Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Curse of Eve

I've pointed out before that the story of the Garden of Eden tells us women's greatest sin is envy (the serpent targets her, not Adam) and men's greatest flaw is listening to women, the way Adam listened to Eve.

Yet it's even worse.

Later in the myth it's stated that Eve's desire "shall be for her husband." What does that mean?

Here I'll mention there are old sayings to the effect that not only are all translators liars, but they are actually traitors.

That comment has been interpreted to mean woman's desire shall be for home, husband and children, and that's true. It's been interpreted to mean women want to rule men, and that is often true, too.

It's been interpreted to mean women want everything men have - and that's true, too.

Let's apply the aforementioned envy to this comment. Out of envy women want everything men already have - then they end up destroying it. That want what men have, and if they can't have it, they'll destroy it. That's what envy does - "If I can't have it and enjoy it, then neither can you or anyone else."

To be precise, only leftist women are like this. After that, leftism is based on destroying everything, and since feminism is leftist, it wants to destroy men. In fact, everything, in the vain hope something better will arise from the ashes. That will never happen.

It's also why leftists - and feminists - are for all practical purposes insane.

Women are the ones who brought evil into the world. How did they do it? Because men are weak and they let women manipulate them into doing it.


Unknown said...

'I've pointed out before that the story of the Garden of Eden tells us women's greatest sin is envy (the serpent targets her, not Adam) and men's greatest flaw is listening to women, the way Adam listened to Eve.'

I agree that envy was the root of this but I think there is more to it:

The serpent was envious of woman...because she became God's most beautiful creation over Lucifer.

Eve became rebellious because she listened to the voice of envy (which hates who she is) and bit into the apple.

Adam became corrupted because he listened to a rebellious woman.

Unknown said...

Men are weak and they listen to rebellious women and let them manipulate them into doing things they should not.

Alex said...

That's an interesting take on the curse of Eve. How does the lowering rate of marriage, things like the herbivore movement of Japan, etc... fit into it.

Do you think men are finally growing a backbone and saying no to being manipulated by women, or do you see it more as a matter of economics, bad laws and so on, logically turning men off to these things?

Either way, how will women respond? Because if I'm a woman, driven by envy, and can't control the one creature I've controlled since time began, I'm maybe gonna blow my top, and go insane.

Unknown said...

'Men are weak and they listen to rebellious women and let them manipulate them into doing things they should not.'

Yeah...in fact I would say this is our #1 weakness.

Anonymous said...

@Bob: Can you add a search function box to your blog so that your articles can searched by text/word?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

One thing that I've noticed about women is that they can be manipulative, deceitful, and covertly influencing, when they actually don't need to be (I find this strange and a quirk in their female nature - I suppose it's to compensate for their lack of physical strength during evolution to counter and manipulate men for their own survival.) By lying I mean little white lies or fibs to flatter, ingratiate or cajole and such, not necessarily big, serious lies that are criminal, that they obviously also can do malevolently. This didn't really dawn on me until a read Angry Harry's article:


Women are good at doing things "under the radar" so it seems if your not paying attention. Now that I'm more aware of these things with women it's rather entertaining when I encounter it and I can deal with it (and frustrate them sometimes!). It seems like women have to create drama and complicate relationships by turning them into Rube-Goldberg type contraptions needlessly. Men tend to be more direct and overt when we say things, and men project onto women that they think and view things the same way, which is incorrect. Men are not good at understanding how women do these things with men. This stuff needs to be taught in the public schools in my opinion - this would help make for a saner world with women.

Shaun F said...

It's quite funny (which means I derive a certain level of smug satisfaction) when you don't allow women to manipulate you. I have seen their responses range from quite frightened, to anxious, to angered. They have lost their ability to manipulate and consequently - they have no power over the situation. Sometimes they play the "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you card" which translates to "I'm going to manipulate you in a certain way, to get the response I want from you." That dog won't hunt.

Anonymous said...

The feminist/leftist goal is Sweden. Sweden is the feminist socialist utopia. America's future is Sweden's present. This has been the goal of the left and feminists for many, many decades. What does this mean? Sky high taxes, fatherless families, cradle to grave welfare, misandric feminist rulers, low birth rates, men forced to pee sitting down and replacement rate immigration. Efforts to fundamentally transform America and other Western nations are accelerating.

Everything you see happening politically now is geared toward this end. I think mine is the last generation of men to know what it was like to live relatively free of gynocentric rule. Future generations will be ruled by the gynocracy. This shift is taking place globally.

What kind of equality do women and minorities want? Equality of outcome. Equality of outcome means you dispossess one person or group of people of their property and power and give it to another person or group to equalize ownership and equity. This is socialism and this is what women and the left have been after for a long, long time. "Destroy the Patriarchy" means to dispossess white men of their property and power and transfer it to women and minorities.

Why are the most powerful, male world leaders running with the blatantly false wage, DV and rape stats? They know as well as you do that the stats are false, so why are they still using them to denigrate and dis-empower men while simultaneously pedastalizing and empowering women and minorities? Here's why:

The socialist safety nets will collapse without a constant creation of new taxpayers; hence global mass immigration in Westernized nations. Global mass immigration is going to create significant social upheaval. Feminism tanked the birth rates, which caused the mass immigration to become necessary, so the next step is to appease the gynocracy and minorities with misandric legal authority over white men, year long maternity leave and free child care. It's ok to be sexist and hypocritical as long as the targets are men - particularly white men.

See where I'm going with all of this? If you think male world leaders are on your side, think again. They're going to throw you and all other men under the bus to save themselves and ensure their own future and rights. Future generations of men are screwed. The current generation of men are treading on extremely thin ice.

AAB said...

Anonymous said...
Future generations will be ruled by the gynocracy.

It's a legitimate concern, after all that's what the current world looks like it's heading towards, but you need to remember that women do not have the ability to rule. They are simply not cut out for it. If you want evidence of this then just look what happens to female-headed families: they breed unproductive and sometimes destructive boys and girls. The majority of prisoners are from female headed households.

Now given that women are not capable of running families then it follows that they are not capable of running nation-states and will inevitably screw it up somewhere along the line. The sickly female-headed nation-state will then be replaced by a healthy male-headed nation-state. It's inevitable.

In short: don't despair! 'cause women aren't capable of sustaining the gynarchy, just like the proverbial Devil cannot sustain his own short-lived kingdown (it gets replaced by God's long-lasting Kingdom).

Unknown said...

"I'm going to manipulate you in a certain way, to get the response I want from you." That dog won't hunt.

The easiest one they do is something to make you mad or annoyed. Because for whatever reason being mad or annoyed at them is attention to them.

Anonymous said...

"... don't despair! 'cause women aren't capable of sustaining the gynarchy, ..."

Unfortunately, men are quite capable of sustaining things. There will probably be plenty of weak, ignorant, supplicating manginas and white knight men willing to enslave themselves to supporting women and currying their favor.

Stewart said...

" America's future is Sweden's present" Actually, I think South Africa's present would be more accurate.

MGTOW'd Out said...

Since Anony (March 18, 1:16) enjoy writing fiction, I thought I would take a stab at it.

The manosphere’s/radical right’s wet dream is a establishing a global France circa 1500. They desire to indoctrinate American youth of their “divine right of kings, absolute rule by white men” mantra. The result is cradle to grave slave labor, misogynistic rulers, high birth rates for only white Christian families, and forcible removal at least or outright murder at most of non-white citizens. Efforts to reintroduce this desired form of government has been accelerating.

Everything you bear witness to politically, economically, and socially has been taking place by the Christian libertarian intelligentsia and their acolytes. What kind of equality do white men want? None. Everything starts and ends with them, from women making sammiches to niggers, spics, and chinks towing the line. Their mantra “Destroy Representative Democracy” means to strip the liberty of non-whites by seizing their property and assets. Racism and sexism do not observably exist—kowtowing to white men is the ultimate end goal for humanity.

The underclass will fund the machinations of the white corporatists and their whores, the banksters, so as to appease their unbridled passion for power. It will be the norm to target anyone with ruthless violence who dares to challenge their newfound authority. See where I’m going with all this? Future generations of human beings are treading on extremely thin ice. It is within two generations that conservative white men will rule the world once again.

Anonymous said...

They hope to move to America, take wealth from whomever they choose and dispose of those previously wealthy folk. Who are they? Feminists and immigrants. The target country? America.

See the movie Scarface? That movie was about recent immigrants forcing depravity, death and abomination upon previously settled immigrant generations - in the hope that the family they killed would leave behind fortune, sex and cocaine.

Feminists, Barack Hussein Obama, VP Joe and white boy lover Holder can only lead us further astray.

Robert What? said...

I would argue that the Bible is the ultimate Red Pill book.

Unknown said...

'Women are the ones who brought evil into the world. How did they do it? Because men are weak and they let women manipulate them into doing it.'

Of course it should also be mentioned that women also are the ones who brought salvation into the world because Mary said yes to God's will.

It's quite a lesson to teach to everyone about how good and evil work.

Robert What? said...

Huh? I don't want to downplay Mary at all, but huh?

Unknown said...

If it wasn't for Jesus we wouldn't have salvation. If it wasn't for Mary we wouldn't have Jesus.

Anonymous said...

There's religion and there's biology. There´s a barbarossa (bar bar on Youtube) video where he says that according to biological tendencies, the two sexes in a sexually dismorphic species such as ours are naturally and instinctively in direct compettition with each other. And that their relationships with the oppoite sex are all about exploitation, never cooperation. Where do you think the age-old term "the battle of the sexes" came from? Womens' awareness of this fact seems to be instinctual, while men seem to have to learn it the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Legalize and regulate prostitution. Abolish marriage and child support. Gender war ends. Men win. It’s just time to drop the pretense and bullshit.
There just isn’t any point in doing all this. Women are not capable of empathy, genuine intimacy, or love. So even if you successfully game her and her desire is genuine, what is it really worth? She’s a sociopathic overgrown child, one who will rationalize reasons to destroy your life on a whim should she get bored, so why does her opinion of you even matter? There’s no real connection between the two of you, so what did you even do all this for?
She’s not capable of connecting with anybody except an idealization that is rooted in her knuckle dragging, pathetic 13 year old girl’s sexual psychology. You will never be free of the burden of having to conform to that idealization. It never even occurs to women to care about who you really are. They’re not even curious. You’re not even there. It’s identical to what serial killers and sociopaths do. Real men are just props in their internal psycho sexual fantasy world. Should you go off script and fail to conform to that prefabricated and sexualized schema and become an actual person, you don’t even exist. That’s why women can’t tolerate the basic humanity of the men in their lives and will lose sexual interest and respect for you when you show weakness. That’s what the shit test really is – it’s her never ending desire to make sure you’re not a human being.
Think about how utterly fucking inhuman, ghastly, and fundamentally pathetic that is. And this is the prize you’re doing all this for?
Our entire culture has been designed to romanticize and idealize women precisely because the truth is this ugly. When men are revealed to women for who they really are, they simply become human beings who want affection, support, and some measure of peace. When women are revealed for who they really are, this is what you find. It’s fucking disgusting. How can you not just feel total revulsion and resentment doing the tired song and dance while trying to get in their pants? Who cares anymore?
Without the carrot of the idealized wife who would fill the void and love her husband unconditionally, men simply have no incentive to engage with institutions, work themselves to death to make a ruling class even more wealthy, die in wars and so on. The prize that the battle was supposed to win has been revealed to be a sham, so it’s really just time to walk away, isn’t it? Let the damsels fend for themselves. Who gives a flying fuck?

MGTOW'd Out said...

[Sigh] it looks like an(noying)ony is up to his old tricks.

“Legalize and regulate prostitution.”

Traditional Christians would go apeshit. Not going to happen.

“Abolish marriage”…

Traditional Christians would go apeshit. Not going to happen.

“and child support.”

Only a dead-beat dad would make this pronouncement.

“Gender war ends.”

There is a gender war???

“She’s a sociopathic overgrown child, one who will rationalize reasons to destroy your life on a whim should she get bored”

I will admit, projection is your strong suit.

“The prize that the battle was supposed to win has been revealed to be a sham, so it’s really just time to walk away, isn’t it?”

No one is stopping you. Just don’t expect REAL MEN to buy into your sappy song and dance routine.

Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting video on women and romantic love.

Civilisation: Romance and Reality:


Wald said...

How would you raise a son to be aware so that he doesn't not listen to rebellious women?

Unknown said...

First step is to tell him. It will be interesting, fighting against the schools and media. In fact, a never-ending battle.

Anonymous said...

The word that us translated as "Desire" in Gen 3:16 ("the other three-sixteen" as I like to call it) is found in only one other place in the bible: Gen 4:7, where the LORD says to Cain: "Sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it".

The desire in Gen 3:16 is the desire for *control*. Women want this, but in marriage, it is rarely healthy if they are allowed to have it.

I have dared four different pastors to preach a sermon on Genesis 3:16. So far I have had no takers.

Anonymous said...

Women are naturally inclined to be amoral:


What is right and wrong does not matter to women, just what benefits them and their survival.

Men tend to be naturally moral, and men civilize women.