Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When a Woman's Value to Men is Close to Zero

Some years ago I met a woman who told me out of the blue her daughter was "high maintenance." Her daughter appeared to be in her late 50's and wore a lot of makeup and expensive clothes. She was divorced. I remember thinking, "Her value to men is close to zero but she doesn't understand that. And all the clothes and make-up in the world can't disguise that fact."

I got the impression her daughter still thought she could find a wealthy handsome man and was perpetually angry such a man was not coming her way. Unfortunately she appeared to be about 35 years past her peak.

I once wrote an article about bringing dowries back.

When there is a shortage of women, men pay bride prices for them. It's simple supply-and demand. When there is a shortage of men, groom prices are paid.

Since when women get older there is a decided shortage of men, women should now pay groom prices for men (personally I'd settle for a red '66 Mustang convertible, non-refundable of course). Now if she is divorced and has children, she'd better come up with a Porsche!

Unfortunately it's even worse than that. A fair number of younger women today have essentially set their price close to zero.

I'll give you an example: when I was 18 I had a naked 19-year-old girl jump in bed with me. Turned out she had done one of my apartment mates before me and after me did the third and last one. She was extremely promiscuous.

What do you think the chances were of her finding stable, long-term relationship with a man? I'd say zero. She had ruined her value with men. To get a man to stay with her she'd have to pay for him!

At 21 I had another naked 19-year-old jump in my bed. She told me "there had been a lot" of men. Again I thought, she'll never find a stable long-term relationship.

When a woman is that promiscuous she's setting her value at zero. Unfortunately those two women didn't understand it. I doubt they understand it even now. And like most women whose relationships didn't work out, they probably blame it on men and not themselves.

Actually, I'm just joking about low-value women having to pay for a husband. Any guy who would do that is himself low-value.

However, if women had to pay huge groom prices to men they were going to marry, they'd be a lot more careful who they married. If they lost $20,000 in marrying a man, they'd automatically become much better judges of men. There is nothing like taking a chance losing a lot of money to wonderfully focus the mind.

And that is why women should have to pay very large groom prices.

Of course, American women would be outraged at the idea of paying groom prices, even though it clearly would be in their best interests to do so. I still meet overweight 35-year-old women who "aren't going to settle" for anything less than some tall handsome wealthy man. Good luck with that, chubby! I wouldn't have anything to do with you even if you did have a '66 Mustang!


John Galt said...

Your two slut friends will be able to find a man. They will learn to lie about their sexual pasts.

Alternatively, they will find some Blue-Pill beta who will overlook that.

Anonymous said...

@ John Galt
They hate the beta and the fact even more because he's not their first choice.

Anonymous said...

Ah, no Bob, no.

When there is a shortage of women, men pay BRIDE PRICES, not dowries

Dowries are the assets the woman brings to the marriage (makes her more attractive/valuable to the man)

I'm heavily in favour of your thesis, that GROOM PRICES should be a thing

Unknown said...

Fixed. I didn't even notice the mistake.