Saturday, May 23, 2015

"Roosh Is The Ideal Adversary"

I have a degree in Mass Communications and warn people to never appear on popular TV. They will set you up and massacre you every time. I've seen it and even set up people when I was a newspaper editor. You have to have the show to get your message across.

This article is from The Black Pill.

Mitchel asked the question, why does the media give Roosh a platform? This is an important question to ask. If your enemies are giving you a platform, it’s because they’re planning on kicking it out from under you at the right moment. That is pretty much what happened when Roosh went on the Dr. Oz show.

This point was made by Uncle Malky on Barbarossaaa’s blog.

Roosh is the ideal adversary. Here is a guy who writes multiple books on the topic of seduction (how to be a PUA) and has next door to 0 PR skills. He has to e-beg to keep his sorry-ass website going fer Chrissakes! All his big talk about how “Betas need to learn game.” HA HA HA! The average store manager at Trader Joe’s has more “game” than this clown.

Roosh gets a media platform because he is the perfect adversary for them. He walks into traps that would be obvious for just about anyone else. Plus, Roosh fails to make use of opportunities even while in those traps. For example, he could have asked the women on Dr. Oz who were attacking him about his fat shaming views if they would be attracted a homeless guy on the street. Roosh couldn’t even do that. Braininavat pointed out that the media gives Roosh a platform because they understand him. Part of that is because he won’t ask the hard questions given the opportunity.

To summarize, the media treats Roosh as a court jester, and Roosh is too stupid to realize it.


The Obvious said...

There's a hilarious parody twitter of his Return of Kings site:

Return Of Cucks

Black Poison Soul said...

Remember too, when it comes to hatchet-jobs the media has the power to determine what is shown to put their own spin on it. Not show things, show them out of context, you name it. Perhaps Roosh did ask certain questions. If they didn't fit the media's bias, would they be shown?

For example, the documentary "Outfoxed!" which purportedly shows some of the background of Fox News. According the documentary, the statement "Fair and Balanced" is one of the biggest lies ever told to the public. You can probably find the full show on YouTube if interested.

Everything is spin, to show your chosen adversary in an unflattering light. Even us in the manosphere, with our unkind commentary regarding the things being shown in the mainstream media.

There was a reason that the ABC 20/20 show on the manosphere was never aired. They wanted a hatchet-job and didn't get the "frothing insanity" which they were needing.

Unknown said...

That Return of Cucks is pretty funny!

Unknown said...

It's one thing to brag about yourself and your womanly conquests from the bowels of the internet or fat shame when there is nobody in front of's another thing about how you react when the bright lights and the mob attacks are on you.

I didn't agree with what either side had to say completely...but it was obvious Roosh was out of his element when he went on.

marlon said...

This game business is about men gaming other men to support their lifestyles and/or egos.

If Roosh has all this experience from talking to hundreds if not thousands of women in multiple countries with different languages, why did he flop like that?

The gamers are gaming men not women.
When the lights are on, and the audience won't snap to their frame, well, they are just, dare I say it...gamma.

I notice this same dynamic with alpha, beta, delta, gamma etc. in the greek soup. Alpha is us, the in-group, and the rest of you out there are gamma etc. To you use Bob's terms, the grandiose and the devalued self.

That's all it is - a demonstration of pride. Roosh is re-inventing himself. The Bang books must not be selling as much as they used to. Don't think it will work.

DeNihilist said...

Roosh showed his true colours. He is still seeking female approval. He turned his fat shaming into his concern for fat women's health. All I saw was "Mommy, please like me"

When pointed out that one of the icons of the Fred Pill movement was a week-kneed little girl, and that if you really did take the Fred Pill, you would admit as much, not one FP man would stand up and dis-own this shyster. Nope, it was the Hive's fault!

Yup, the Fred Pill is supposed to open your eyes to the realities of life.......