Thursday, March 5, 2015

Why Women Were 'Denied' Important Jobs

There is no way around women having babies, unless you're a psycho like the late Shulamith Firestone, who wanted artificial wombs so no woman would ever have to give birth. She never did, thank God.

This is from Angry Harry.

£5700 For A Day

The NHS paid one doctor £5,700 for a day’s work under a system which sees hospitals squander millions on agency medics to stand in at understaffed hospitals.

The huge problems facing the NHS, and us, are significantly exacerbated because of the push to get more women to become doctors.

But being a doctor is an important job. It also requires huge expense for training; in terms of both time and money.

Perhaps, therefore, instead of listening to those man-hating feminists, who perpetually, and vociferously, blame men for the fact that women were denied important jobs in the past, we should take note that the three main reasons that women were 'denied' such jobs in the past were as follows.

1. Those jobs were important - for all of us.

2. Women did not want to do them.

3. Women would not have been much good at doing them - in comparison to men - because they kept quitting!

As such, it was quite right that men were favoured in the past for such jobs.

So, the next time that you hear the usual wailing about women being 'denied' important jobs in the past, I suggest that you respond with the following words.

"And quite right too! We would probably also be better off if we 'denied' them those jobs in the future."

That'd shut 'em up!



Unknown said...

Feminists just hate everybody...especially women. They are just most vocal about man hatred.

Anonymous said...

All it takes is one trip to "Emily's List" to prove the point(s).

They are nothing but destroyers, the goal being in power over all with "feminism" to tool to achieve their goal.

cecilhenry said...

Men will do these jobs, and better than women, BUT:

You have to reward them. With money, respect and NOT taxing them to death with the other hand.

Otherwise. To hell with it. Be a parasite and go boating.


Anonymous said...

From the WSJ:

"A Better World, Run by Women
Male biology has brought the world war, corruption and scandal. Women are poised to lead us to a better place"

"Research has found that women are superior to men in most ways that will count in the future, and it isn’t just a matter of culture or upbringing—although both play their roles. It is also biology and the aspects of thought and feeling shaped by biology. It is because of chromosomes, genes, hormones and brain circuits."

Women in power? What could possibly go wrong?

Anonymous said...

From "The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival" by Sir John Glubb:

"An increase in the influence of women in
public life has often been associated with national decline."

Anonymous said...

From the above cited WSJ article:

"Women won’t make a perfect world, but it will be less flawed than the one that men have made and ruled these thousands of years. My grandson, I think, will be happy in the new world. It will be better for him because women will contribute so much more to running it."

The author does not appear to understand human nature, especially female nature at all.

Unknown said...

John Glubb also wrote a big sign of national decline is the worship of athletes, singers and actors.