Sunday, March 8, 2015

All Must Be Equal

For the past few days I have been reading articles about how a woman at Planet Fitness had her membership revoked when she found a man who identified as a woman in the women's room, and complained about it. It made me smile because, after all, "all must be equal."

This means everyone must be equal - men identifying as women, women identifying as men, men or women identifying as "furries" - animals.

Betcha all these leftists didn't expect this.

The only way people can be equal is if they are identical, like dimes or nickels. That is impossible, not that leftists don't dream of this, always through advanced technology.

The closest I've seen where everyone is equal is the Borg on "Star Trek." Bees in a hive. Ants. But people? Only when technology is abused.

I can imagine a possible future - a science-fiction dystopia in which everyone looks alike, dresses alike, is identical - billions of Borg. It wouldn't be a Heaven - it would be Hell.

But then, all leftist visions are a Hell in reality.


cecilhenry said...

The only way to be equal is to destroy anything that's not.

Especially the superior.

What a hell these envious parasites envision without understanding it.

Hold them accountable for their real motives.

Anders said...

Modern western progressivism ie the multiculti feminist gender diversity bullshit is communist revolution in disguise. I recommend you read Anatoly Golytsyn's New Lies For Old if you haven't already.

Take The Red Pill said...

I wonder if she voted Democrat in the last election?

Unknown said...

It would be funny if she was a hardcore Democrat.

Robert What? said...

The most coveted status for Liberals / Leftists is "victim". It substitutes for having any real accomplishments. The only problem is that eventually you get displaced by another group higher up in the victim rankings. Her victim score as an oppressed woman just couldn't compete with his victim score as an oppressed transgender. Eventually he (it?) will be similarly outranked by some future group lucky enough to win the Victim Sweepstakes.

Mindstorm said...

Eh, it's otherkin, not furries, that think they have animal souls, whatever that is. Furries are only play-acting at being animals.

Mindstorm said... - the inspiration for furries. :)

Rusty Shackleford said...

These people have no threshold and are operating with no safety net. Some fundamental faculty of discernment is just not there. Which isn't to say that stuff like this isn't completely hilarious. Reap what you sow, princesses.