to write a bit about my father. So I will.

When my father was 17 years old he was riding in a car with some friends. One of the guys in the car turned out to be homosexual (I never use the term "gay") and three of the boys in the car beat him and kept throwing him in a lake.

My father told them to stop or they'd kill him. He kept dragging the guy out of the lake.

Turned out the guy did die and all those who beat him served seven years in prison. My father was never even charged. I met one of them when I was about 12, because my father built his house.

Not long after this my father was in a car with his best friend when a city bus ran a red light and broadsided them. His friend, who was driving, was killed, and my father was in a coma for a month. He had a fractured skull, a broken arm and leg and jaw.

He was in the hospital two months and when he woke up from his coma he was addicted to morphine since he cried out when unconscious. He had a metal plate in his head, arm and leg and his left arm was bent, so years later the surgeons had to break his arm and reset it.

One of his brothers drowned in four foot of water and another died of stomach cancer when 15. One of his sisters died of rheumatic heart diseases when she was 21, several months after she got married. Another brother broke his back when thrown out of a boat, but survived and is fine to this day.

My father was almost movie star handsome and told me he had a Little Black Book before he got married. I thought they were urban legends but he assured me he had one.

He used to play cards and gamble in a backroom downtown and take me with him. I was bored out of my skull. I was about 10.

He told me when he was 13 whores would call to him and his friends from their windows so they would go upstairs and just talk to them. This was in a town I used to drink in when I was 15. A friend and I would ride our bikes there and sit at the bar and drink beer. The town hasn't changed much even today.

When he was in his 70s women he had been involved with when younger called him to see if he was available. Their husbands had died. 55 years later and they still called him.

He was as very popular with women but no "Alpha." He was 5'6'. He was just very good-looking. He wasn't all that smart or funny, and spent his life as a general contractor. We led a middle-class existence.

Because of his life (and a lot of other things I have experienced) I have never taken the Manosphere all that seriously. Those who speak of chicks digging "insanely confident" Dark Triad "Alphas" have their heads up their asses and are lying to you - which means they are lying to themselves before they lie to you. Why? Money and attention.

They are giving you very bad advice that can end up in beatings, stabbings or death. I've seen it.

Screwing married women? Good luck with that. I've seen men murdered for seeing another man's woman.

Screwing two or three women at the same time? Good luck with that, too, when one of them turns out to be the kind who slashes your tires or cuts up your clothes.

Talk about naive...


Unknown said...

Their ideas and some of the stories I read should have your BS radar up. Considering I've seen quite a bit of the consequences these guys go through just from acquaintances of mine...I can assure you that these guys just aren't going around having sex with beautiful women all the time with ease and nothing bad happening to them. I've seen drama, pregnancies, diseases, and all sorts of emotional and mental breakdowns.

I often wonder if these guys even know what sex is all about. There's more to it than their pleasure or planting a flag.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bio, your father was an interesting man. Perhaps you can talk about your mother and how your parents first met.

Unknown said...

My experience has been that when people devote their lives to sex and hedonism there is a lot of alcoholism, drug abuse, breakdowns, violence and early death.

Black Poison Soul said...

@Bob Wallace - which makes me rather glad that I didn't go down the PUA route. I also saw some of those consequences and decided that they made the path extremely unattractive.